The Lost Seekers

Letter to Cassius #10 : Part I

Dearest Father,

I’m sorry about the long time between letters… We’ve been stuck in the Dreadwood for Wee Jas knows how many days now. It feels like forever. I’m sick of trees, sick of crazy monsters and sick of Seraphim! But these last couple of days have been very eventful.

We arrived at the Sylph Forge this morning and as soon as we got there Seraphim, well, who we now know is Seraphim was there with his group of rogues. Probably one of many groups of rogues he has under his control. I was half expecting this… He wants Baldrin’s hammer but I was still in shock to finally see the face of the man who has been torturing us for so long. After scrying to Mother yesterday and having her tell me to stay away from him, I was also terrified. Yes Dad, I can contact Mother now and have successfully twice. She seems to be in a lot of trouble and I feel like there is still so much that you haven’t even told me… I feel as though I should be at peace, at ease, but I cannot rest easy knowing she is in so much danger…

Seraphim ended up escaping, we simply weren’t going to be able to defeat him, and apparently he had more important things to do. We pushed open the huge stone doors of the Sylph Forge after an awful lot of effort, and looked inside to see a room with skeletons and weapons all over the place. There were also scorch marks all over the floor; an indication of magic being used here, probably some fire spells. I walked back out and wanted to go rest. Baldrin stayed in there and came out telling us that he’d seen a tall, thin, blonde woman who wanted to lead him in. She had mentioned Cinetessa, and I was instantly intrigued. I thought, no, this couldn’t possibly be Mum. Why would she be here? I was on a mission. I walked in and into the room she had guided Baldrin into. There she was, my Mother. She didn’t look quite right though. She was blurry around the edges of her image and… She just wasn’t there. I stormed out. I was offended that my own Mother wasn’t even really there, and part of my mind also thought that it may have been someone playing a trick on me. When Thamior and Jarvan (or whatever his name is now) didn’t return I walked back in and started asking my own questions. She gave me the spiel about needing to protect me, but she also told me where she is, and I’m planning on talking to Lillavida about us going there, because Seaorin is with Mum. I do not know why yet, and I have so many more questions to ask… But if she has the power to project herself like that I hope that I see her again some time soon…

She gave us some instructions on how to gain access to the Sylph Forge or whatever it is we’re doing exactly. We had to collect some orbs, solving puzzles, killing some monsters, and apparently we had to hand over something with personal attachment to get possession of the orbs… We slept for the afternoon though, so I could rest and then get my spells ready for whatever we were about to face. We had a map made of a strange material that could only be seen in the dark, by those with the power to see in the dark without any light or anything. Thamior could read it though, and he wrote it out again. We used to embark on our first orb finding mission. We went to a tower that read something I just cannot remember right now, and we met a very old elven, angelic being, who wanted us to solve a puzzle. After many tries, and help from everyone, we solved the puzzle, went upstairs to the orb, and as Baldrin picked up the jelly like ball, and his gauntlet disappeared into it as the orb became solid. He picked it up, and we went on to the next tower, which was for “the Brave”, and made entirely of shiny, slippery obsidian. Lysander and Baldrin climbed up and went inside, and I’m not entirely sure what happened but they came out with the orb and Baldrin seemed pretty proud of Lysander.

The next tower was terrifying. We entered a room with a huge opening in the middle and a staircase going up in a spiral around the outside. We climbed up and there was a sarcophagus in the centre. Thamior went over to it and these mummies got out and started attacking us. It was terrifying. Poor Fae was scared, so was Patty. I blasted one of them with fire, and the others knocked the second one out. I went over to the orb in the sarcophagus, and I tried putting my ruby of Wee Jas in it, because I thought I had enough of a personal attachment to my religion. I tried to think about what else I could use; Mum’s dress? My spellbook? But before I could try anything else Fae climbed into the sarcophagus and disappeared into the orb. I couldn’t believe it. She was gone, just like that. I sat down and cried. I cried so much that I don’t feel like I can even cry any more. I didn’t even want to hold on to the orb, Baldrin is taking care of it. But Fae was gone, and I didn’t even know what to do with myself. I could cry a river.

To be continued…



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