The Lost Seekers

Letter to Cassius #8

Dear Father,

It has been such a long time since I last wrote, and for that I apologise. I haven’t had a moment to even regain my senses since we arrived at the Dreadwood. Everywhere we turn there are monsters, towns under attack, emotional party members… I write to you from Silglen, where we arrived after being in Valadis, where we fought off some yuan-ti. Just, casually, completely unexpected. We were heading to Valadis after Lysander received a message from another druid. I mean, it was a message of berries and sticks, but apparently it read, “Lysander, help, snakes are killing everyone,” or something of that nature. Hahaha, nature, get it? No, it really wasn’t funny at all. We got to Valadis and had to fight off an army of yuan-ti. But Lysander’s druid friend was okay, and when we left the town he joined us along the journey.

We rested along the way in a clearing in the forest. Nothing of note happened, but we’re getting the hang of doing watches throughout the evening. I have a feeling Baldrin and his lady friend haven’t been focussing too much on the watches, but nothing really happened. Although, we did find Lysander’s doggy! He somehow found us, probably odd druid magic again. I tried to give him a little cuddle but no, growwwwwlllliinnng. He doesn’t like me very much.

When we came up the path to Silglen the next day we saw fires in the distance. Fires everywhere. I personally had no idea what it was, so… We sent Thamior and Lysander up to have a look at what was going on before we ventured any further. They came back and informed us that there a yuan-ti camp all around the town. I took initiative and decided to fly over to give an idea of what was happening and where we could enter the town. I turned myself (and Fae) invisible and flew over. This always seems to bemuse my party members so much. They’ll never fully understand my spells. They seem to think it’s some kind of cool trick. I didn’t estimate however just how long it would take me to get over and back, because by the time I got there I realised I wouldn’t have been able to fly back to the group unless I landed on a yuan-ti spear.

I landed not so gracefully in the middle of a pig farm and scared off some little boy, who brought his mother back, wielding a rolling pin. Some guards came over and they seemed to automatically assume I was the enemy in disguise. They brought me to their leader, who I assume was the mayor of the town. She had a chat with me and she knew who Lysander was and after “verifying” my identity as one of the good guys, she gave me a bed to sleep in. I awoke to find out that the others had safely gotten into the town through a secret entrance, and Baldrin had apparently tried to get back out again… I sighed. Seriously, who walks out into a camp of yuan-ti? It’s like, suicidal. But, he was okay. Everyone was okay. And apparently now we’re heading to the Heart of the Forest. I can’t wait… Hmmm…

I have a feeling there be a few more snakes around, more weird druid magic, which is fading though, because of the yuan-ti attacks. Everyone is worried that Lysander will lose some of his powers as well. But if everything works out we could potentially save everyone in the forest, all of the towns! Which would be something truly wonderful.

I’ll write again soon Daddy, I promise.

Love always,

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