Thamior Aeluath


Thamior was born a elf but due to his death in the town of Silglen he has been brought back as a Tiefling . He now stands 6’ tall and weights a 160lbs. He has dark red skin skin with black. His steel grey eyes have become a single colour and are even more cold and stern then before.. His head now has two horns growing from his forehead each about 2’ in length. Thamior dresses in a pair of green linen breeches with a tunic made from the spiderslik of the Arane and a jewel studded belt. Over all of this he wears a brown leather apron when working on his jewels. For traveling he has a pair of mid shin length black leather boots, a leather over coat trimmed with fur from a lynx with the bones from the same animal serving as buttons and a wide brimmed red hat with a large purple feather in it. For any that see under his clothing you with find a body marked with scars and old pains from his earlier days as an adventurer. Thamior is very reserved and unwilling to talk about his days as an adventurer prefering to keep them quiet. Thamior still carrys the sword and bow from his first experience as an adventurer. Both of these item as masterfully built and some of Thamior’s greatest postions. If one looks closely enough you will notice that Thamior will always carry a ruby the size of a hand around with him no matter what. If asked about it he will reply It is my focus as if that should explain it all.


Thamior comes from the Elven lands far to the north of Yoemancy but over the last tens years has come to live in Little Tipping with his wife Sohpia and two children, Thamuel and Lara as the head of the jewel crafters. Thamior rarely speaks about his time before Little Tipping no matter if it was as an adventurer or the Elven community he grew up in. There are rumors that he is the child of a Elven Queen and her most famous consort but Thamior has never confirmed or denied that rumor. Thamior is a quiet elf tending to spend his time either with his family or in workshop crafting new items of jewellery for the town to sell or reading books on wide variety of crafting topics.

Thamior Aeluath

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