The Laws of Play


Before you start playing or adding your characters or such, I’d like you to read this list carefully.
These rules are the golden rules of this group (the table rules, if you will); they’re here to make sure everyone has a fun time and that we get the most out of our game. Please respect them.

The First Law

The DM (that is to say, me) has the final say on any and all rulings. Essentially, refer to the old adage: “The DM is always right”. I will not broker any extended rules discussion during play. If you feel that I have misjudged the situation, bring it up during the break.

The Second Law

If we are missing a character, we play anyway. Only in the case of exceptional circumstances will we play if two or more players are missing. I may or may not give you XP for any session that you miss. If other players are willing, they may run your character for the session. This leads us to:

The Third Law

Upload a copy of your character onto Pifro ( and keep it updated between sessions. I will use this for secret checks and such, so it’s to your detriment if you don’t keep all your bonuses up there. However, don’t rely on this electronic medium as your primary character sheet because:

The Fourth Law

No electronics will be permitted at game play. The exception to this is if you’re expecting an important call or some such and you notify me beforehand. Otherwise, no smartphones, no stupidphones, no iPads, laptops, annoying flash lights.

The Fifth Law

I will only accept dice rolls when the dice finish rolling, un-cocked, on the table. Dice that fall on the floor, or end up lodged between books will not be counted.

The Sixth Law

Discussing NPCs while the NPCs are right next to you will usually end up with the NPC hearing you. Notable exceptions include deaf NPCs. The excuse “Oh, all of that was out of character” will not be accepted.

The Seventh Law

Rules from the Player’s Handbook will be accepted. See appropriate sections for exceptions, most notably Character Creation. Don’t even bother bringing other rulebooks unless your character has a particularly obscure feat or somesuch from one (and even then, it may be better just to photocopy the feat).
Alternatively, you may select a class from the Expanded Psionics Handbook, but that’s entirely optional. We’ll be using the “magic and psionics are the same” option.

The Eighth Law

If I decide that you’re taking far too long to take your turn in combat, I will hold out both hands and count down from 10. If you’re still humming and hah-ing when I finish, your character delays.

The Ninth Law

Snacks. Yes, snacks. They will not be on the table during gaming time, but only during the break. Drinks will be fine, but I find snacks both to be too noisy and too cumbersome to comfortably fit on the table. As per usual, refer to The First Law if I say it’s okay.

The Tenth Law

Refer to The First Law. If in doubt, I’ll call it.

The Laws of Play

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