The Lost Seekers

Judgement part 3

After a meeting at in Oakem Heart the Lost seekers split with half the party going north to meet with Lillavida Banes with the rest returning to The Yeomanry League. The half that went north ran into Lillavida Banes and hearing how a group of drow were attacking the surrounding area. After picking up the bard Xin Li and a Sebastian Shadowmoor. With Endolynn Lindenberg leading the group they agreed to hunt down the drow. After fighting a small group drow and their undead servants. The group learned that the drow where coming through a portal from the city of doors. After having a guide lead them to meet the Rule of Three. He told them that the drow here trying to use the city to bring an force into there world to take over .

Secrets and Lies and Truths 87
It seems as though things are getting interesting again......

The note is very well written and seems to hold some level of grace and nobility about it, as though penned by someone who values writing or at least values what could be withheld in writing

To whom it may concern you are reading the notes and Journal of Sebastian Shadowmoor, but alas for you dear reader this is not the full works because as a man who valued secrets and information, he didnt put all of these together in one place so as to preserve some level of secrecy about his life and the works he achieved but here begins our first tale…….

God damn it! Sigil is a pain not only are we now stuck here until we can find a way home which is apparently more difficult then tricking a King out of all his Crown Jewels, but this is a meeting point for nearly every sort of creature imaginable and that worries me, but at the same time i am so excited, this place is full of knowledge and secrets and i mean to learn them all! But none the less I am here becasue of Lillavida and the Lost Seekers, they are an interesting group of adventurers and i honestly have nothing bad to say about any of them but my one concern is Endolynn, their leader, i am not sure what is going on but bad things seems to happen around her specifically in relation to her casting, maybe the stress of being a leader of an adventuring with a world saving quest is too much for her at such a young age and its having some form of magical backlash, i don’t know but i will keep my eye on her and gather what information i can to aid her, she has a great deal of potential and like everyone else in their group, they are all destined for great things. But anyway back to Sigil we had a Sigil Pub Crawl on our first night there which was interesting. After meeting a man known as Rule-of-Three and fighting out about the Drow and why the note we had recovered told us to come here everyone decided that we needed to relax and have a drink and by-the-by drinks in Sigil are expensive so bring your big purses. Anyway while we were drinking a strange man by the name of Gyr Falcon told Endolynn and Xin Li to come and talk with him and they said they would as long as the rest of their group was allowed to as well which he was quite happy too so as we sat down into Gyr Falcon’s booth he starts asking questions about us, and us not wanting to reveal anything to our enemies (a thoroughly prudent action if i do say so myself) we start evading his questions and lying to him but alas my new freinds arent as adept at lying as i would have hoped and he suspects something so he challenges us to a game of Three Dragon Ante, with the condition that if he wins we have to answer his questions if we win we didnt have too. He sadly for himself didnt play Three Dragon Ante as well as he would have liked and he lost horribly with Endolynn being the eventual victor. But we divulged a little information to him because over the course of our game he had proved to be an interesting person and from what we could gather he had no ill-will towards us. But then with Endolynn and Xin-li both a little inebriated they decided that we should find an ‘Angel’ Pub so we found one and then Endolynn nearly got kidnapped by some Satyr looking like creatures and afterwards Xin-Li and Endolynn both went ‘upstairs’ with some of their new Angelic Elf friends, i dont really want to know what happened but i can guess and i got a laugh out of it, aaaaaah to be that young again.

Baldrins Journal entry nineteen

Tis been a strange few days Fole.

First up, I have arranged with the Druids of Silglen to travel to the edge of the forest in a matter of days. As such, i don’t write this entry from Silglen but from Valedas, the ransacked village home of Lysander. Not only is the trip going well, but we have rediscovered one of our lost fellows in both a fortuitous and suspicious set of circumstances, of which ill go in to later.

So, a quick recap. We have discovered from conversations with Ptias that the Undercraft guild(or some similar bloody name) are likely run by the cult that is working to resurrect The Lich. I never trusted em, an now i get to splatter em, so that’s good news. We have a clue to head towards at least. Also, we managed to foil one of their operations in the Dreadwood, and discovered a pair of unlikely companions in the process. A Sharp witted Halfling by the name of Jasmine, and a bookish lad called Harrison. They seem nice enough, and the circumstances of their joining our little band are bizarre enough that i shan’t go into it. Suffice to say, i trust em well enough, an they be coming with us. So, to Silglen we travelled, where i attempted to leverage some help from the druids for Endolynn’s mother. Not an easy process, but i’ve done about what i hoped i could, and seem to have patched things up with Griffith as best i can, conniving git though he be. So, from there, we have gained some assistance from Lysanders mentor(and as it turns out, also his father) Myrachan in travelling the woods, though his Wife, Lysanders Mother, seems to have disappeared. We have looked for her as weve travelled, but to no avail. So, sadly, we had to leave the poor man to his search.

Another strange mystery comes from Silglen as well. Apparently, the Undercraft Guild had a number of folks stationed in the city, but over the course of a day just a week ago they all packed up, attempted to leave, and we murdered by a wandering Tiefling. Stranger still, a pack they all seemed to have went missing, so not only did six people die, but their sole possessions were stolen at the same time, and no one has since seen the Tielfing. A mystery indeed, an one i intend to remember.

Finally, there is Thamior. It you will recall, he was a man we traveled with for a time, from my home Smith. He was a nice enough fellow, though a bit cold sometimes. An, as it happens, he either sold his soul or had it stolen from him for a time as well. His death was caused essentially, by a mistake on my part. I was intent on saving Lysanders people, and as a result i started a fight with the Aranea in a particular vulnerable position. Thamior was the only one to fall from the fight on our side, though it wasn’t a great feeling to know what victory had cost us. I try to always remember my mistake on that one, even if i don’t like admitting it much. An yet, apparently, another god has decided to interfere in our little mortal plane of existence and has raised the poor mans soul from the depths of hell to fight again… Or so he tells us. honestly, there be far to much involvement of the gods in our lives for my liking, but on the other hand it means i have a chance to fix my mistake. An then that assumes that he aint lying, and that he aint living on borrowed time as was…

Well anyway, thats a thing thats happened. In the next few days, we will arrive into The League, and attempt to fix whatever madness has corrupted my home so. An hopefully, in the process well find the slimy gits that are making the planed so messed up. An then, if we be really lucky, well get to smack em for it.

Jasmine's Journal #1


It has been a little while since I have written, but things have been pretty busy since the moment we went off to the World Serpent Inn and met up with the two fellows by the names of Baldrin and Jarenhone, who we have formed somewhat of a makeshift adventuring party with. We were just in a town back in Faerun and suddenly we were in this inn with doors to everywhere you could possibly think of, and a variety of stange characters. We were sitting at a table when we met Baldrin and Jarenhone, who were from Yeomanry. Such interesting people, and such an interesting place to meet. There was this door, the door they had come through, and we were debating whether to go through there or not. I should say, we weren’t just going to go along with these random strangers we’d met in a pub. It turns out they had the same goals in mind as us; to find Agamemnon! How strange that people from such different places could have such similar goals. Baldrin wanted to go search through the corridors and corridors of doors to find the one we needed, but after the bartender advised us that it was time to use the main door, we did decide that it was the wiser choice. Baldrin was exceptionallly annoyed that we didn’t have horses though, but we had just been travelling through the country on foot, between towns. We weren’t really prepared for a long adventure through a place called, “The Dreadwoood”. But I think he’s warming up to us now.

We came out in this cave, and found a crevice that we could barely squeeze through, which took us to a building. We entered a room with a strange man wearing a black and yellow waistcoat and cloak, and after a short amount of time we realised that he was a mage of some sort. He said a few words and then we were faced with a monstrous clay golem! It was awful, because nothing seemed to work on it, and it’s clay body seemed to seep into our wounds. While all this was going on, the mage took out a box and swallowed this black slime thing, and suddenly he was a ghostly, ill looking creature, known as a Lychling. It’s touch was awful; it seemed to drain us of all energy, all strength, and it was a while before I regained myself. After we killed it, it’s pieces were everywhere, strewn across the room. But they started moving again. Apparently they can resurrect themselves, so Baldrin decided to bury it in separate areas of the room. It was a great idea I think, though I worry how many more people are out there with these “spells” and how quickly Lychlings may spread throughout the world. They truly are awful, evil creatures.

We found the mage’s bedroom, adorned with portraits of famous people from this world. Later on in the building, we came across more golems though. These ones were zombified, fleshy, and absolutely grotesque. I honestly thought we wouldn’t make it, but I think we are strong together, and we eventually defeated them. We soon left the building, which, as it turns out, was the headquarters for the Undercraft Guild. This guild is quite evil so it sounds. They were destroying the Dreadwood and are now summoning an evil god or something like that. Possibly Agamemnon. I can’t believe there’s a group of people out there who seem to pretend to be doing beneficial things to the community, trying to get them wrapped around their fingers before they destroy the world. Well, that’s how it’s looking to me. I’m very interested to find out more about them and I think that’s what Baldrin and Jarenhone’s goals are as well.

Next we headed off down the road to a druid village called Silglen. We were getting some funny looks and we tried to rent some rooms and were refused. I was pretty confused, but I think they must have done something the last time they were here, something to the druids. I’m not sure exactly and I think I’d like to stay out of it as much as possible. Baldrin went and spoke to the leader and now we have a couple of rooms, which is a nice comfort. I think we’re going to Longspear next, so off we go, on a long journey. At least now we have horses, and they’re absolutely gorgeous! We also stocked up on some potions. I think we’re going to be okay. Everyone gets along pretty well and things are going smoothly so far.


Letter to Baldrin Smithson, to be Delivered within Silglen
The letter you hold seem's crisp and well cared for, with no visible stress marks from its travels


I’ve sent this letter to Silglen in the hopes that it finds you well by way of Lillavida’s new ‘friends’. Your friends are well, and Lillavida seems to have done well for herself, so as yet I believe I am serving your interests to the best of my ability.

Since last we left you, we travelled north to Endereisen where we rendezvoused with Lillavida and her new guild. She seemed absolutely lovely, an a little put out that you weren’t able to come yourself, but once your companions explained to her why you had set forth on your own, she seemed understanding at least. Little comment has been made about my presence, so it seems they are fine with a bard following them around, as I told you they would be. Lillavida has tasked us with the extermination of Drow in Keoland, so your fellows have set on the task with a fervour I did not expect. Ptrisah particularly seems intent on the task, as if he has some agenda that he’s not to forth coming about. Though, that may also just be a race thing, Elves tend to be obsessed with racial attitudes and they come bearing many prejudices gift wrapped in their heads, so who knows. To aid us in our job Lillavida has tasked one of her own assistants by the name of Sebastian Shadowmoor to come with us. He seems a perfectly capable sort, though a little too inclined to mess with the minds of others for my taste. Ironic I know, but the secretive are not generally inclined towards having others poke about in their skull. Still, the task is relatively straight forward, and we have already made strides towards uncovering the Drow hidden within this country. We have encountered a dozen abominable monsters commanded by a few of the dark elves, and uncovered some message that seems to pertain to some inter dimensional city of Keys. I know little of it at this time, though I’m excited to find out more. Turns out your hammer might be worth the effort after all.

Much love to ya ya tall, dark haired brooding man, don’t die before I see ya next.

Xin Li

A quick talk in a dark Inn
No really, thats it...

The Wind howls through the streets of Oaken Heart. The fires of the evening’s festivities have long since guttered and died, an most of the revellers have gone to bed. The streets are littered in refuse, and some of the buildings look damaged. An yet, the town has been celebrating a victory. They celebrate the chance to be safe again, and a thankyou to the travelling heroes that saved their village. In a small inn, a man sits hunched at the bar, taking his time drinking a mug of ale the size of his head. The fire gutters low, an short of a few folk sleeping in the common room, no one else stirs in the small building. As the man sits and stairs into his mug, his brow furrowed deep in concentration, a small hooded figure descends the stairs. Not a noise came from the stairs, nor was a sound heard on her approach. The figure coughs lightly as she sits at the bar. The man doesn’t react, nor seem to care. He simply continues to sit, staring into the mug.

The small figure, a girl of some 20 years of age, gestures to the hammer beside the man. Still, he doesn’t move, so she speaks.

“So you’re Baldrin of the Hammer eh. I’ve heard tell of you from a dozen folks in the Yeomanry, and as many or more from the Druids of the forest. Bards sing both condemnation for you, and praise. They tell of the insane young man that spurns magic even as he travels in the company of a mage. The tales they tell of this man describe feats no ordinary person is capable of. Though, the tales they tell of your companions are just as enthralling to be honest. Still, how does a man that’s so full of life come to be staring into his mug of ale as if he hasn’t slept.”, the young girl leans back onto her stool, stretching her back and shaking the cloak she wears loose.

She draws down the hood, revealing long dark hair. Every now and then, the fire hits it in such a way as to seem like its flaming red, but then it drops back into darkness. If you were to look at the two of them from behind, you may be forgiven for thinking them related. Both have hair of midnight black, with red tinges throughout. Both have long hair. However, where the man sits slumped and still towers over the girl, her figure is small, less imposing and slimmer. Still, from the front it is abundantly clear the two are not related. The man, though his face is furrowed and riddled with scars, is only young. Younger even than the woman he sits next too. Whereas he is of dark skin, with black eyes, the young woman has skin so white you’d think it never saw the light of day and bright green eyes. Her face is just a little angular, with a tinge of exotic on the edges, whereas his is square and rough. Her eyes are more angled, clearer even than his, slowly scanning the area around her where the man simply stares. From the front, it is clear these two are nothing alike.

“because he ‘asnt slept” responds Baldrin.

The young woman wasn’t even sure he’d heard her; he’d taken that long to respond. “Why is Ptrisah’s lass up an about like she intends to leave before ee’s awake. The lads rich, an I don’t get the impression you’re going somewhere important”.

“an what would you know of me, Baldrin of the so called Hammer. What I do is no business of yours, nor of Ptrisah.” The young woman stands up at this, circles around the bar and pours herself a drink. “I have a proposition for you Baldrin. Assuming you can pull your head out of that mug for five seconds an open your ears”.

“Lovely way to end that sentence”, Even as Baldrin lets slip the witticism, he sits up a little straighter. “What would you ave from me aye?”

“It’s not what I’ll have from you. It’s what you can have from me”, with this the young woman raises one of her eyebrows quizzically.

“I ain’t interested in that”, Baldrin punctuates the end of his sentence with a snort and a gulp of his drink.

“Don’t be crude. I’m not offering that, I give it where I choose. No, I’m offering to follow your folk here around for you. You seem to care about them, and they are an interesting bunch. All I ask is that at the end of this mess, I can take that hammer.” As she speaks the last sentence, the young woman leans forward onto the counter.

“This thing be cursed, you don’t want it. It brings death with it wherever it goes.” Baldrin leans into the words he speaks, until he’s not an inch from the Young woman’s nose “An even if I gave it to ya, you’d never be able to lift the bastard thing. You’re too small Xin Li”.

“So. I’m offering my services to protect your family. At the end, when you’re done, and they’re done. I want the hammer. I don’t want to keep it. I want to drop it into the deepest ocean I can find an have done with it. Its very existence offends me. It needs to go, and I don’t particularly want to try taking it off you. An if you are gonna see this done, you need to wash your teeth. Your breathe wreaks something awful”, and with that Xin Li moves back away from the counter, over to her seat in the corner of the inn. She takes up a violin siting there and begins to play. Baldrin simply watches and listens. The rest of Inn sleeps on, never aware of what happened that evening. At the end of the song, Baldrin gets up and goes to bed. He says nothing, but as he walks past the bard in the corner, he flicks a coin in her direction. Even as she grabs the coin and retreats to her own room, she thinks on the deal she’s just struck.

Baldrin's Journal Entry Eighteen
My list of debts is long Fole..


The day where i leave the company of my fellows draws near, and i like it not. They are my family, they have helped me through some of the most horrifying things i have ever experienced. An yet, at the end of the day, they are people as well. They each have their own goals and missions, and things they wish to achieve. Those things, unfortunately, are part of the reason we do not work well as a team. They are more importantly, the reason we will fail if we do not go our separate ways. So, tomorrow, i will discuss it with them. After all of the insanity of this village, it turns out it is a good end to our fellowship. So here, i hope to list my reasons for leaving, so that it is an easier conversation to have.

Firstly, there is the list of our debts. It has grown rather heavy on me, to know that we leave things undone in our heedless charge towards things we do not understand. My family still live in a country that has been torn apart by war. Ceseli Still lives in Longspear, and after her consortation with a vampire i can only think that we made a grave mistake leaving her behind. An then there is Felic LeCarte, and the undercroft guild. A mess i have every intention of fixing while i yet live. An that doesnt even touch on the problem of the Hammer.

Simply put Fole, we dont know enough about this thing. Why does it exist, why did Baldric make it, an why did Patricia need to travel through death itself to ensure it exists. Furthermore, why is an insane cult trying to raise the necromancer it was created to seal. A Lich i know nothing about. Then there is Vaerun, and the prophecy that we will talk to him for a soul to finish the Hammer itself. An insane proposition. You may note so far that all of these things require us to go back. To go forward though, towards Celene, i see very little reason for such a journey. Sure, i could meet up with Lillavida, but that only lets me finish a job i had a partial interest in anyway. The way i see it, the Hammer came from the Yeomanry, and so i must return there to discover its secrets.

Which brings us to the reason we must split. I love my Fellow Seekers. Do not ever let someone tell you otherwise. An yet, they are so individualistic. Each of them has there own goals and they do whatever they can to achieve them. Even if that means going somewhere unconnected to our quest. Yet i cant do that anymore. This thing took Patty from me, and my mother, and many others. It has a long, insane history of blood to go with it, an i mean to end it before i die. Its the least i can do. I believe that that very need will drive us apart and so i will give them the option to go their own way tomorrow and be damned with the consequences. At least they will be safe from the attention the damnable thing earns.

So Fole, to new beginnings eh.

Letter to Cassius #13

Dearest Father,

It feels like an age since I wrote to you. Our party is struggling with a crisis of where to head to next, and it’s times like this where all I want is to be home and not worry about any of this other business, but I really can’t bring myself to do that when I don’t only have my own motivations to worry about, but the feelings of my friends, and all the things going on in the world need us, or at least, we keep getting told they do. There seems to be all this undue pressure on us to solve the problems going on around us, but Baldrin speaks so much truth when he says that there are so many other powerful mages, fighters and adventurers out there who could also assist. But it’s up to us, and now, we’re splitting up. Let me start from when we got out of the Sylph Forge.

We rested for a night at a camp we made in a clearing, before stumbling upon Mother’s sister; Cinetessa! Mum told us that she was living in a house in the middle of the Dreadwood. She’s living with Janda, who protects her, and after being in this damned forest, I can see why she has protection. She told us about her story, her life, and where the closest town was, which was Oakroot. We got there in the evening and found an inn, the only inn, to stay in for the evening. It was here that we ran into Ptias and the elves from Celene, who meet months ago now. While we were there, Baldrin went for a walk to get some fresh air, and found the body of a man who had appeared to have killed himself with his sword. This didn’t really sit right with any of us, but the guard put it down as a suicide. We decided to begin our own investigation, because that’s just what the Lost Seekers do.

We headed out the next day to start asking around about the man who died; Tommy Black.Jarenhone and I went to talk to his wife, who told us that there was an apparent curse around that made people killed themselves, and they were struck with it when they went by this old house that belonged to Old Man Winters. A few others had died in similar ways, including the Hunter, who killed himself with his bow, and Felicity, the town gossip, who hung herself. It was awful to even think about. We met up with the others and spoke to the Mayor, who told us more about the Winters family and how they had tried to start a revolution against the Druids. Apparently Tommy’s weapons had been stolen from his workshop recently as well, which was very suspicious. We made the decision to go and speak to the young Winters, the son of the Father who apparently lived in the cursed house. It… Did not end well, when I kind of accidentally accused him of being involved in the suicides, which I may have implied were likely to be murders, and that both him and his ghost Father were the culprits… My interrogation skills need serious work.

We went to the old house that evening, and I was quivering in my boots about this curse. I mean, of course it was a ridiculous notion, but who knew what kind of things were lurking in that house? Unfortunately, we made the mistake of going in without looking around first, and Lysander found himself the victim of a horrible spell, a literal curse! It made him weak and unable to go further into the house, so he waited outside on the decrepit patio while we checked things out. Baldrin and I went into a dining room, but it was not long until we fell through a hole in the floor and found ourselves up against this hideous, undead, bug-like monster. I made the decision to use my Dimension Door spell to get out of the small space and fight the monster from above. Baldrin is able to take a lot more of a beating than I am. It didn’t take long before it was dead on the ground and secreting a disgusting smell; much like swishing a bug!

Ptrisah, Baldrin, Jarenhone and I went down into the hole we’d just fallen through and went through a door in the lower floor. We found a closet in which we found the body of Felicity, but she was in terrible shape, and some ungodly things had been done to her. It made me so sad to her like that. Stuffed into a small room, and not being treated respectfully at all after her death. Ptrisah checked some footprints in the dust, which looked like tiny little claws or something like that, with six toes! Suddenly, this little creature ran across the room and up some stairs. It looked like a little lizard or dragon or a mix of the two. Jarenhone and I tried to chase after it but we lost it, and found a library instead. I searched for books on curses and found a scroll that would heal Lysander. I ran around to the front of the house to heal Lysander while Ptrisah went to search for the creature.

We all met up again after no luck and headed back to the inn for the evening. It was while we were in the inn that the creatures had apparently decided to ambush the town! We fought them off, they were called kobolds. Strange little dragon minion things that were quite hard to fend off, but with the help of some of the other villagers we dealt with them and I don’t think they’ll be causing any more trouble. As it turns out, they were the ones behind the so called “curse”. They were murdering some of the townspeople, just to steal and wreak havoc. Evil little things.

It was also during our stay in Oakroot, that we had the discussion on what would happen next. Ptias told us that Lillavida wanted to meet up in the North, which is where I have been wanting to go anyway. I feel like Queen Yolanda might be able to help me with the quest to find help for Mother, and that there may be something up in the land of the elves that could help me more. Baldrin however wanted to head South, to Yeomanry, to look for this mysterious cult and find the soul he needs for his hammer. Jarenhone wanted to go with him, and Ptrisah and Lysander wanted to go with Ptias and I. After a long weilded and emotional discussion, we decided to split up into two different groups. Along with our group, Xin Li has joined us; an adventurous woman from the Far East, who I think will prove to be a valuable person in our party. I know we will all meet up again, because our goals are so interconnected. But it is still a sad occasion, as we have been together for what seems like forever now, and have dealt with so much adventure, danger, grief, but also fun, together as our little group.
The paper is smeared from tears._

I am sure that this is the right choice for us to make. But until we move on in our journey, I really can’t say. Do we really know what lies ahead? No, I know I never really have. But it’s time to get on with it and keep going towards those end goals and keep getting more powerful each and every day.

I miss you terribly. I wish so dearly that I could come home.

With love,


Baldrin's Journal Entry Seventeen
Couse i haven't lost enough yet, apparently...

Dearest Fole.

It is my sincerest of regrets that i must write that Patty Fernland, my beloved, is dead. Or i think she is. Currently, as best i can tell, her soul resides within my hammer, powering some enchantment that will allow it to contain the souls of liches. I have been in the Forge for a little over a month now, and tomorrow me and the other Lost Seekers venture forth to attempt to contact Lillavida Banes. The following page is an experiment to see if i can leave a piece of myself here where its easy for others to understand. I’m not sure if it’ll work though, as previously it was something that Patty did, and I’m not even sure what I’m doing will replicate the effects.

As you turn the page you notice the following one is made of a bright, thin piece of metal. It isnt cold to the touch, but just faintly warm and not unpleasant in texture. it seems to be as thin as paper, and you cant actually tell how it is bound into the spine of the book. As you touch it your mind begins to wander, and you discover you know things you simply didn’t before. Even as you contemplate them, it seems as if they play out on the reflective metal before you. In all honesty you aren’t even sure which came first, the memories or the reflections

You stand in a massive circular room. The walls are ornate and covered in bizarre and differing patterns of which specifics are hard to make out. The centre of the room is occupied by a massive silver Anvil. You know that beyond this room is a number of bedrooms and a privy, as well as living areas. You also know you have been there, and that you are about to step into the centre of the room, over a large magical circle. Even as you do it, you know that two people will materialise. As you think it, you remember it and see it. The whole thing is rather jarring really. before you you see a small Halfling Man, and an extremely tall Elfish woman. You know them to be Aliastreia and Seaorin Banes. As you think, remember and hear them introduce themselves, you think to yourself how odd everyone’s names seem to be. Its like all their parents wanted them to be special snowflakes, even though they will eventually die and rot to dust even as Patty did. Then it occurs to you that Patty isn’t dead, she stands next to you as the strange pair introduce themselves. They explain about the strangeness of Seraphim’s existence, and the extra strangeness of Jaronhome. Could have told them that before. Still, Seaorin is a nice enough sort. He explains that you will be working with him to create the Hammer. You explain to him that you dont need no help, and he laughs at you. Nothings ever simple nowadays, not even smithing. Slowly it becomes clear that you’re going to have to use some kind of old magic to make the hammer.

“you cant just beat the Hammer into existence Baldrin, you need to smith it out of stone and metal, with words you dont even know yet. You need me”, Seaorin makes a good point.

Its always been a bit of an odd hammer if you were being honest, made out of stone and yet never breaking. As you think about it time within your memory slowly bends, and you see yourself hard at work at the forge. The Words of Creation, as Seaorin calls them do not come easily. Where Endolynn might have picked them up in moments, you find yourself struggling with even the most basic ones. As time speeds up and slows down you note that most of it is spent at the Anvil, as if you were working 16 hours of a day, only resting to eat and sleep. Even as you think it you start to feel the exhaustion in your arms, down to the very core of your being. You smell the acrid stank of precious metals at boiling point, and feel the burns and scratches on your hands. You start to hear the words you are murmuring to yourself, and yet you cannot understand them. In the blurred state of memory you find yourself in, you start to focus on the work itself. You sink into the hammering of the stone. You watch as the stone slowly gives way to new metals, and feel it as you mold the various alloys into the bones of the hammer. You come to understand that this isn’t some chunk of clumsy metal, but a living thing, built to house souls of some of the most powerful beings in the known world. It is a terrifying work you participate in, and yet it is no less gratifying. On the final day as you stare at the results of your labour you feel nothing but pride. Then Patty speaks.

“It isn’t done Yet Baldrin” she whispers, though you would swear she was too far away for you to hear her. Then What she said actually hits you, and its as if cold water is dumped over your head.

“What ye mean it aint done yet. It’s fine, itll do the ticket no problem. I dont like the look in your eye there Patty, and ive never heard you sound so certain of this kind of thing afore”, even as you say it something nags at the back of your head. Patty hasn’t been the same as she was a year ago, and she hasnt since she died. Certainly the truth is she has said things like this before. Things that just don’t mesh with the strong wild lass you know her to be. An yet other times she’s been just as she always has been. Still, the Hammer will be fine.

“It ain’t done yet Baldrin, and you know it”, as she says it she steps forward and reaches for the Hammer, “there’s something that still needs doing”. For whatever reason the look in her eye puts Baldrin on edge. It’s like some weird mix of sadness and longing.

“No, i think its fine”, you can hear the desperation in your voice, but you dont care. Whatever she’s about to do, you ain’t going to let her. You pull the Hammer away. “It’s fine. You dont need to do this. We can get something else, or do something else. There always be options”, your memories hazy, and it feels like you missed part of the conversation. Still she looks at you sadly.

“Ok Baldrin, we’ll do it your way. We’ll do something else”, as she says it she smiles at you. Its her old smile, and for a moment you forget what you were about to say. She’s let it go. So you smile as well and reach out to hug her. As you lose focus she puts her hands out and touches the Hammer. A few words and but a moment of time pass but in that second you know something is wrong.

“What’d you do lass? stop!” Even as you say it you see the light fading from her eyes.

“You’ll be right love,” and with that Patty falls. As she falls, the world falls out from under you. You dont notice the change in the hammer, or anything else around you. The very room disappears. All you see is that final smile she gave you, and then the world begins to shatter. As her body begins to drift apart like a mound of sand, you hear sounds around you. Dimly you recognise in the farthest part of your mind that these people are friends, family even. You dont care. Again, this world takes the most important things. All you want to do is scream and tear it apart. As if from a great distance you hear people saying your name, and you hear your response to them. Something about leaving the room. It sounds calm. Thats so very different to the screaming howls in your head.

Even as the others leave the room all you can hear is your own voice. Things like “its my fault” and “why did i bring her” rattle around in your head. Your aware, vaguely, that you are breaking things. Small things grab your attention, such as the ache from your knuckles splitting against the wall, or your hoarse breathing. Even then though, you continue to berate yourself. “should have left her with the caravan” and “should have sent her back at the first sign of trouble” rattle’s through your skull like the ringing sound of a hammer on an Anvil.

It was your fault she was here.
She shouldn’t have come, you shouldn’t have brought her.
You could have asked your family to look after her.

Your hammer smashes into the molten Adamantine. Your not sure how long you’ve worked this metal, but you’d say its been a week or two. Time has passed, but you still feel empty. Lost, you can only think you’ve moved through the past few days in a lifeless shamble.


more time has passed, and now the Adamantine resembles a suit of armour. Next to it rests the Liches Heart. Even as you look at it you cant help but think thats a stupid name. She shouldn’t be remembered by something that sounds so evil. An look at the Hammer itself. Its pretty, but it doesnt have any of her fire to it. It needed something more. As you started to think on it, your steps took on more life. You started to move about more purposefully. The next few days were spent working the final touches of the Armour, and making one small change to the Hammer. At the very base of the handle, you make a small Inscription.

Sincerest Heart

No where else on the hammer is a name placed. No plaque or memento, so maybe this will help it change its name and possibly its fate too. Still, you feel it needs something more. So out of the Anvil you take a long red piece of silk fabric. Its a deep dark red, just like the colour of Patty’s hair. You tie it at the base of the Hammer head, and let the majority of it hang down the Hilt. As you pick up the Hammer you wrap the Silk around your hand and pull it tight. Then you shut off the Anvil, take your armour out back and begin preparing to travel.

As you start to make preparations within the memory, you become more aware of the space around yourself. You draw yourself away from the journal for a time, and sit. It takes the world a while to stop spinning. As you pick the book back up, you turn to the next page, where there is a final written piece of this particular entry.

So, that’s the tale of the end of my lass an how i dealt with it. At best, i can say it was a death, but ill try to make sure it was worth something. I figure every innocent i save with this hammer is a person Patty would have liked, and that’s about as good as it’ll get. So, ill be off now then Fole, you ’av a good one.

Libris Pious 4

As the light in the room brightens and fades, the shadow of a humanoid with pointed ears stands over the book and a hand stretches out and picks up Libris Pious, it flashes with light as the hand opens up the cover and begins reading before the owner of the hand suddenly speaks ‘So i guess this is how you plan to keep Tabs on me and keep an eye on everything i have been doing hey Sehannine?’ So that you can always remember what i have done or didnt do i guess……..’ the voice trails off as the owner gets to the last pages of the book that currently have writing in them and as he reads, some drops of liquid fall on to the pages……

So after many trials and challenges we have finally got to the Sylph Forge, but not without alot of changes amongst all of us, i learned that i was apparently ‘related’ to Endolynn as well as Baldrinn. Lysander got a humanoid body back, but i dont really want to think about how he did it and what he has done, it makes me shudder a little. After we arrived at the Sylph Forge we found a big magic circle left by Endolynn’s mother Alliastraia and Seaorin Banes, as we activated the circle after exploring the forge, Alliastraia and Seaorin showed up and told us that we had to wait here while Seaorin instructed Baldrinn on how to forge the hammer to make it more potent. We talked to Alliastraia and found out the answers to most of our major questions, like that I am a failure experiment in her mothers crazy plan to get the hammer and that I am made from the femur of Baldric, Baldrinns ancestor and so is Seraphim, but he was the successful one, since he could pick up and carry the hammer. We also learned about this great evil that was the reason i and Seraphim were created, because they needed the hammer. Anyway Baldrinn reforged the hammer but it was apparently missing something to finish its reforging which as it turned out was a soul of some kind and apparently Patty could do it, well you know how well that went down, Baldrinn would have none of it and neither would any of us, we all argued but she was as stubborn as usual and then……………

More tears fall onto the page before the person can finsih reading the rest of the paragraph but he closes the book and look up at the roof of the room he is in and whispers softly ‘Sehannine, why? Why does this have to happen to Baldrinn, he has lost so much already, i know he isnt a worshipper of you so you have no control over what happens that is the Red Foxes domain, but kindly deliver a message to the Red Fox for me, ask him why? Baldrinn has lost his Dad, his Mum, a great deal of friends and family, he lost Patty once then she came back and now this…….. He has lost her again and i fear it may be forever this time. So why him? We have lost a valued member of our group and quite personally i think we are all a little lost at this point, seems appropriate i guess given our name, but right now Sehannine i am vowing this to you, as long as i live and can still draw breathe, as long as this body which you gifted me can still move and function, I will protect all of them to the best of my ability. Baldrinn, Endolynn, Lysander and now Ptraisar the members of the Lost Seekers and i guess my only family. Patty’s sacrifice will not be in vain, and this evil shall be stopped.’

Wiping away the tears on his face the man takes the book and leaves the room, not once looking back………..


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