The Lost Seekers

Baldrin's Journal Entry #12
The fall of my Friend

I write this entry not for my own story, but for that of Thamior, a brave elf that fell to the aggression of a brutal enemy. I write as a reminder to myself. Though Thamior may be gone, he also lives on in the body of his enemy, as one resurrected by the power of the forests. I write to stay thankful to those of the trees, that I am still able to travel with a friend. I write to remember that Seraphim must be brought to bear for all the suffering he inflicts.

The final moments of Thamior’s first life are a brutal warning to those that are forced to fight alone. In a small street in Silglen, a building was dropped on Thamior, Endolynn and Lysander. Though it missed Endolynn and Thamior, it buried Lysander beneath its wooden trunk and branches. I, and Jarvan were possibly a hundred paces away, and though we rushed forward to assist our brother, some foul beast with the luck of a devil stood between us and him. Even as we fought the beast, our compatriots were beset by two rogues of disrepute. Thamior and Endolynn fired off spells to try and stave off their attackers, but to little avail. The fiends simply brushed off the waves of fire that Endolynn threw against them, and laughed at Thamior’s beams of cold. As Thamior and Endolynn stumbled about, trying to fend off their calculated attacks, Lysander struggled under the boughs of the fallen tree. The beast before I and Jarvin dodged our attacks, almost seeing them before we’d made them. He feinted and dodged, even using the debris of the tree to put us out of sight of our allies.
The rogues that surrounded Thamior and Endolynn brought unnatural darkness into being on their victims, and used the sounds of their breathing and blinded steps to move around them and put them into a position of fatal weakness. Even as Lysander was struggling out of the fallen building in the form of a black bear, they lifted the darkness and struck Thamior simultaneously. In his dying moments the fiends rended him from the front and back. They drove their shortswords into the soft flesh of his sides, and tore him apart. The last thing that Thamior would have seen was the smiling face of the Tiefling whose body he would soon inhabit.
The final blows to the rogue that struck the fatal wound came from Endolynn. Yet, the damage was done. Thamior was a good man. He was my friend, and though he lives on I mourn the life he has left behind, and wish him luck in his new one. Good luck my friend.

The Stone Hammer's Warning
Listen ye, for i have a warning

Quoted from the aftermath of the battle of the Silglen Trees

After the Battle of the treefolk, Jarvan and Baldrin headed back into the forest city. As they entered, some of the druidfolk gathered around them and followed them to the centre of the city. It is here that Baldrin turned to address them under the eaves of their sacred tree. In a bellow that gained even the attention of those in the boughs above, Baldrin began to speak his mind to the folk that had so frustrated him for the last day and a half, “YE DAFT TREEFOLK BROUGHT THIS ON YE’SELVES. Trusting magic to protect ya, like its some cover all answer. It is’nt enough. It will nev’r be enough. Ye must learn to live without it, or you shall perish because of it. It makes you lazy and foolish, and leads you to wage war by hidin’ in your homes. If for no other reason, you must see the carnage for yourselves, so you can put effort forth to avoiding it. If you sh’ant listen to reason, then use your GOD DAMNABLE wisdom and understand that you will always run out of magic, but your arm can always keep swinging. The man to your side is a far greater ally than some unfathomable mysticism, and you an all of your fellows will be better off not relying on it”

It is said at these words the crowd shuffled nervously, like they were being chastised by their mother. A few moments passed of intolerable silence, and then someone deep in the crowd yelled back, “what would you have us do then, live without it. Its a part of us you mad city dweller, just because you don’t have it doesn’t make it less important to us”

“I’m not saying live without it. I simply want all of ye to treat it as it is. Its a tool, there to be used, and then put down when you’re done with it. No city should try to survive a siege with but a hundred defenders. When your townsfolk come back, set some of them to learn to fight. Set some others to learn how to shoot a bow, and use them to augment your strength. Rely less on magic, and more on sense and you will avoid this damnable mess in the future”.

At that, Bladrin turned his back on the crowd and moved back to the inn he an his party were staying in. Back to his suite, where its said he promptly fell asleep and slept the way that only soldiers in a bed can.

Letter to Cassius #9

Dearest Father,

Once again I am writing from my room in Silglen. Once again, we have been off doing crazy things in the forest. Extra crazy this time, like, I feel like it was a dream and here I am waking up in my comfy, cosy bed and none of that stuff actually happened.

We had to go find the ‘Heart of the Forest’ to destroy whatever was sucking the magical life stuff from the magical tree that was allowing all the druids to do their magical things. Our druid friend knew where it was, and to get there we had to walk around a tree a certain number of times and then climb (well, slide) down a rabbit hole that lead through seemingly thin air through another tree and into a strange place with grass as green as I’ve never seen before. There was a winding path and a huge cliff, and the sound of panpipe music on the wind. We walked down the path, poor Baldrin freaking out over this strange place, and we came across an odd creature mixed between a man and a goat; a faun. He was playing this panpipe and enchanting these men who were fighting. It turns out his music was what was making them fight, and so all I had to do was stop the music… Yeah, if only it was that easy. Unfortunately I had already gotten close to him and after noticing his glaring red eyes, he started to attack us. We got him in the end, and amazingly, I blasted the panpipe out of his hand and stopped the music before we bashed his head in! So, dead faun.

We carried on, going down the winding path, and we next came to a faerie, sitting on a green table. It was quite an unusual sight, that’s for sure. She had the most irritating, high-pitched, creepy voice I had ever heard. She informed us that if we didn’t answer her riddles she would kill us. I must admit, I wasn’t too terrified; she was a pip squeak, about as big as Fae. We got through her first two riddles and then she asked us which one of the foods on the table was not poisonous. We had to eat the right one to be let through, and if we ate the wrong one she “would kill us all”. So Jarvan stepped up and tried one of the foods, I don’t remember which. Alas, it was the wrong one; laced with arsenic, and he was told that if he didn’t leave the magical land (sorry, the “Heart of the Forest”) within six hours he’d be stuck there forever. I picked the grapes, and she seemed very disappointed when she announced that we were allowed to pass. Suddenly, the table turned into a dragon. Yeah. Then the dragon ate the faerie. After we’d already started walking off, thank goodness. This place was weird.

We ventured down the cliff on the winding path and kept going and going until we came to a fork in the road with mysterious signs, both telling us that both paths were the right way to go. More and more signs popped up and were in a language I didn’t understand, but according to Thamior they were both trying to convince us to go their way, and they knew our names! It all relied on me to pick a path as I’m group leader at the moment. I just ended up picking at random, and chose the path on the left. We were travelling and it suddenly got darker and scarier. The paths were muddy, the trees were black and dead and looming… A lady was on the path, running towards us, a milk maid. She said she was running away, that she’d ended up down here accidentally, after she fell through a hole. We brought her along but I was very suspicious. When I asked her if she had seen the other things along the way after she fell through the hole she had no idea what I was talking about. As I warned the others as they kept walking, she changed into this gigantic, beastly looking, woman figure, with giant claws. She was terrifying. Everyone stopped and came back, and after a long and tough battle, we made it through, with an awful feeling… Wolf was dead. She had killed him. I don’t know how Lysander is feeling, he just went very quiet. I’m not really sure what happens now, or if he needs a new pet. I don’t know what would happen if it had been Fae. I don’t think I would have been able to go on.

There was this thick, black tar substance on the path. We made our way around it but it was everywhere. As we got to the tree we were looking for, there were puddles of it lying around on the ground all over the place, but we had made it to the tree, at long last! I’d had enough of this place. We walked closer and there were bones on the ground, and they joined up and became a hydra. After everything we had seen and been through on this journey, I for one did not want to deal with a hydra as well. I was running low on spells, everyone was tired and hurt and I didn’t know how we would get through. For a moment I was actually questioning how we would make it through, if we’d even come out of here alive, or if any of the others, or myself, would be killed. Baldrin and Jarvan were in pain as they fought to keep the hydra at bay. I didn’t know what to do. Thamior and I hung out further back, shooting arrows and hoping to cause it some pain, but it seemed to be resilent, it wouldn’t give up. Every time we hurt it it came back with more anger. I fumbled through my spellbook trying to figure out what I could possibly do, so I cast a grease spell beneath the beast. It slipped, it fell to the ground. I couldn’t believe that I had actually tripped over a hydra. Baldrin and Jarvan jumped at the chance to get it while it was down. We did it, we killed a hydra.

I flew up into the tree while I still had a chance and saw a weird machine thing destroying the tree. I was hesitant about attacking it because I didn’t know if it would retaliate, but I started to ring it’s bark with a knife (yes, the machine was tree shaped), then I set it on fire with some Alchemist’s Fire. Incredible, it fell to the ground and suddenly everything was green again, the magic had returned and the animals and creatures and fauns and faeries of the Heart of the Forest had been returned to their normal state. Lysander had his magic back, and things would go back to normal! But here’s the thing… The tree machine thing that was destroying the magical tree? It had the mark of the Undercraft Guild on it. This was really suspicious… They were either up to something or they had made this HIGHLY specific machine to do a job someone had asked them to do. Curiouser and curiouser…

When we returned to Silglen we found the druids easily fending off the yuan-ti. It was such a sight! Suddenly everything felt safe, things were working out perfectly and the town was being protected. I’m not sure where we will be heading next, or where we went today, or why the Heart of the Forest was so strange, or if we’ll ever go back there again… But I do know that I for one will be a very happy half-elf when we leave the Dreadwood.

I will write again soon.

Love always,

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Letter to Cassius #8

Dear Father,

It has been such a long time since I last wrote, and for that I apologise. I haven’t had a moment to even regain my senses since we arrived at the Dreadwood. Everywhere we turn there are monsters, towns under attack, emotional party members… I write to you from Silglen, where we arrived after being in Valadis, where we fought off some yuan-ti. Just, casually, completely unexpected. We were heading to Valadis after Lysander received a message from another druid. I mean, it was a message of berries and sticks, but apparently it read, “Lysander, help, snakes are killing everyone,” or something of that nature. Hahaha, nature, get it? No, it really wasn’t funny at all. We got to Valadis and had to fight off an army of yuan-ti. But Lysander’s druid friend was okay, and when we left the town he joined us along the journey.

We rested along the way in a clearing in the forest. Nothing of note happened, but we’re getting the hang of doing watches throughout the evening. I have a feeling Baldrin and his lady friend haven’t been focussing too much on the watches, but nothing really happened. Although, we did find Lysander’s doggy! He somehow found us, probably odd druid magic again. I tried to give him a little cuddle but no, growwwwwlllliinnng. He doesn’t like me very much.

When we came up the path to Silglen the next day we saw fires in the distance. Fires everywhere. I personally had no idea what it was, so… We sent Thamior and Lysander up to have a look at what was going on before we ventured any further. They came back and informed us that there a yuan-ti camp all around the town. I took initiative and decided to fly over to give an idea of what was happening and where we could enter the town. I turned myself (and Fae) invisible and flew over. This always seems to bemuse my party members so much. They’ll never fully understand my spells. They seem to think it’s some kind of cool trick. I didn’t estimate however just how long it would take me to get over and back, because by the time I got there I realised I wouldn’t have been able to fly back to the group unless I landed on a yuan-ti spear.

I landed not so gracefully in the middle of a pig farm and scared off some little boy, who brought his mother back, wielding a rolling pin. Some guards came over and they seemed to automatically assume I was the enemy in disguise. They brought me to their leader, who I assume was the mayor of the town. She had a chat with me and she knew who Lysander was and after “verifying” my identity as one of the good guys, she gave me a bed to sleep in. I awoke to find out that the others had safely gotten into the town through a secret entrance, and Baldrin had apparently tried to get back out again… I sighed. Seriously, who walks out into a camp of yuan-ti? It’s like, suicidal. But, he was okay. Everyone was okay. And apparently now we’re heading to the Heart of the Forest. I can’t wait… Hmmm…

I have a feeling there be a few more snakes around, more weird druid magic, which is fading though, because of the yuan-ti attacks. Everyone is worried that Lysander will lose some of his powers as well. But if everything works out we could potentially save everyone in the forest, all of the towns! Which would be something truly wonderful.

I’ll write again soon Daddy, I promise.

Love always,

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Baldrin's Journal Entry #11
if i was a villain, I'd try my hand at being anonymous so i couldn't find me...

[the writing on the following pages is a little untidy, but relatively easy to read. It’s the same handwriting as before, but cramped and uneven, though very different to the drunken scrawl on some of the other pages]

Well Ade, another quick update for you today, since im on watch and have to make sure nothing sneaks up on us. I especially must make sure of that because my pretty little lass is all tuckered out from her last few days of trekking through the woods, and has fallen asleep on our watch. She’s adorable when she sleeps Ade, all curled up in a tight ball next to me. Still, you must be wandering where we are. We be travelling in the Dreadwood Ade, and it be a right horrible place to boot. Full o’ snakes and wild things, and ‘orrible great gorillas that’ll tear yer face off if you aint paying attention. That aint no joke by the way Ade, there really was a giant terrifying gorilla thing. Anyhow, I was busy updating you. So, last I had time to write in me journal, we had just left Longspear, or were planning to. We went to Ceseli’s wedding, and then scarpered as quick as could be. We didn’a want to have to try an talk to her about her mother, or the lies she had been telling. Figured it was her business, and she must have had her reasons. Still, we didn’t want to have to hurt her, or send her to prison, so we left. An when we got back to the Arrow At Rest, the place was a right shambles. Utter mess, wagons everywhere, and not an orphan boy to be seen.

Oh right, I haven’t told you of ‘im yet. Well, he was a lad I hired to bring a message to everyone at the Arrow, but he never arrived. Saddens me a little to be honest, id intended to have him looked after. Oh well, naught to be done about it. Still, The arrow was a hive of activity when we arrived. A right mess, and in all of it was that scaly tit that told Seraphim of my family. Honestly Ade, if I hadn’t been in Lillavida’s home, I would have thrown him out a window an beat him half to death, I was that angry. Still, apparently he knows very little of Seraphim, except that he pays well. Oh, and that Endolynn’s mum knew him. Aye, the lady she be looking for. Spose now im looking for her too. I think the worst thing about this whole irritant is that I have to find some kind of drug for the scaly bastard while I’m in this gods forsaken forest. Gah, just irritates me something fierce.

Apart from that though, very little of importance happened at the Arrow. From there, on our trip to this horrible forest, Jarven made us take a detour. Past a temple for goodness sake. Seriously, religious people need to just stop building so nmany of the damned things. Then I might be more impressed by them. An this one was run by the fattest turd ive ever seen. Seriously Ade, they preach about how they need to help people, and then guys like this work their way up the chain of command and eat themselves stupid. Makes me ruddy angry too. Wow, I have just been frusterated a lot on this trip. Whats worse, apparently theres some guy out there that looks like me. He’s all pleasant to people too eugh. Ill get back to that though, but the important thing to note is he is looking for my hammer. How do I know, because apparently my hammer was made in some forge that’s sacred to heironeous, and so the imposter asked the fat priest about it. Not my hammer though, the forge. I suppose really it’s a good thing he did… well, that and apparently Heironeous is looking out for us too. You see, The god thought it was a great plan to send Jarven a prophetic dream, and that dream sent us to the temple. When we got there, this priest let slip he met me, which led us to looking at some book of nursery rhymes he had, which led to the conclusion we need to find this forge, which just so happens to be in the Dreadwood. Wow, that a mouthful, dare ya to say it three times fast. So, after discovering that, we moved on.

Now, I can’t remember the name of the town we next passed through, but it was another annoying step in our journey. Specifically, my imposter had come through there himself, and he’d been all horrible to everyone, so when we got there they just shunned me. Course, that wasn’t as terrible as the psychotic assassin shooting arrows at us and leaving corpses all over. The arrows hurt too, and knocked us unconscious. So of course, ill probably be in trouble if I return to the League without my imposter proven to exist. Oh yay for horrible people am I right Ade. So yeah, the last few days have been a bit of a trauma for us all round. An now, to top it all off Lysander is acting all strange about the next village, and won’t give us any information about what’s coming. So yeah, im sure thatll be a fun journal entry, hope your excited.

Baldrin, the Framed Hammer

Letter to Cassius #7

Dearest Father,

I feel like I’m going to make you have a stroke one day, because every time I send you a letter I’ve pretty much faced something that’s nearly killed me. Or in this case, nearly turned me into a ghoul, or ate my feet, or nearly burnt me into the ground, or sucked the blood of my friends…

I woke up very early yesterday morning feeling incredibly unwell. I was in a room on my own so I had to drag myself across the floor to where the others were sleeping, to tell them what was happening. I couldn’t move my muscles, they hurt so much. I was covered in a cold sweat and my skin felt so cold and papery. It was horrible, and Baldrin was in much the same condition. The others dragged us to a temple where they healed us, but we spent the day there resting. It turns out it was Ghoul Fever, which we had caught when we were attacked by the ghouls in the thieves’ hideout. We were okay though, and I’m pretty sure we’re still okay now. I hope. Apparently it would have turned us into ghouls if we had gotten any sicker.

After we had rested I went back to the inn to prepare my spells at long last, then I headed off to my temple in Longspear to see if the clerics knew anything about killing vampires. They seemed a little confused about why I wanted the information, but after a small donation, they told me so many things that would later come in very handy. It seemed to me that the only way to truly kill a vampire was to burn it while it was in it’s coffin, and if you hurt it it will go back to it’s coffin to heal. So that was the plan, hurt the vampire, follow it back to it’s coffin and burn it while it’s in there. I reported back to the others with this information. Thamior had been doing some research of his own, so we decided to make some makeshift stakes before we left for the night out of chair legs. We sharpened them pretty well and handed them out to everyone.

It was a very fitting night for a vampire hunt, the Night of the Dead, and we all wore paper mache skull masks while we headed for The Black Cat; a pub where we thought we could get some information on where the vampire might be hiding. That was… a very unsuccessful venture. Baldrin scared everyone in the bar by yelling at them, and the bartender ending up closing up and kicking everyone out. Thamior rescued a lady trapped under a table though, and when we continued walking through the district, we ran into her again and she proved very helpful. I asked her if she had information on where vampires might be living in Longspear, and she pointed us to the old mansion where a vampire apparently lived 200 years ago, but rumours stated that he was dead. My gut told me this was all wrong, he wasn’t dead, and he was the vampire who had lead the Laughers, the one who had tried to kill us, and he was living in that old abandoned house.

We ventured down the path to the house. We knocked on the door, after much trepidation, and a voice welcomed us inside. There he was, at the end of a long dining table, drinking from a bowl of what appeared to be blood. He disappeared upstairs, so we followed, and saw a hug painting above the stairs, with a human arm nailed to it. It was horrifying, and the air was filled with a sickly stench. We followed the smell into a room, and found a man hanging upside down with the blood draining from his body. The sight was horrible, we turned around and went across the hallway into another room. It was a beautiful bedroom, but when Baldrin looked inside with his torch, the room caught alight, and a stream of fire burst out of the doorway and burnt us. It was so very painful, and as we ran down the stairs to escape the now burning house, we came across a plague of rats. There were thousands, tens of thousands. They were everywhere and it felt like there was no escape. We each tried to fend them off with spells and fire and just plain out hitting them, but the only real option was to escape them. We found the door to the basement and quickly ran down the steps before the rats became too much for us to handle. Although, they already were…

We bolted down the steps (Jarvan kind of rolled and fell at the bottom) and came to another door. We ventured inside after healing ourselves; those rats hurt, a lot. It appeared to be an ordinary room, but there was light coming through some holes in one of the walls. Thamior and I pushed a bookshelf aside, much to our own amazement, and found a door hidden behind it. We came into a room with a woman in a chair at the end. It was a woman with red hair, and to our disbelief, it was Auraluna, the murderous woman we had handed over to the City Guard not that long ago. I couldn’t believe it. As we walked up to her she was unresponsive, and after trying to see if she was alive or not, she fell over in her chair. She had two bite marks in her neck; the vampire had gotten to her, and I think she was pretty close to death when Baldrin smashed her head into the stone floor… I like to think he was putting her out of her misery. That’s what I’m going to tell myself, I’m still not really sure why he killed her…

Suddenly Lysander saw this cloud of green gas at the door. The very same green gas the vampire had turned into before, when he had escaped back to Longspear from the theives’ hideout. He reappeared in his vampire form and grabbed Lysander. He was sucking his blood and I freaked out. I couldn’t let this happen, especially now that I could actually see again and may actually be of some use to my party. We knew that we couldn’t kill him directly right now, but the plan was to hurt him enough so that he would go back to his coffin. Thamior provided a few of his weird magical things to put some holes in the vampire, and I blasted a hole in his chest, and, voila, he turned back into a gas. We followed this cloud of gas down a long, long corridor until we heard a howl and were confronted with these odd, skinny, skeletal dog things. They were violent though, and scary. But we knocked them out and out of our way and met a room at the end of the path that seemed very familiar. It was the room where we had found Aurluna’s weird little stone body collection. We were standing there in disbelief. Auraluna’s daughter Ceseli had told us that she had cemented in this room! But no, here it was! I don’t know why she lied to us or why she kept or how Aurluna even got out of the mental asylum. So many questions that remain unanswered… But anyway, he went into the coffin in his creepy was in his creepy cloud of green gas, and I just blasted it with fire. Fire from my hands, and he came out of the coffin, said his famous last words (although I was distracted by him dying) and melted into a puddle on the floor. That was that, he was dead. Apparently. I didn’t believe it at the time of course. I asked Jarvan and Lysander over and over whether or not he was actually dead and he remained in a liquefied form on the stone floor, but apparently it was silly of me to think anything else; he was definitely dead.

We somehow had to get out though. On one end, we had Ceseli’s house. One the other end, we had a burning vampire mansion. I was a bit scared to go up and see Ceseli after discovering that she had had a vampire in her basement, but Baldrin went up through the elevator and went to the house to try and dig through the flaming rubble to get us out, after we ran to the entrance of the basement. Baldrin ran into the house and helped us all get through. Lysander cast a spell that put some of the fire out with water he had created from nothing (!!!) and we ran through to the door. Poor Jarvan though, he was lagging behind and a beam fell on him. Baldrin pulled him out though, and we all stood outside while the house collapsed and burnt to the ground.

So what a night that was. On the vampire Thamior found a strange ruby shaped like a heart that appeared to be burnt. We took it to his strange elven temple (been seeing too many of those lately) and they wanted to buy it from us. I thought this was strange, and suggested we take it to the temple of Wee Jas as it was a ruby. Turns out it wasn’t a coincidence, it was the lost symbol of Wee Jas that the vampire had stolen 200 years ago! I felt like I’d done such a special thing for my goddess. I hope she blesses me in some way in the future. The clerics certainly did; we walked away with a generous reward for finding it, after I embarrassed myself in front of the head priestess…

So now I’m going to collapse into bed and sleep for an eternity, although that never gets to happen, we’re far too busy. I hope you’re well Daddy, give my love to everyone.

Love always.

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Libris Pious 2

As the Book sits on its pedestal a shadow falls over it, suddenly the book flips open to a page showing a burning building and a skull mask in the background, before suddenly….

I woke up to Baldrin and Endolynn moaning and groaning and loooking distinctly worse for wear, me and Lysander both looked them over and i surmised it was more then likely ghoul fever or some sort of disease contracted from those animated corpses in the thieves base. Taking them to the Elfish temple, (without telling Endoylnn what our suspicions were, lest she burst into hysterics like she was prone to doing) Me and Lysander and Thamior got them both fixed up and according to the cleric it was ghoul fever, thank Sehanine Moonbow we got them there in time. Anyway we had a vampire to find and kill but with 2 members down, i couldnt do much and neither could Lysander and Thamior so we all decided to do some information gathering. That evening after we had all met back up again Endolynn and Thamior were saying they had found out information about vampires, including that they could breathe fire….. but we had a lead on how to kill the god forsaken thing, courtesy of Endoylnn, despite her annoying teenager habits and moods, she is very smart and she said that burning the vampire in his coffin would end him permanently., But we had no idea where this bastard was hiding. Eventually we ended up at a nobles inn following a lead from Liam that the owner got his bootleg liquor from the Laughers, but it turns out that was a wild goose chase and that liamk was just trying to cause some trouble for his brother………… After Baldrin had successfully scared everyone out of the establishment we all met back up outside, it was a little tricky to find everyone given everyone was wearing masks because of it being the night of the dead and we all had some skull masks on that Endolynn had bought from the temple of Wee Jas. After meeting up again it turns out Thamior had found us a lead from tlking to some random woman from the pub about how their had been a man living in Longspear some 200 odd years ago who had been accused of being a vampire and he had been ‘killed’ by a mob. We managed to get the address to do some investigating which led us past the Dromdal Manor down a little lane and to the front door of this rather dilapidated old mansion and as we approached…………

We all felt that ominous feeling of foreboding. so we knocked on the front door and then it turns out the door was unlocked so we walked in and found ourselves in a hallway and through one of the doors we found the blood sucker, sitting in a chair with a glass of what looked to be blood next to him. We exchanged words before he dispersed himself into mist and dissappeared upstairs. We followed him and it just got creepy and wierd from there, we found a picture with an actual human hand stuck to it at the top of the stairs. There was an odd smell up here and in one of the 2 end rooms we found the body of the cook from the thieves guild hideout and his hand was missing which explained the painting but in the last room is where it got incredibly interesting, the smell was strongest once we opened that door and i dont know what it was but as Baldrin looked down closely at the floor it caght alight suddenly and their was a massive fireball which i was basically in the direct path of as it burst out of the room, i manged to avoid most of the burst somehow barely but now the top floor was beginning to catch alight we started running back downstairs but as we came down at the foot of the stairs there was thousands of rats and they all started biting us and we could see more coming in from some of the side rooms, deciding that trying to fight through swarms of vicious rats wasnt a good idea or particularily appealing we headed down stairs underneath the main staircase which led to an underground basement. In my haste i tripped and ended up falling down most of the stairs, after everyone was down the bottom and we had made sure no rats were following us we proceeded through the only door into a room where some light seemed to be coming through the wall, Endolynn and Thamior managed to find the secret door behind the bookcase, as we walked in carefully we saw something seemingly move away very quickly from this chair with what appeared to be someone sitting in it, as we got closer the chair fell over and sitting in it was Auraluna Dromdal but she didnt look good, as i took one look at her i told Baldrinn to kill her quickly she was too far gone and would become a vampire spawn if we didnt act quickly, As Baldrinn splattered her head there was a shout behind us and the vampire had grabbed Lysander in some vicious grapple and was attempting to feed on him, after a struggle we managed to get him off Lysander as he dispersed into mist and began fleeing we chased him to find his coffin, but as we chased him 2 flaming hounds appeared in front of us, we managed to slay those hell hounds and continued chasing the mist, until it came into that freaking creepy as basement where Auraluna had been storing those people in her wall of stone. The same room that Cecily had said was filled in and closed up. We waited for the vampires mist to go into the coffin then Endolynn unleashed a burst of flame from her hands and he staggered out on fire saying "i had survived for 200 years before you came along’ before he collapesed into a puddle of liquid goo stuff.

As we celebrated we realized we had a problem, how to get out, we either had a still burning building behind us or a huge amount of debris and rubble or we could try and go out through Cecily’s house and alert her to the fact that we knew she had been lying to us and then making another enemy least of all that her mother had been down here and we had splattered her head to top it off. We decided Baldrin should climb out and sneak through the house and just see about helping us get out from the vampires mansion end. As he climbed out we headed back the way we had come and got back to the stairs that led out of the vampires basement, but the god damn house was still on fire Baldrinn had run back in and helped get eveyone out but as i ran through at the rear one of the roof beams fell down on top of me but Baldrin was still there and he helped me get out barely though.

As Jarvan gets out of the burning building the image slowly fades away and the shadow over the book starts leaving and walking away as the book closes again and flashes with light softly, before beginning to just faintly glow again………

Baldrin's Journal Entry #10
I'm sure all of this will suck more in the future...

Hmm, where did I leave off last I wrote in this diary. I believe it was after recovering from the vampire, but before I grew too sick to write. So, last I left off, we had returned from a debacle where a vampire had attempted to murder us for no better reason than we were there… At least, that’s my story an im going with it. So, over the course of the evening, I began to feel like death incarnate. Amusingly, that’s because I had caught ghoul fever and was slowly becoming some abomination that would shamble around and eat people. Luckily, if I cant sleep, I know something’s wrong. So I bugged the only logical answer, poor little Lysander. To be honest, I’m lucky I bugged anyone at all, I felt terrible an I barely remember much about the whole thing. The same thing happened to Endolynn, so Lysander an the lads took us to a nearby temple and had them fix us. Seriously, vampires cost far too much money for this kind of stuff. We have burnt through so much gold in the last few days due to it trying to eat us and its stupid unholy pets. Gah. Good thing its dead eh.

That’s right, just blew my narrative payload early, but I’m in a bit of a rush so you only get a quick update today Ade. So, after recovering from our illnesses, we all set out to investigate and find this ruddy vampire. From what ive gathered, he was over 200 years old, and a nasty bugger to boot. Endolynn and Thamior spent a rather considerable time searching through libraries and talking to priests to find that out an because of their hardwork we approached the nasty monster with something akin to foreknowledge. An it paid off boobily bubcus for us. I kid you not, we knew we had to kill it, and destroy its coffin. We knew you could stake the ruddy things and itd do something, and that they hated Holy fire. You know what we didn’t know Ade, we didn’t know they could summon hordes of rats, or turn rooms into giant fire death pits. We turned up to the lair of this beast after some not inconsiderable effort (I may have started a panic and terrified many patrons of a swanky up town bar that charges far to much for its ale. However, I reserve the right to point out the owner deserved it) an the sod was waiting for us.
He was eating in his dining room, and when we confronted him he told us he would be waiting upstairs for us. So, daft as your mother Mary we wandered on up there and looked for him. Sure, we searched downstairs first, just in case it was a trap. Saw nothing though, so off we toddled. Checked a few rooms upstairs, an found a random thief drained an hanging from a roof beam. Not a pleasant sight but it could have been worse. Still, the last room we checked was the master bedroom. To us, it made perfect sense he’d be in there. It even smelt funny. Like nothing I’d ever smelt before. As we looked inside, we noticed the floor shiny, like it had something on it.
As I touched the torch to the floor, since I thought it might be some vile critter, it exploded into flames. Next thing I know I’ve stumbled half a dozen steps back to the stairs down and I’m being chased by flames. The heat of it was immense Ade, like some great hell beast was trying to swallow me whole. As we got to the stairs and headed down though, things got worse. The fire was quickly traversing the house, and at the base of the stairs was a swarm of terrible rats. I say swarm, but it was more like a horde. They were crawlin’ about, even crawling on each other. Just thousands of the blighters. An they seemed awfully intent on eating us too. Now, I don’t remember much of what happened next, but it involved lots of smashed walls and falling down stairs. It was all a frantic mess at the time, and not much better now. Still, we managed to escape the fires into the basement of the building. We felt momentarily safe, so we took the time to fix ourselves up.

The basement seemed rather bland, though with a bit of searching we avoided the death trap of doom (cant be sure what it was, as I said we avoided it) and found a secret door. Behind the door, obviously, was a secret room. Within the room was a woman, facing away from the door. Red hair, this woman didn’t move, and seemed almost like some dead thing. Obviously, we assumed it was some other spawn of the vampire lord that had been attacking us, so we approached it slowly. As we got closer, we discovered that it was Auraluna, the psycho that tried to murder anyone she didn’t like by locking them up in stone. Ironically, in her own secret basement. Anyway, she was in a bad way Ade, obviously drained, so close to death you could see the spirit leaving her body. Even as Jarvin tried to help her, it was obvious she was long gone. As I stood watching, I heard Thamior yell out “Vampire” an with that I did what any sane person would. I killed her, before she could kill us. What was I to do Ade, Thamior is a mage of some not inconsiderable power, an I trust his judgement more than mine on matters of the arcane. So, I killed an old lady. Yes we could argue over the semantics of who killed her, but it doesn’t make me feel any more clean about the whole thing. It was a mess, make no mistake. Still, it was one hell of a surprise to turn around and see Lysander stuck in the throes or mortal combat with the vampire we had been hunting.

Apparently, since closing the door had never helped before, Lysander figured that this time he would fight. So, when the vampire lord appeared in the doorway behind us, Lysander stabbed at it with his spear. Obviously, he missed, and the villain grabbed him and tried to drain him. So, in the hubbub we attempted to stab the vampire with a stake, and failed. Truly it was harder than it sounds. Eventually, I just clubbed the thing to death. It seemed to do the trick; so I followed the misty remains of the beast as it left the room. It lead us through a long cave that eventually spilled out into it’s lair. Its lair looked very familiar Ade. It had body shaped holes in the wall, and a table set up with a tea set. It even had an elevator in the corner. That’s right Ade, when Ceseli told me she had filled up the secret basement, she’d been lying. No, instead she’d leased it out to a terrible monster. The coffin was placed into the wall, and as the lord of the night’s misty remains settled into it, Endolynn torched it with her magic. I have never seen a blaze the like in all my life. Massive pillars of flame shot from her hands and wrapped the coffin, and it burst into flames. The beast exploded forth from the casket, burning and melting, and uttered its last words. In all honesty I was more taken up with the burning than what he said, but it boiled down to “how dare you, I’ve survived 200 years” and rounded out with a thud.

After that, we had to escape the basement. Sure, there was a big case of money in the mess, and all sorts of other stuff, but the meat of the story was in getting out alive. See, when we checked upstairs, poor little Barnsworth appeared. Terribly frightened, he thought we were going to burgle him, but he didn’t catch on to who it was. Trouble was, that meant we were stuck in the secret basement, with lots of sacks of gold and too much stuff to easily carry. Certainly too much to climb out of the elevator shaft with. So, we hatched a brilliant plan. I said brilliant, and I’m stickin’ to it. So, I took off all of my heavy gear, packed it up tight and left it with Jarvin, then sent them back to the other manor down the creepy cave. Honestly, I thought id have to dig them out but it turned out houses take longer than twenty minutes to burn down. Well, I know that now, but it didn’t seem feasible to me then. Look, no one said that I was the brightest light of civilisation all the time. Just most of the time. Anyway, while they wandered down the hallway, I had to do all the hard stuff.

Basically, with the lock to the Elevator picked thanks to Endolynn’s skills, I was able to sneak into the manor and then quickly go and dig out my fellows from under the collapsed building. That was the plan anyway. What actually happened was that Barnsworth was waiting for me upstairs. I had my festival mask on, so im sure he doesn’t know who it was, but I may have given the poor lad a bit of a fright that night. Anyway, as he recovered from his terror, I quickly darted out of the house. As I made my way back to the building, thinking id need to dig I collected a shovel from a garden shed on the way. Don’t look like that Ade, I returned it. Anyway, turns out, as you know, that the building was not a pile of rubble. No, it was a flaming inferno of fiery death, which I had to run into because my friends were stuck in it. Well, run into it I did. Well, about two steps. I knocked the door open ok. Then I yelled, and my fellows came up from the stairs, and made their way out. The last of them was Jarvin. Poor Jarvin, he always gets a bad end of a stick. In this case, a big heavy one that fell out of the roof. Big, heavy and flaming. So, with him trapped under the beam, I ran in to help. He was a big lad, so I tossed all of the packs and stuff that he had been carrying out front of the house. After that, he managed to lift the beam off of him a little bit. Apparently, it was heavy. I can see that. So, I hit it with my Hammer. It may have been heavy, but after that it was more like dust. Then we ran out of the building. The building may have collapsed as we left. I may almost have been crushed. I wasn’t though, so it’s ok. Right.

After that, we went back to the Badger and Hare. We slept, and awoke. We all woke early; we had much to do, and a wedding to attend in two days. Aye, a wedding. That one that we inadvertently set up. With the big bad evil guy, and the now we know big bad evil girl. Ironically, Ceseli even tried to contact us. Sent us an orphan with a message to come see her as soon as possible. We bribed him to get lost and not go back. We hope that worked, because honestly there’s too much that could go wrong with seeing her. I mean, she’s scary enough to have a pet vampire, and we could barely kill that. Plus, I like Barnsworth, and don’t particularly want to be responsible for the death of both his mistresses. Sure, she may be trouble. So is Felix, but the world survives him. I know this could all come back to bite us, but I won’t forget Ceseli the vampire tamer, and I won’t let her just wander free for eternity. Still, if we get locked up we won’t be able to help Lillavida, so were giving it a miss. Well go to the wedding, and then leave. That’s what I figured, and everyone agreed with me. So, that’s how it is. Even if this does sound more like I’m trying to convince myself than the imaginary person on the other end of this journal.
So, I’m writing this from the Smith On The Hill. I’ve got a cart full of crafting supplies to take with me, and I’m heading back to Longspear tomorrow to research my hammer an do a bit of shopping. An then, the day after well see Ceseli married and be done with this nonsense. So, to the next time I write you Ade, have a pleasant day.

The Tale of the Long Night

“Now gather around children today we going to delve into the next part of our heros tale” started the old man motioning the children to sit closer to the stump he was using a chair.
“We start with Thamior and his friends a month or so after the terrible night that stole his children though things were looking up for our band of young adventures they had just signed up to travel with the Lady Lillavida Banes and her caravan to the Kingdom of Celene where they would follow the path that her late husband had taken many a year before” The old man begain his tale
“Isn’t Thamior from the Kingdom of Celene Old Master?” Cried one of the elven children
“Yes Child Thamior is from this fair country of ours there are rumours that he is even a Prince of Celene, That he is son to Queen Yolanda” Answer the Old man a small smirk on his face like the knows the true answer to that rumour " Now as I was saying The Lost Seekers had agreed to take the path of Lillavida husband but the rest of her venture could not route as it was one full of danger and risks prefect for the heroes we know them to be but who would guard the caravans? Well I am glad you ask Lillavida wanted our strong adventures main competition to help as well, she wanted the Golden Swans to follow her on the long slow boring route. Knowing that was he only way to help guarantee the safety of the caravans and those they loved travelling with them The Lost Seekers decided that they would go Longspear and recruit The Golden Swans to add in thins magic venture" Continued the Old man

So our heroes returned to Longspear later that night staying the night in there the Inn known as the Rabbit and the Hare. After a brief stop there the gang started to move by foot through to the city of Longspear to the Inn where the Golden swans where staying. As they moved through the busy streets of Longspear a small boy ran up and tried to steal the spell book of Endolyn ." Said the old man weaving the start of this day’s tale.
“Is this Endolyn the Arc mage?” asked a young girl in crowd
“Yes it is Little one” answered the old man
“She is my favourite” Pipped the little girl a massive smile beaming from her face.
“That is good child we all must have our favourite heroes” responded the old man. Continuing his tale the old man told the group of how the heroes chased the boy through the mid summer parade even setting one of the floats on fire.
“Now children it is during this chase that Ser Jarven proved his bravery and courage by jumping from the second story of a building down to the ground floor to try and catch the would be thief” Continued the old man " Once the child was caught he lead our heroes to the group of thieves known as the Laughers, They where the ones trying to steal Endoyln’s spell book"
“Did The Lost Seekers punish the thieves Ser?” asked a small child
“They did youngling” replied the Old man " they went into their base and destroyed them taking one prisoner"
The old man notices the smiles on all the children’s faces and knows he must help them learn that there is difference between punish and bloodthirsty murder as he learned throughout his long life
“But not all of them got out unscathed children The roof fell down on Endolyn and Baldrin during the attack hurting them quiet badly" explained the old man " Once the knew they were safe the Lost Seekers handed in the thief to the City’s guards and retired to there Inn, But as Thamior was un hurt the thought it best to tell the Golden Swans about the offer to join the venture" Finished the old man
“What happened next Master?” Asked the young girl again
“I will tell you in a minute child but first I need a glass of some wine elfish wine.” responded the old man as he got and lead to the children to where a pile of refreshments where being keep.

Letter to Patty #1
biting is such a pansy way to kill people, they should tear at the throat like a dog, far more appropriate.

Uhh, hi lass.

So, I’ve never written anything like this with an actual person on the other end, so bear with me if it rambles all over the place. Still, kinda nice to know that someone’s reading it, in a weird way. So, first things first, before I say anything else. I’m safe as houses, we have recruited the less maimed members of the Golden Swans and are off hunting a vampire tomorrow before we head back to the inn. I know right, you send us off on a quick errand and we get caught up in some grudge match between a vampire rogue guild and Bandabar. Still, it’s the right thing to do, so you know as well as I do that I don’t have much of a choice. The other important thing is I’m sorry for being a bit of a tit for the last few days. I should have been over joyed to have you along with us, but I got distracted by my own selfish thoughts an didna think what that might feel like on your end, so I’m sorry for being a stubborn git. I would be more than happy for you to come with us Seekers as we follow the husband’s trail searching for him. In fact, honestly I’m excited to be spending more time with ya. Not having you around for two weeks sucked all the fun out of travelling, and it’ll be nice to have you with me. Still, we need to buy you some armour, and get you some better equipment, so I’m thinking ill visit the smith before I come back to the Hamlet. If I can’t swing that, we’ll have to convince Lillavida to allow the quick trip, since I need to say goodbye to the family, and I’m sure you’d like the chance to do that too now I think of it. Anyhow, with all of that outta the way, id best tell you about my last couple of days. Honestly, they have been a bit of a mess.

Hmm, where to start…

Ok Ok, it’s a bit of a long arse tale, and it starts when we came into Longspear. It was near dark, so we spent the night at The Badger and Hare before setting off in the morning to find the Swans. Since its new years, we were all kind of hung over when we left, and the rowdy streets didn’t help much. There was a parade and decorations an all sorts. I’m sure you would have loved it, but considering what happened later that day I’m happy you are safe with Lillavida (and that’s also one of the reasons we need to get you a better kit). So, walking through the mess of people, Endolynn has her purse snatched. I didn’t see it, but I heard the sounds she started making after that, and Jarvin told me to run so I did. Turns out we were chasing some runty street kid. Endolynn spent the whole chase freaking out, so much so she shot the kid full of holes. Apparently in her bag was her spellbook. I know, sounds like a dumb reason to maim a kid to me as well but Wizards seem to think it’s perfectly acceptable and who are we to judge. Ok Ok I’m judging, a lot, but I shan’t tell her that. She has a lot of growing up to do just like us an I am not going to assume she’ll go mental until I see it happen. An let’s be honest, if I see it happen, I’ll probably be on the receiving end of it an incapable of stopping it. So, back to the story. We chased this kid up a building, around it, and then he jumped out of a window. Kid snapped his neck on the landing. It was horrible Patty, just terrible. Thankfully Jarvin was there to fix him, which he did and the runty kid is all better now. An Endolynn got her book. Turns out the psycho that attacked the Smith is intent on chasing after me (that’s another point in the “you’re gonna learn to fight and get better kit” box) to get a hold of the hammer. Aye, bad news for him that is. So, we asked the kid nicely where his employers were and he kindly showed us. I may have terrified the bejesus outta him but hey, least I didn’t set him on fire. So, these tits were holed up under a brothel. We showed up, they talked all smug to us an then we clobbered them. Point in our favour I’d say. Although, Endolynn in all her haste did trigger a roof collapsing trap. It’s a special day when you have a few ton of solid brick dropped on you.

All told, that was a bit of a bust of a day. After all was done we sent the last survivor of the ‘Laughers’ (that was the rogue guilds name) to the watch, and I went back to the inn and got drunk. Rolling on the floor drunk in fact. What can I say, I’d just had a literal house dropped on me, it was unpleasant and me lass wasn’t there to pat me head better.

So, when I awoke the next day I had the vague idea that Thamior had gone to recruit the Swans while I was getting drunk. Turns out, he did get to their inn just out of town. He caused a bit of a ruckus while he was there too. Broke some windows, everyone there had a good time all told. They must have, because they never noticed a vampire and his thieves steal into the inn and abduct Thamior and Bandabar. Best guess is they were after Bandabar, but I honestly thought it was this Seraphim git after my party mates. So, the next day after having a roof fall on me, we went looking for Thamior. At the inn we found the other members of the Golden Swans. These guys. I can’t honestly be certain if they even care about each other. When we explained that we thought they had been abducted, these guys reacted not even slightly. From the inn we came back into Longspear, and went to talk to our surviving Laugher. He was a right tit, but lass I’ll tell ya something far more vexing than a recalcitrant prisoner. In all of this writing, I haven’t pointed out how petulant Endolynn has started behaving. Over the course of my interrogation she managed to amuse the prisoner and let him feel powerful, and then when she was removed from the room for doing that she started screeching and banging on the door like a child. Normally I’m not all that fussed by Endolynn’s moods, but she flat out refused to shut up, and the prisoner straight up refused to cooperate after this. Worse yet, while I was attempting to bring Endolynn into line for her folly, the damned fool was exploded in his cell. Aye, you read that right. This Seraphim character popped this guy while no one was looking. Thankfully, before I knocked the guy out(honestly I nearly killed him, but everything else was proving to be less than effective at making him talk) he told us that the ‘Smilers’, a rival gang, had the look of this mess on their hands.

From there the day just got more frustrating. As we were all discussing what to do next, Endolynn just wandered off. She was gone for most of the day. She says she was looking for clues as to where the Smilers were, but she made absolutely no effort to keep in contact with us. When she finally did catch up with the rest of us, her party, she promptly got angry with us for leaving her behind, as if we were her keepers and were supposed to force her to stay with us every time she decided to throw a tantrum. I tell ya Patty, I’ve tried making her see what she’s doin wrong here, But every time I do she decides its someone else’s fault. It’s always jarvin’s fault for not listening, or Lysander’s fault for not speaking up, or my fault for not making them listen to her. Honestly, the only answer to all of this is to have everyone take a deep breath and relax. We all get excited, but we need to rein that in. I truly do see where Endolynn is coming from in all of this, but I tell ya Patty, her tantrums are not helping. At all, and in fact they are straight up startin to make me mad as a stuck goat.

I’m getting off topic here, but I needed to vent at least a little. I know you can’t help me on this, and since the others will never see this letter it won’t help them understand, but that also makes this the safest place for me to air out the only thing really bugging me about the last few days. It’s a bit of a touchy subject though, so I’m going to stop poking it and hope that everyone just chills out. So, on with the story. Our investigations of the day led us to a fella named Felix. As a rule of thumb I don’t much like slime, and this guy is the slimiest. He offered us one bad deal after another to tell us where our friends were. He wanted us to smuggle stuff for him, an if that wasn’t a good option there was always getting a lass we helped earlier this year to marry him or to give him my hammer. At that, I pretty much decided the most appropriate response to this jag off was violence. The problem was my party mates decided that wasn’t the most sensible option. They wanted to try bargaining with this git. An try they did. All sorts of nonsense was thrown around until they decided we could just convince Lillavida to smuggle some bauble and then break it when we had Thamior back. Aye, that’s right. Their plan was to convince our scary boss to help some slimy scum smuggle something, and then to tarnish her honour by smashing it later. Stupid tits. That was honestly the worst plan I could have conceived. I said as much too, but instead of bargaining in another way, this was the option they chose. So, with that in the back of my mind, I positioned myself in the meeting room to make as much of a ruckus as I could. This guy’s guards seemed pretty capable but we could have taken them.
Except I was on my own when I broke Felix’s piano. The only one that stood by me was Jarvin. Thankfully he aint as stubborn as me, and was able to drag us out of the mansions 3rd storey window. Incidentally I promptly fell on me arse which seems like appropriate karma to me. Felix’s guards didn’t pursue us beyond that. Not at all. Actually they are some of the most professional guys I’ve seen in a long time. I’m almost certain they would have just tossed us outside of his manse and let us live if Jarvin hadn’t shoved us out a window, so that’s always pretty cool. Still, we had a simple problem then, and I had a more complicated one.

My party was convinced the best option was to get Lillavida to carry this bauble till we got Thamior an Bandabar back. They were going to follow that path no matter what. I convinced them otherwise. I encouraged us to sell poor Ceseli to the tit on the island. She’s a young up an comer is Ceseli. She wants power, and money. You can see it in her. I imagine it’s because her mother did some pretty terrible things and she wants no one to ever be in control of her again. Still, Felix, scum that he is, presents her with an option she didn’t have before. Marry him, take his money, and move up in the world. That’s the deal we took her, though Endolynn did try to spin it as something else entirely. That wouldn’t have sat right with any of us, so I cleared it up and made us all honest as beggars. We needed her help, and it was an opportunity for her. She accepted, and Felix told us where to find our companions. I refuse to dwell much on this in as much as I can. I told her to send for us if he mistreated her, and I intend to stick to that, but otherwise I’m going to stay out of this business. So, on to the rogues for the final showdown. That’s what we figured it would be anyway.
Boy were we wrong. There hideout was in a small farm outside Longspear, under a broken down windmill. Well, I had learned from my previous misadventure at the hands of the thieves’ guild’s roof. So, I was careful. As a result, Lysander got excited an impatient, and promptly got skewered by a bunch of thieves lying in wait. He just couldn’t wait for us to suss out the door. Figured there wasn’t nothing on the other side worth worrying about and that we’d all look the fool after he ran in. Irony is a pretty sadistic bitch sometimes. Still, Lysander is my friend. So I protected him as best I could and we moved on. We rested for a while in that room, after wed secured it, but eventually we had to move further into this horror pit. It turned out it really was a horror pit. I dunno what kind of thieves’ guild this place once was, but when we went deeper into it we found some seriously messed up shit. Poor Bandabar. There was an insane torturer in this dungeon, and he did some terrible things to Bandabar. The gist of this place though is simple. There were vampires, and they made a bunch of blood fiends, and were drinking people dry. We responded with extreme prejudice in our attempts to free Thamior, and to a certain degree succeeded. Heh, it ended in a fantastic brawl in the middle of a storm though, that was pretty awesome. Well it would have been if the freaking vampire chit hadn’t tried to drain me dry. He bit me twice patty. It was horrid. I’ve never felt such nastiness. The guy was enjoying the taste of me, like I was a juicy strawberry or somethin. We managed to fend off most of his minions and he himself, but then he bugged out as a big ball of floating mist. That’s right, big ball of mist. Freakiest kinda thing I’ve seen in a while. Worse yet, the mist headed right on in to Longspear. According to Jarvin if we don’t break its coffin he’ll get right back up again in a few days. So were off to find him an his home tomorrow. Also Patty, don’t get mad at me but I got a couple of tattoos to remind me of that nastiness with the bite, so I don’t let it happen again.

So, here I am, back in the Badger and Hare, with a very big pint of beer and this letter to you. I’m going to send it with a boy in the morning so hopefully when it finds you I will have killed that forsaken beast an we can all go to bed safe and sound. So, till I see you again my love, wish me luck.

Baldrin Weathering Smithson, the Stone Hammer.

p.s Thamior was fine. Asleep even. Absolutely unharmed though.


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