Sebastian Shadowmoor


Sebastian is a 31 year old Human man, he is very much unremarkable, except for his eyes which are a pale ice blue, he is of average height and build with pale skin that shows his Seuloise heritage and short black hair. He wears a suit of Mithral Chainmail but it generally looks like everyday clothes due to the enchantments placed upon it. He generally appears to be wearing a grey set of pants with a tunic that varies in colour depending on his mood. He has a very patchwork and thread bare looking cloak over his shoulders and the most stand outish thing about him is the pair of jeweled bracers that adorn his arms. He stands about 5 feet, six inches tall and his weight is about 130 pounds.


Sebastian Shadowmoor is a ‘Prince’ of the Kingdom of Keoland, as a young boy his father was elected to be King by the Council, Sebastian never adjusted well to the sudden degree of Royalty being thrown at him, he never liked drawing attention to him self so as soon as he was 18, he left Keoland to try and find his place in the world. He had a talent for magic but one thing that always perplexed all his tutors was he lack of ability with most forms of magic yet he showed exceptional finesse and skill with Illusions and Enchanments. To Sebastian it just made sense he could ‘feel’ and ‘hear’ the strings of and how they could be bended and warped to make nearly anything a possibilty the power to make an illusion real was the greatest thrill to his young mind and being able to fool people with his powers made him feel like he was achieving something.

Throughout his travels he adopted 2 personas that served to allow him to help people who needed it but not put his own freedoms or ability to go places unnoticed at risk. ‘Rhogark’ the half-orc rogue was a champion of the people standing up for some of the down-trodden and most abused and outcast members of society, his name is spoken with respect by some of the less wealthy people of the lower class as someone who will stick up for the little guy and doesnt give up fighting till the end for what is right. ‘Quarion’ the elf Mage in contrast is a well educated elf who demands large sums of money for his work from the wealthy but has proven time and again why he is worth paying for, the nobiltiy and the wealthy swoon with delight if they learn that the fabled Quarion is in the vicinity, Quarion comes off as arrogant and self absorbed but he isnt a bad person and will never do any jobs he deems as ‘evil’ or cruel.

Sebastian in contrast to both of his personas, is a quiet man who doesn’t like drawing attention to himself, but he is loyal to his friends or work colleagues and will never leave them behind. He came to help Lillavida build up her new Guild Hall for the Bronze Compass. Upon Arrival, he was informed that he would have to use his many talents at espionage and reaming unknown to help the Lost Seekers find Lillavidas husband and to save the world.

With his abilities and love of magic, he will do whatever it takes to make sure that Agamemnon doenst rise again and he lives by the philosophy that force isnt the only way to get things done sometimes knowledge is the key to victory and secrets are the most dangerous and valued treasure in the world…

Sebastian Shadowmoor

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