The Yeomanry League


Yeomanry is in the southwest portion of the Flanaess. It is entirely within a broad basin bounded by the Jotens to the north, the Crystalmist Mountains to the west and south, and the Little Hills to the east. The valley passage between the Little Hills and the Tors leads directly into the Hool Marshes.
The major towns are Loftwick, Longspear, Farvale, North Reach, and Westburn.
The capital is Loftwick.
There are five ‘High Districts’ (major cities) and 32 ‘low districts’ (rural areas).



Almost 80% of the population is human of Suel and Oeridian descent. Halflings (predominatly Stouts) make up the next largest group (9%), followed by elves (mostly Grey) (5%), dwarves (3%), and gnomes (2%), while half-elves, and half-orcs make up the remainder of the population (at 1% each).


The most widely-spoken languages found in the Yeomanry include Common, Keolandish, Halfling, and Elvish.


The Yeomanry is a Democratic Republic, ruled by a Freeholder, His Steadfastness Marius Lindon.
The Freeholder is an elected official who is the “executive” branch of the government, he conducts diplomacy, negotiates treaties and commands the military.
The Council of Common Grosspokemen is the “parlimentary” branch handling all legislative matters; all adult citizens who have performed military service for the state, or are gainfully employed, have the right to vote, regardless of race or gender.


Foodstuffs and cloth are the major industry in the Yeomanry, though silver and gem stones play their part. The city of Longspear, on the eastern border, is the major trading center. Most foreign visitors and traders pass through Longspear and much commerce is conducted here as most of the nation’s excess goods pass through this city as well.


In Yoemanry, the coinage consists of: the gold “freegold” (gp), the electrum “halfgold” (ep), the silver “silver” (sp), and the copper “common” (cp).

History (not-so-critical)

The Suel had been migrating to this area for centuries before the Twin Cataclysms. These people were mostly lowborn peasantry of the Suel Imperium, but dissidents were also among their number, seeking to avoid imperial eyes.
Oeridians also migrated into the area and settled there. These newcomers were readily accepted by the inhabitants as long as they did not infringe on the lands or rights of those already living there.

(most info from the Canonfire Wiki)

The Yeomanry League

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