Jarvan Pious


Jarvan is an Aasimar, one of those rare humans who has a drop of celestial blood flowing through his veins. He was found on the steps of the temple of Heironeous outside the town of Swiftwood, a bastard sword made of Cold Iron left with him, the kindly Cleric in charge of the temple Father Alistar took him in and raised him as though he was his own son, as the boy grew it became evident to everyone in the town and temple that the boy was special and that he wasnt quite ‘Human’. Jarvan was a kind hearted and tender boy, so it came as a shock to Alistar when the boy asked to be trained as a Paladin, Alistar didn’t think Jarvan had the mettle or stomach for what a Paladin had to do but Jarvan was adamant and he was assigned to the temples Paladin Guardian a man known as Baltor the Just. Jarvan excelled at it, even Baltor was impressed the boy embodied everything that a Paladin should and he was a Paragon of the code. Jarvan himself had devised his own code stylising it on what the Traditional Paladins code was but tailoring it so that it better suited him as a person.

- He will protect the innocent and the helpless
- Always Act with Honour
- Offer the chance for an opponent to yield, even if they are evil
- Offer Mercy to anyone even those who have commited acts of evil, for that is the first step on the path to Redemption
- Honour those you love and whom love you
- Never commit an act of evil
- Never commit any crimes or break the law

As Jarvan grew older, he seemed to develop a very minor ‘shake’ like he was always trembling slightly, it made using a bow or crossbow next to impossible and he had a few incidents where because of the ‘shakes’ several fragile and important objects had been dropped and broken.

During his time training, a young female Cleric of Heironeous was sent to the temple to help tend to it and Help Father Alistar lead the times of prayer. Her name was Amelia, and unlike the gentle and soft spoken Jarvan, she was more militant and Zealous. She would train with Baltor and Jarvan in the mornings before she went about her Clerical duties. Jarvan was assigned to help her with her duties by Alistar, Alistar hoping that Jarvan’s calm and less fiery demeanor would help temper Amelia’s. As Jarvan and Amelia helped around the local area of the village dealing with Bandits and bringing Heironeous’s light and guidance to the people, a budding romance developed between the 2 as despite their polar opposite demeanor’s, they found they had alot in common with each other. One day on a return trip back to the temple from being sent out to deal with a bandit by the name of Harry ‘The Throat Smiler’ they were ambushed by several bandits, after the fight as Jarvan looked around at the bodies lying on the ground, his eyes filled with sadness at the needless waste of life he heard Amelia gasp is sudden pain turning around he saw one of the bandits slump down on the ground again finaly dead but then he saw the dagger sticking into Amelia’s side and the very odd looking colouration of the bit of the blade that was still visible, she collapsed to the ground. Jarvan quickly started treating her, over the next few days he came close to losing her several times but on the third day, she stirred and as he leant down to hear her whispered words, her hand grabbed the back of his head and pushed his face down to hers, their lips touching lightly. Upon returning to the temple, with the still very weak Amelia, Jarvan sought out Father Alistar and asked if he would offciate over Jarvans marriage to Amelia. Alistar was incredibly surprised at this as was everyone at how sudden it was, but both Jarvan and Amelia were adamant, so within the next month once all the preparations were made they were married.

Unfortunately for both Jarvan and Amelia, very soon after their wedding Father Alistar asks Jarvan if he can deliver a message to the Temple of Heironeous in the Town of Longspear. Alistar believes Jarvan would make the best emissary to deliver this message given Jarvan’s unique diplomatic skills and level headedness. He hands Jarvan the letter sealed inside a leather scroll-case with silver caps and Jarvan is instructed not to open it, it is for a man called Neville Torcrider, who can be found at the temple of Heironeous in Longspear. Bidding a sad farewell to his new wife and handing her his sword ‘Peace’, Jarvan tells her to look after it until he returns, as a way of her keeping him close, setting off Jarvan begins his journey, he travels for several days until he comes across a small Hamlet that has no name and the Inn which boasts the name of ‘The Arrow At Rest’………..

Jarvan is a tall Aasimar male, with short silver hair and golden eyes, that always shine with a soft warmth that shows his friendly nature. Several scars mar his face and body testaments to his devotion to Heironeous and his willingness to show anyone mercy. His trademark Bastard Sword which he has named ‘Peace’ is very plain, its only decoration is the cross-guard which has the image of an angel etched into it. When not armoured he wears simple clothes, a tunic and breeches with knee high boots. The tunic is emblazoned with the symbol of Heironeous.

Journal and Case Notes

#1 (Chapter II)

Jarvan Pious

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