Jasmine Tealeaf


Jasmine is a Tallfellow Halfling with tanned skin, red hair in a braid that nearly brushes the ground, and a face covered in so many freckles that it is difficult to determine her actual complexion. She has very big, round brown eyes. She stands about 3 foot 7 and is slender but toned. She is easily mistakened for being younger than she is, due to her roundish face and soft features, but she is a young adult in halfling years.


Jasmine grew up in a happy family in Neverwinter in Faerun. She lived happily with her mother and father but three years ago her father was killed during war. She vowed to become an adventurer like he was to carry on his legacy and also to carry out jobs to provide money for her now widowed mother. She has one older brother, Peregrin, who works an a blacksmith in Neverwinter. She grew up alongside her best friend, Harrison.

Jasmine is a quiet girl, and incredibly shy unless she is provoked or becomes truly comfortable around someone. When she’s feeling shy, she will whisper to Harrison, often portraying her as a snobby person. When in battle, she finds the confidence within herself to do a good job, and this is mostly what will get her new jobs and adventures to embark on, rather than her charisma.

She trained as a rogue because of her thin and small figure and her love to jump, run, sneak and hide. After her initial training as a rogue, she specialised as a swashbuckler and has now headed off to defeat the god, Agamemnon, who is out to destroy the world. With these two, new, strange people, Baldrin and Jarenholme, who she met at the very odd World Serpent Inn, as well as Harrison, she thinks that this goal is finally in sight.

Jasmine Tealeaf

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