Thamior Aeluath

My Pelor light your way


Thamior is an Elf that stands at 5 feet tall and weighs 130lbs. He has a angular face with high check bones marking him as a High Elf from Celene. His has pale blonde hair that comes down to about shoulder height and is as straight as sword and steel- grey eyes that hide everything thing that goes on inside his head.

Thamior has all the natural graces that come with being with an Elf. From the smooth hauntingly beautiful face to the graceful walk that looks like it belongs in a ball room. Thamior comes from the Capital of Celene and is rumoured to be related to its Queen Yolanda being of the right age to be her youngest son.

Thamior is now seen in two different outfits. He is normally seen walking around in a simple yellow robe that is trimmed in golden faces set inside a suns. Should of Thamior mutter a short prayer to Pelor for strength the robes turn in a set of black plate with Pelor’s face in the Sun symbol right in the centre. The suit also has a black cloak with a matching symbol on the back. Thamior also carries around the Shield of Vigor which is a steel shield painted white with a golden dragon on the front and the DawnStar a morning star made by Pelor himself.


Thamior was born in the Elven lands far to the north of The Yeomanry League known as Celene but in the last tens years before setting of with The Lost Seekers he has come to live in The Smith On The Hill with his wife Sophia and two children, Thamuel and Lara as the head of the jewel crafters. Thamior rarely speaks about his time before Little Tipping no matter if it was as an adventurer or the Elven community he grew up in.

Thamior is a quiet elf tending that spent a lot of his time in The Smith On The Hill either with his family or in workshop crafting new items of jewellery for the town to sell or reading books on wide variety of crafting topics.

Thamior started out adventuring both before he came to The Yeomanry League and when he left with The Lost Seekers as a Psion. He left his home in The Smith On The Hill after a raid by bandits caused his children to be killed and his house burned to the ground. He left to find those responsible and to deal out his vengeance against them and try and raise the gold to one day bring his children back from the dead. During a fight at Silglen he died and was reborn as an tiefling. Thamior continued to adventure in this form until he died once more fighting The Aranea and his soul becoming from the daemons he now served. Believing him evil The Lost Seekers choose not to bring him back from the dead.

Thamior has now returned to life as an Elf once more. Meeting Baldrin Smithson and Jarenhone Moonborn in the city of Validis. He claims to now be a priest of Pelor and to have returned to the side of the good guys but is he truly good or is this another evil scheme of his.

As a cleric of Pelor Thamior is extremely devout in helping spread the good works of Pelor were he can. He is here to help those that can not help themselves and to defend those with no one else to protect them from the evils of this world. Thamior believes the best way to fight evil is not with violence but with good acts towards your fellow man.

Thamior Aeluath

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