The Smith On The Hill

The whole compound was destroyed during a raid by a group of bandits. The number of survivors is unknown; it appears that many, including Baldrin’s siblings, were captured for unknown purpose.


40 – 50 (fluctuates depending on who is visiting)


The Smith is composed of 12 buildings varying in size from a small two room building to giant workshops with basements and multiple levels, with large open working spaces. In addition, The Smith boasts three large multi-storied residencies and one tall 4-story home for the Smithson family.


The Smith on the Hill is home to one of the greatest smithing families in Yeomanry, and indeed, throughout the Flanaess. They sell la crème de la crème of armour, made of special materials such as mythril, dragonscale, and adamantine, as well as enchanted weapons. It is said that the finest armour in the world can be bought from The Smith on the Hill, and all of their works possess the Smithson Family mark, just below the collar on the interior of the armour.


Guests of The Smith enter through a large ornate gate set into a 2 foot thick wall around the perimeter. As they walk into the compound, they enter a circle of buildings, with a large open area in the center where wagons and other contraptions are parked in the open. Sections of the clearing are positioned under awnings for cover from the weather, while other sections have canvas coverings held over them with support beams. These covers look to be removable during winter and the areas beneath them aren’t used for long term storage.

At the entry to the courtyard there are three large dormitories, rising up to three storeys high. Beyond these, arrayed around the courtyard are an assortment of brick and mortar workshops with smoke drifting lazily from their chimneys. Upon closer inspection, visitors are often surprised by the array of strange contraptions attached to these buildings, such as magical pulley systems used to bring heavy machinery into the upper floors of some of the bigger workshops, or the strange glowing device on the side of one of the smaller buildings. Interspersed among all of this is a rabble of children and busy folk moving about in a rush, as well as strange toys and contraptions strewn about, some even moving on their own.

At the opposite end of the clearing stands Smithson Manor. A strange building that stands four storeys tall, The Manor is home to most of the family’s stranger experiments. Visitors generally hear the explosions and see the smoke pouring out of the upper floor windows before they notice the building. When they do notice it, they are often amazed by the oddness of the house, as they notice the small constructs maintaining the garden, or the giant weathervane on the roof next to the strange lightning rod with multiple floating circles of metal around it. If they look closer they tend to notice the mechanized shutters on the windows and the strange knoblike protusions sticking out from various points of the building. The longer they look, the stranger the building seems compared to the rest of the world, and yet it seems to fit in perfectly in the strange mish-mash of the Smithy.


The Smith On The Hill is a large workshop compound built with the intention of raising, housing and providing a workspace for some of the most sought-after smiths in the world. Home to world class weaponsmiths, armorsmiths, blacksmiths, artificers and inventors of all races, The Smith On The Hill was built just outside of Little Tipping, a small village not too far from Long Spear. Most inhabitants of the compound are apprentices and masters of different smithing disciplines, but the founding family, the Smithsons, have been there for hundreds of years. Rumoured to be the descendants of a great hero and smith, the Smithsons always have at least one world class smith in their family. In this age it is Tabren Smithson, a man well known for the weapons he has created and supplied to heroes all over the world. The Smith On The Hill’s main form of income is trading goods in the city of Longspear, but on the odd occasion a hero will visit the compound and commission a weapon from the master weaponsmith Tabren, or come seeking the assistance of other members of the workshop for the construction of elaborate adventuring equipment. Throughout the Flanaess it is considered an honour to own something from The Smith On The Hill, and all of its goods are prized as things beyond worth.

The Smith On The Hill

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