Sehanine Moonbow

Sehanine Moonbow is the Elven Goddess of the moons. She is one of the more powerful goddessess of The Seldarine, the wife of Colleron Larethian, and active opposer to Lolth, the Queen of Spiders.

Her holy symbol is a full moon topped with a crescent.


Prayers to Sehanine Moonbow are offered at moonrise, and also at midnight during the full moon.

Paladin Code

Offer mercy to the righteous and slay no elf, gnome, human, or Halfling.
Do not offer any compassion to the children of Lolth or the denizens of the Underdark.
Act with Just and Right cause, to further the Seldarine or to help the innocent
Offer no lie to a righteous being.
Fight with no poison. Such a thing lies in Lolth’s domain.
Be not corrupt, accept no bribes, and do not take arms with those you know to be corrupt.

Sehanine Moonbow

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