Baldrin Smithson

You stand before a giant of a man, and as you look up at him all you notice are his piercing black eyes


Baldrin weighs in at 187 pounds, and stands at 6 foot 5 inches tall. His skin is dark, his eyes are black and his hair is a deep dark shade of red, almost brown. If the light hits it just right it flares up like a brush fire.

He has a single scar just over his left eyebrow, but is otherwise quite plain. Not ugly, simply unremarkable. He also has a single piercing in his left year, a small iron stud.

He uses a Greathammer as his signature weapon. This hammer stands to 6 foot 7 inches tall, and weighs in at 60 pounds. The haft of the weapon is almost as thick as your fist with a well used grip at the base and some marks scored in to the wood half way down. The head of the hammer is a massive chunk of oak and steel shaped into a basic cylinder, with extra thick plates of steel attached onto the ends.

Baldrin begins his great journey dressed in a plain green tunic with brown pants and boots. Over this is a suit of chainmail. Belted at his waist is a pouch, water skin and lantern. Slung over his shoulder is a backpack filled with the provisions required to travel.


A giant of a man with an equally large hammer enters The Arrow At Rest and moves to the bar. His pack jingles as he places it down where the Barmaid points. At the noise, many patrons turn to watch him. The man orders a flagon of ale from the bar and moves to a nearby table. As they watch, the patrons notice he is covered in dust, as if he has been travelling for many days; otherwise, he seems to be in good health. As he sits down and places his giant hammer next to his side, they notice he brings out a small journal and begins to write in it. It appears as if he were waiting for someone. This man is Baldrin Smithson, and his journey has only just begun.

Baldrin comes from a small town known as Little Tipping. This is where he grew up, and someday it is the place he hopes to retire. Little Tipping is composed of a number of small houses, and is built around a small market square with an inn facing onto it. When Baldrin speaks of Little Tipping, he always mentions the inn. The Tipsy Smith plays host to many visitors, and boasts some of the loveliest barmaids in all of the Yeomanry, but Baldrin speaks of only one. Her name is Patty, and though Baldrin often ends his nights in strangers’ beds, it’s obvious to most that his heart belongs to her, no matter how far away he has travelled. When he speaks of her, a smile plays at the edges of his mouth, and if anyone asks why he left her, his response is generally, “So that I can return”. Often, someone points out she’ll be wedded by the time he returns, and to that he replies, “So be it, but at least she’ll know I found the hammer, just like I told her I would,” and where most would wear a frown, Baldrin only has a grin; it’s a joke oft repeated.

Baldrin always speaks of Longspear with fondness. Whenever he visit’s the city, he makes note of all the new things he finds and the places he visits. As he says, its not the places you go, its remembering how to find your way back that matters. While he was there for only a short time, Baldrin spent much of it exploring the various streets and looking for curios he could give to Patty. Longspear, to Baldrin, is a place of both learning and passion, and the place where some of his fondest memories lie, but it is also part of his past so he keeps it to himself. When asked of Longspear and how he knows it, Baldrin will generally smile and change the subject. When pushed on it, he will mention that he studied there for a while. To Baldrin, the Longspear he knew is locked in his memories, and only one person can unlock those for him. So he smiles, and moves the conversation on, and shrugs if people get frustrated. It’s not that he’s private, he’s just searching for something valuable and lost, and doesn’t want it taken before he can find it.

Gauntlet of the Lost
The Gauntlet is a sign of those that Baldrin feels he has let down or lost, and was created after by him after the Massacre of The Smith On The Hill. It is composed of two separate pieces, one the main steel “glove” to cover the hand and the other a full four inches long thick piece of steel that works as a brace on the forearm. The gauntlet is made of two pieces so that the glove section can be removed during rest or other times where a gauntlet may be considered a weapon while still maintaining some memento of past failures. The two pieces are designed to interlock tightly and then be locked into place and chained still, so that there is no unnatural movement of the gauntlet. On the brace section the words “To the lost” is inscribed, and under it a number of scores have been cut into the metal keeping track of those that have died.

Baldrin’s Law

Thou Shalt not suffer the Irresponsible use of magic

Journal Entries

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Entry #2

Entry #3

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Entry #5

Baldrin’s Journal Entry #6

Baldrin’s Journal Entry #7

Baldrin’s Journal Entry #7 cont.

Baldrin’s Journal Entry #7 final

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Baldrin’s Journal Entry #9

Letters to Patty

Letter to Patty Entry #1

Baldrin Smithson

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