The Lost Seekers

The Stone Hammer's Warning

Listen ye, for i have a warning

Quoted from the aftermath of the battle of the Silglen Trees

After the Battle of the treefolk, Jarvan and Baldrin headed back into the forest city. As they entered, some of the druidfolk gathered around them and followed them to the centre of the city. It is here that Baldrin turned to address them under the eaves of their sacred tree. In a bellow that gained even the attention of those in the boughs above, Baldrin began to speak his mind to the folk that had so frustrated him for the last day and a half, “YE DAFT TREEFOLK BROUGHT THIS ON YE’SELVES. Trusting magic to protect ya, like its some cover all answer. It is’nt enough. It will nev’r be enough. Ye must learn to live without it, or you shall perish because of it. It makes you lazy and foolish, and leads you to wage war by hidin’ in your homes. If for no other reason, you must see the carnage for yourselves, so you can put effort forth to avoiding it. If you sh’ant listen to reason, then use your GOD DAMNABLE wisdom and understand that you will always run out of magic, but your arm can always keep swinging. The man to your side is a far greater ally than some unfathomable mysticism, and you an all of your fellows will be better off not relying on it”

It is said at these words the crowd shuffled nervously, like they were being chastised by their mother. A few moments passed of intolerable silence, and then someone deep in the crowd yelled back, “what would you have us do then, live without it. Its a part of us you mad city dweller, just because you don’t have it doesn’t make it less important to us”

“I’m not saying live without it. I simply want all of ye to treat it as it is. Its a tool, there to be used, and then put down when you’re done with it. No city should try to survive a siege with but a hundred defenders. When your townsfolk come back, set some of them to learn to fight. Set some others to learn how to shoot a bow, and use them to augment your strength. Rely less on magic, and more on sense and you will avoid this damnable mess in the future”.

At that, Bladrin turned his back on the crowd and moved back to the inn he an his party were staying in. Back to his suite, where its said he promptly fell asleep and slept the way that only soldiers in a bed can.



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