Longspear no longer exists, save as a ruin, since Mistress Uès unleashed the lichlings and the Brass Men upon it. Thus, the Seige of Longspear, as it came to be known, would mark the fall of the Yeomanry League as all know it.

Previously (before Longspear’s destruction):

Longspear is the trading hub of The Yeomanry League.It only has a population of 4400, but in reality, witht he number of traders and merchants who pass the city’s gates on a regular basis, the population can fluctuate from 5000 during the lowest of periods to 8800 during peak season.

The city is particularly well-known for two main products: gems and metalwork. Whole streets are dedicated to smiths, with the sound of metal being sharpened echoing throughout the city streets from dawn until dusk. World-famous jewellers also have stalls in Longspear, with The Undercraft League being particularly well-known for their exports here.

There are four main ‘districts’ in Longspear. Near the South Gate is the Temple District, where there are major temples to Wee Jas (whose clerics perform corpsecollection duties), St. Cuthbert, Colleron Lartethian, Moradin, and Heironeous, and minor temples to the other gods: Yondalla, Garl Glittergold, Pelor, and even a very small garrison of Pholtites. North of the Temple District, embodying the vast majority of the city, is the Merchant District, where the city’s brightest and darkest thrive. In the southeast corner of the city, near the Parliament where any citizen who has held a spear for the Yeomanry League’s militia may stand to vote on laws and condemnation, is the Noble’s district, where the rich live in estates adorned with gold.
Finally, the Waterfront is in the northeast corner of the city, walled off from the other parts. It is here that rogues and scoundrels hide in dark alleyways (though many will argue the same for some of the shadier areas of the Merchant’s District) and warehouses store goods for shipping down or up the Javan River.

There is a levy for entering Longspear. From any of the land-locked gates, it costs one silver. From the gates which cross the Javan River into Keoland, it costs one freegold.

The military is currently thinly spread as it is dealing with a rash of murderers and an escaped convict. No citizen is allowed to wear armour on the streets or in private unless they bear a missive decreeing that they work for the militia either as a conscript or as civilian aide.


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