The Lost Seekers

Baldrin's Journal Entry 13

Baldrins Journal entry number 13

So Ade, sometimes the world be a terrible place. An sometimes its just got a terrible person in it with too much power. This be the second type of time. Every part of my body hurts. An not like a little, but the bone-weary, travelling for days on end kinda hurts. Probably because that’s what I’ve been doing. Travellin’. Fact is we just trekked across the Dreadwood in a week. It should of taken two to three, but we made a plan to make it nice’n easy. Easy I tell ya. Yeah right. Easy like milking a bunch a angry bees. See, we convinced Reinard that she should get our help in reclaiming Requetai from the damnable snakes. I figured that since I had to go there anyway because the mad cow cursed me, I might as well get her to shave some of the travel time off. Oh righ’, I ain’t mentioned the curse much have I. Well, Think of Reinard as a petulant child with far too much magical power. You have tha’ image in yer head: a giant screaming wailing babe, with lightning blasting out of its fingers and glowing devil eyes of doom. Ok good, well that’s Reinard. An I went and pissed her off by lecturing her citizens about how they were being daft in relying solely on magic to fight a war of attrition. Apparently every magic user I’m destined to meet is unable to see the madness involved in relying on a single tool to solve their problems but hey, who am I to complain, I’m just the big dumb meat shield that they cry at to fix the problems they cant. Wah!

Anyway, she cursed me so I couldn’t use magical stuff until I’d slain the general of the raging snake horde (someone she missed in her big magic tree tantrum), and that guy just so happens to be in Requetai. So we used her hubris against her and encouraged her to set out to reclaim the old druid settlement (very old, and very dead. Apparently hundreds of years so), and in the process we hitched our horse to her. Well, I say it like the hubris was part of the plan, but honestly she’d already decided she was going there and we just needed to convince her to take us with. Still, that was our plan, and it went off without a hitch, which is to say that it worked but by the gods it’s been an unpleasant week.

The day we were to set off, she wanders into the inn at the crack o’ dawn an starts pushing everyone around. Not like a bully, but cursing folk if they didn’t get up. Forced Jarvan to get up at first light every day for a month. An he has to do it too, just like I have to hunt down some monstrous bloody snake general. Set Endolynn in a mighty tiz, and ruined Patty’s mood something chronic. An all so she could feel like some big shot telling us folk what to do. Seriously, these druids are mad. They let her be in charge because otherwise she’d throw a tantrum, an hell I’m half inclined to agree with ‘em. Only half mind, I’m sure if they put more effort into it they could teach her some manners. An that’s my real problem with these sorts of folks. They have all this power, and they choose actively no’ to use it for the betterment of everyone. They honestly charged us to put Thamior back together even though he risked life an limb to save their damnable hides. I keep eating berries in this place that fill me up like I just had a full meal. That right there could feed multitudes of people if used out in the rest of the world. Yet do the druids spread their bounty. No, they hide in this terrible forest and get angry when they’re called on their entitled crap. Its ruddy daft, and the sooner we leave this place the better. An hell, Reinard certainly is speeding that up. We’ve travelled non-stop since we left Silglen. I’ve barely slept, and the others are much the same. I didn’t even notice when a bunch of snakes tried to maul us two nights ago. Reinard sicked a tree onto them like it was nothing. So, I sit here in this clearing writing this while I’m half asleep, and tomor’a we head to the lost druid village. The plan is to sneak into the catacombs beneath the ransacked city and assassinate the enemies general. While we do that, Reinard is to stay up top and cause mayhem to draw out the other snakes, which I’m certain she will find easily achievable. An’ I swear if she doesn’t stick to the ruddy plan ill smack her something fierce.



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