The Lost Seekers

A quiet night in a town that doesn't even have a name

It’s a quiet night in a town that doesn’t even have a name. There’s four houses, a guard garrison, and a merchant that comes only once a month – and that was two weeks ago.
It’s a quiet autumn night in a hamlet people only call ‘Hamlet’, with the cows and sheep taken indoors to keep them from the cold and wet, and the furlongs of carrots in the fields ripe and bushy. Rain patters down, a murmuring shush-shush.
It’s not a quiet night for the sixth building in this nondescript cluster, however. The Arrow At Rest, a magnificent two-storey inn, is alive on all nights, but especially on nights like this.

Music pours from the inn like liquid, drowning out the water from the sky. Within, a half-orc is responsible for most of the clamour; two halflings gamble with a trio of farmers, a large-hatted wizard mulls over a glass of milk next to a suloise ex-slave Yarwyck, and a trio of elves sit quietly in a private room.

But this night will not be disturbed, for there are five other occupants in this inn. They are:
Baldrin Smithson, son of the great mage-smith Tabren Smithson, and fiancé of Patty Fernland
Endolynn Lindenberg, daughter of the happily-married Aliastrëa and Cassius Lindenberg.
Jarvan Pious, who goes by the name of Jarenhone Moonborn, the childe raised by moonlight and the tender hand of Alistair at the Temple of Heironeous on the river near Swiftwood.
Lysander Woods, who has been sent by his parents Stephanie and Myrrica’an Woods on a diplomatic mission to improve relations between the Dreadwood and the Yeomanry League.
And Viet, the estranged dwarf who has travelled the lands, and found what he saught.

No-one in the inn, nor indeed the whole world, would ever know of what happened to them in the past few months. None except the one other who had been with them, the proprietor of the inn, Lillavida Banes, who with her husband Seaorin, is manning the bar this quiet night.

The gods are silent and benevolent. The cycle has been broken. There is one less evil to threaten the peace.
And so the world is at peace, at least for this particular, uneventful night.

Justice and Death
The Darkness encroaches around a human who sits at a desk, writing rather awkwardley with a pen, like he doesnt seem to quite understand it....

So i guess this will be my final entry in this book, what a long and wierd journey it has been, who would have thought that all those months ago that i would be responsible for helping to save the multiverse, when i met everyone at the Arrow At Rest, we were sort of all shoved together to clean out goblins, and now we are here on another planet in another plane of existence. So many things have happened and I have made so many friends and enemies. Baldrin who has lost so much, but he has become a leader that i would honestly follow into the depths of hell if he said we needed too, he is a capable leader and he does do his best to protect everyone, i love him like a brother. Endolynn has honestly become a pain and she doesn’t trust me, but i still love her even because of that, shes like the little sister i never had, and i know its mostly because i am very vocal about my dislike of what her mother did and i have made some stupid mistakes but regardless, her talent and skill is quite astounding and i am proud of her. Lysander such a quiet boy, he has done so much that we all take for granted, he is like the under appreciated youngest sibling, we give him shit and get antsy at him but we know he means well. This is my family the people i would protect and die for, I am going to make sure that they get home safely. Then their is Lilavida the one who put us all together way back when, she shouldnt be here either and she has always looked out for us and given us safe places to stay. They all need to get home and i will make sure they get there

And then their is Viet, the newest member of our group i dont know what to make of him yet, he seems okay, bit wierd and his obsession with Necromancy is a bit disconcerting but he means well, and as long as he helps us i will help him, in whatever way i can.

All of us are The Lost Seekers, now truly lost with no way of getting home, but we aren’t finished we haven’t given up and Agamemnon is going to rue the day he took our world away from us. This ends in the next couple of days as we head to the final confrontation with him and our last chance to stop him, i dont think any of us are really prepared for this, how do you kill a God Lich? What will happen if we do? I don’t know the answers to these questions but this is my final memoir in this book, unless we win in wich case then i will have to write something i guess, but if we dont, this is goodbye and farewell to whomever reads this, and Thank you for reading through my journey and life!

To the end of the Seekers
... should i really be writing this..

Found in the final pages of a journal dragged across space and time, a final message lies written.

I am not Baldrin Smithson. I am not one of the Smithson family. I am not even of Oerth. I simply have the memories of these people, and an understanding of their fate. They stood at the end of their world. They stood before an entity so monstrous it was able to consume billions of souls in an instant. They stood, with no true hope, against an entity that is consuming the very existence within which we all live. Their courage was enough to prompt that existence’s response. That is what we are. We are not the Seekers, for they died in the last moments of Oerth. I think they would accept us as one of their own though, as we have their memories and it is their actions that allow us to exist. Without the actions of the Seekers and Patricia Fernland, existence as we know it would be snuffed out. Never to exist. A blip. An existential end to everything. They however did act. They worked tirelessly to save their lives and the lives of those they cared about. As such, maybe they will succeed.

Should we overcome the darkness, our entire lifes goal will be accomplished. Brought into this world with the memories of those long dead, we were made to save existence. Should we succeed, no one will remember us. This world will change, as will all others, and we will cease. That is our purpose. To succeed at that which the Seekers could not. That which countless billions could not. We will save existence, and in so doing, cease.

So to you, Ade. I say farewell. Baldric Smithson is my name, i take it as mine in these final moments so i may better see the light of hope. Goodluck to you in all your endeavours, however brief they may be in this blib in time.

The last will and testament of Viet Barvilli

The personal affects of the summunor Viet shall be divined up as such

My Pearls of power shall given to Endolynn

My Spell books shall be given to my old master in why of reconpience for stealing his so many years before.

My Urgosh shall be returned to my Clan in the yYromancy Leaguel They can be found in the dwarven part of the city.

My two rods should be sold to pay for a shrine ti be built in the place that I should finally fall at.

Now as for regards of my body there will be a set of instructions that must be followed to the letter. You will take my body to the The Cauldron of Night with a bag of diamonds and leave it with the priest there.

Than you for honouring these wishes

Viet Bazvilli

The last will and Testament of Jarenhone Moonborn
May the flame of freedom forever burn brightly and true

This folded piece of paper if tucked in the cover of Libris Pious it looks like its also a page that has been ripped out of the books last few pages……

To whom it may concern, if you are reading this then you have found the last will and Testament of Jarenhone Moonborn, Pain in the Ass to Baldrin Smithson and Endolynn Lindenberg. I have no titles or official declarations or anything of note that makes me stand out amongst my fellow party members I am just there in the background to make sure that everything works out, if you are reading this then i have failed and my body lies decaying and rotted somewhere, you are free to take anything you so desire from it for i have no one to whom i can leave my wordly belongings. I have no family and the only friends i have will most likely have died with me in our cause. But if i have died so that our goal has been achieved then they will probably have dragged my corpse with them when they leave or eveything will have fallen into an abyss anyway. Bu anyway all my belongings i deem shall go to someone who has the courage and heart to do what is necessary when the time comes, to do what they must not for glory or adulation or even the respect of their own teammates, to the person who does the right thing so that evil shall not have a chance to win. I took the Crown of Uwess and wore it even though i knew my friends and adventuring companions would hate me for it because it needed to be protected so that evil can not obtain it. I leave Destiny and my armour, which has served me faithfully since i found it in the Sylph Forge to whom so is truly worthy and willing to make the sacrifice that is needed of them when the time comes…………..

Jarnehone Moonborn
Shining Light of the Moon

Catch up and apologies
This seems about right

So i guess its been a while………

Libris Pious sits on its Pedestal, the sheen and shine gone from its cover and pages, but it still flicks open ot what appears to be the last page in the book, the rest having been torn out…..

In this book was my life, both of them but now it resolves down to only one and the choices that have been made in light of that life and whether my decisions ultimately mean anything or whether i will just be another footnote in the pages of history barely worth naming at all, to catch up everyone its best we go back to the time just after the Lost Seekers split up, me and Baldrinn continued back to the Yeomanry to try and set things right, we met some new travelling buddies called Jasmine and Harrison who apparently came from another material plane we also managed to find Thamior again but he had apparently had a major revelation from Pelor and was serving his will. Things were going well til we got back to the town just outside the Smith on The Hill, where that Wizards tower was still standing it was there we lost Harrison to Seraphim and we managed to fight him and win, we even used the command word to ‘shut him down’ but it seemed to just rebirth him as a non-evil version of him self. Baldrinn still wanted to kill him and i couldnt blame him but i couldnt let him just kill Seraphim, so i made the choice to protect him and keep an eye on him. I learnt alot of stuff from Seraphim especially when the gods forsook me and left me by myself to my own devices it was hard but i have moved on. We lost Longspear the Lichlings over ran it and the creation of these wierd golems that went berserk didnt help either it was looking bleak, We also maanged to find out some more information about Agamemnon, that i wish we hadnt, it turns out that Me, Baldrinn or Seraphim could become Agamemnon and it was quite possible that the fact that Endolynns mum Alyastraea having been messing around with things had possibly caused the creation of Agamemnon. Anyway we moved up to Loftwick to try and save the rest of the Yeomanry and to try and stop the Undercraft League. i had also been given one final task from the gods which was to kill Mistress Uwess the current Leader of the Undercraft League and one of the Demonlord Grazzts most powerful and favored servants. Upon arriving at Loftwick it was clear things were not going well so after puzzling our way through everything we ended up in The Castle of Pain, which is Uwess’s layer of the Abyss, we also managed to meet up with an alternate timeline/ material plane Patty where we managed to defeat her but not without losses of our own Thamior fell to her foul demonic grip, we acquired her crown which is apparently the key to her layer of the abyss and we left ending up back in the Yeomanry coming through the Dark Gate. We recovered ourselves for our final push against Agamemnon I went to the gods and offered them Uwwess Crown so that no demon could claim it and they told me that it was my reward for doing what they asked, well i nearly lost it at that point but before i could say anything i awoke and i stared at it before deciding that at the very least i would keep it out of the hands of any demon who came to claim it, so i put it on. We then had to travel through the Sea of Sorrows to reach the Necropolis which we finally did and now we are preparing for our final confrontation with Agamemnon and deciding once and for all wether this world shall live to see the dawn of a new day or fall and be consumed by the darkness.

The last Will and Testament of Baldrin Smithson the Iron Door and Living Will of The Yeomanry League
Patty... why does that say I'm the living will of the League...??

In the event of his death, Baldrin Smithson leaves the following items.

To his Family in the event of his death, Baldrin leaves all he owned, including his journal.

To Ciril Specifically he leaves the magic items on his person, excluding the Hammer. The rest is to be divvied up as the family see fit.

To Xin Li, an honoured companion, Baldrin leaves the Sincerest Heart, The Hammer upon which the World Died. May she do with it as she sees fit, though he thinks she will find it difficult to destroy.

To Patricia Fernland, whether she lives or dies, he leaves his soul.

Finally, he leaves a message for the people of the Yeomanry.

Be proud, keep yer head up, an bow to no single ruler. Yer a democracy for a reason, and let no fool think for a second that ye’d give that up. Be smart. Smart will always get yea further than strong… Though strong ’elps.

Penned and witnessed by the Bard Patricia Fernland, and corroborated by the Leader of the Dreadwood Druids Lysander Woods.

Cynetessa's Farewell
Thoughts from the ditzy sister

“Farewell, Seekers. The Fates have aligned. May they guide you well,”
Those were the last words as I saw them off: the dragon Agralethian, the half-elf Endolynn, the human Baldrin, the dwarf Viet, the celestial Jarenhome, the ‘resurrected’ Patty, and the out-of-towner Gryfalcon. It was a bitter farewell, though I tried to hide it. I do not truly know if they will be okay in the Sea of Sorrows, but I have faith. They have come thus far, after all.
Janda is displeased with me. She does not want to let them go; she is certain that they will die in facing Agamemnon. I am not so sure. They have my sister and Seaorin. They will be fine… right?
Lysander has returned to his people, as their leader Griffith has died. I shall head there soon. It is a long trek back, but I have heard of a wizard from Neverwinter who may be able to help me. First, however, I need to talk to Endolynn’s father, Cassius, and make the trek to the Smith on the Hill and Loftwick.
Why do this, Cynetessa? I can hear you ask already. Why are you parleying with Queen Ceseli and seeking out the Golden Swans? Why have you spoken to Xin Li and convinced her to seek out the last remnants of her order? Why do you send a message to Lillavida to meet you in the Dreadwood? Why do you beseech the gods themselves with prayers and pleas? What is your purpose?
My purpose only has one goal. It has been brought upon me to make an army. The forces of Good must stand against Agamemnon’s rising; we need every asset available to us to survive. The lichlings will hatch, whether we like it or not, and to stop this world from being Eaten by Agamemnon, we must band together and fight.
As I embark upon this journey, I write this to explain what it is that I am doing, why my madness seems so esoteric. Perhaps I shall not succeed and perhaps you shall find my corpse one day, dear reader. I certainly hope not. But this world is ending and we need to fight. I can only pray that my visions are right, and we will succeed. And yet, even more important than my mission is that of the Seekers. My heart is with them, as they shall face far worse than any other. It will take every inch of their will and fortitude to pull through.

Good luck, Seekers. Gods be with you.

Xin Li's Musings
gees, thats rubbish, I aint singing that to no one heh.

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

—>Hmm, must be in a strange mood. This is far too sad to start off the tale of how we killed off Lolth, even with whole planes being wiped out during the tale.. Guess ill sleep and try again tomorrow.

Baldrin's Journal Entry Twenty One
Tis just a list, dont get too excited now...

List of things to do once we have arrived back in the League:

Find Ciril
Remove Ciril from the presence of that crazy nutter ‘empress’
Take Ciril Home

Meet random stranger in the Arrow At Rest

Free my home from nutters, an put it to work solving the Agamemnon problem.

Dont fail again


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