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  • Baldrin Smithson

    A giant of a man with an equally large hammer enters The Arrow At Rest and moves to the bar. His pack jingles as he places it down where the Barmaid points. At the noise, many patrons turn to watch him. The man orders a flagon of ale from the bar and …

  • Fawke Smithson

    A man very similar to his father, Fawke is always thinking about the things he’s going to make, or is currently making. As such, his interactions with others tend to be a little vague. However, once he’s in his element, he is commanding and confident, …

  • Jaquen Smithson

    Jaquen is an eminently practical soldier. He’s a good father, and will always put the welfare of his family(immediate and extended) above himself. Much like all of the Smithsons, Jaquen understands that it is better to surrender for a day, so he can fight …

  • Ciril Smithson

    Ciril is a happy teenager. She’s focused and determined when attempting to achieve her goals, but is otherwise a free spirit. She is particularly close to her brother Baldrin, but loves all of her family equally.

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