The Lost Seekers

Baldrin's Journal Entry #15

funerals and naked stranger fun times huh

Jarvan is buried under the Requitae Village tree. He is buried next to the body of Reinard, and he is headless. I carry his head and hers in a small sack on my belt, in the hopes that one day I shall have the opportunity to bring them back to this world. I am not happy about this arrangement, but it was simply not possible to get them back to Silglen in time. Worse yet, we would have had to leave directly after my last entry, but were delayed by some form of mind eating creature. Thamior seemed to understand it better than Endolynn for once, and apparently it was able to eat the minds of its victims, while also reflecting their own memories back at them. The damned thing nearly killed Patty, since she’s being daft as a bat. She keeps following me like a lost puppy which is normally adorable but it isn’t so much when I’m running heedless towards imminent face sucking danger. Honestly, it’s starting to frustrate me to no end. She promised she wouldn’t be daft when I said she could come with us, but recently she’s just been making straight up bad decisions and acting like a loon. I worry about her Ade, she isn’t acting sensibly.
Oh well, naught much I can do about it ‘cept tell her to stop doing it. So, Jarvan’s funeral. He’d probably shudder in his grave to know it honestly, but we had the druids say a few words over him. None of us really knew much about his religious leanings short of them being unreasonable, so we left them to it. A quick ceremony all round. Not necessarily as much pomp as he’d like, but much better in all honesty. After that we spent a few days in the village licking our wounds. We’d had a long week, and I had a hunch Griffith would be following us. When he arrives it was evident he’d taken a turn back to the stupid, and decided that if he’d told Reinard he was following her she’d be mad. Ruddy daft of him in all honesty, but worse yet he didn’t bring anyone that could fix her, and flat out refused to try. You ‘eard me Ade, he refused to try and fix her. She being a useful wrecking ball and he refuses to put her back together. Fucking A-grade moron all round. Really, letting her run amok, behave like a spoilt brat and then he has the nerve to get uppity at me because I was angry about the mess we walked into. Makes me mad Ade. Here they are, these hippy dippy Druids, capable of bending a forest to their will, but utterly incapable of repaying the nice strangers that keep trying to help them. Hell, strangers that get forced into helping them by their insane leader. A leader that they let run around acting like a total bitch in the first place. Ruddy unreasonable bastards honestly. Still, time to move on.

[Next Entry]
We’ve picked up a stranger recently that seems to think he’s Jarvan. Kind of a relief to be honest, since I no longer have to try an use the dead man’s stuff. Seriously, I understand that it’s an edge we can’t live without, but it’s downright creepy wearing the man’s magic stuff. An now I don’t have to. See, we set up camp yesterday just off the road from Silglen. From there, we intend to cut across the thick of the forest, right over the Sylph Forge and out the other side near Oakroot. An while we were out looking around in the forest, we found a man just hanging up in a tree. Utterly naked, hanging there nigh comatose. I went up and brought him down, and the others checked him over.
Now, he’s an elf, and he looks rather different to Jarvan, but has the same gold hair and eyes. Even the same inane manner, where he says mad stuff and expects everyone to just roll with it. Yet, he can’t be Jarvan. We buried Jarvan, gave him up for dead-for-now. Hell, I even have his skull in my bag still. Yet this character is insisting it’s him. Been doing it for the last day even. Yet, it can’t be him. It’s more likely a trick from Seraphim. I won’t trust him all that much, but I won’t deny that he truly believes he’s Jarvan. You can see it right in him, down to his very core. I won’t worry too much about him, but one day something will happen and he’ll be a problem, I’m certain of it. So, for the moment all of Jarvan’s possessions go to him. Or, more specifically all of Jarvan’s Force Multipliers go to him. The things that make him better at what he does. Plus, we have a nifty bastard sword for the blighter to try out (though he keeps leaving it with me at night to prove he’s a good guy). It only sensible for the time being. Plus, if he is some kind of spy, he’s not doing it willingly, and Jarvan wouldn’t want us to treat him badly for it. Still, I won’t part with Jarvan’s sword, not yet. An the blighter won’t get the Symbol of Heironeous. Me and that god have some issues to settle, and I intend to insert the wooden thing in him so far he gets splinters in his unmentionables. So, on that charming note, I’ll write you again soon Ade.



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