The Lost Seekers

Baldrin's Journal Entry #5
This ruddy 'urt's

[the following page is speckled with drops of blood, seemingly dropped off of the hand that penned it]

Oh Ade, I dunno what to say. It very well appears that I may be destined to shamble of this mortal coil called life sooner than expected. Well, maybe i’m being overly dramatic, but I’m allowed to be pessimistic when I have a giant piece of barbed bone stickin’ out of my arm. An it ain’t no little splinter mind you, it’s a right big nasty pointed thing stabbed into me right proper and the shit of a thing won’t come out. So, pessimistic though it may be, I sit here, in this god awful sewer writing what may be my last journal entry. By god I hope it isn’t, I really enjoy this life. Well, I’d best give you a bit of context for my suffering.

Having discovered since my last drunken entry that I had been gone from my fellow adventurers for barely a day, I proceeded to pass out. I was, if you cannot tell, in the middle of a mad romp of celebration with both Vivi, Endolyn and many others (not like that you cheeky buggah). The next day was a bit of a blur all told but it boils down to something like this. Hung over, me and Endolyn searched for Jarvin and Lysander. During our search we visited Ceseli to check she was doing alright (she was) and then stopped at a bar where I proceeded to cuss the establishment out for being overly expensive. The bar tender was rather boisterous, and I won’t be ashamed to admit he was better than me at boxing. From there, we found the lads, and proceeded to get some work from Isben for the Undercraft league. While at Isbens, we met one of the Golden swans, a lad named bandanna or some such. He was a lovely chap, and invited us to the Swan’s inn for a party that evening to meet and greet the rest of them. Before we went to the party, we attempted to perform the League’s task.

That task boiled down to clearing a warehouse of a bunch of fidgety twitchy spiders the size of small bears. An after the little bear sized spiders, came a rather large bear sized spider. Nasty business, but it ended well. While in the warehouse we found a dirty great big hole that led to what we can now assume is the sewers. We decided we’d tackle the hole the day after, which would be today, and yes, I be writing this in the ruddy sewers with not only a nasty piece of bone in me arm but a bloody great headache. The golden swans are a right laugh, and at least if i’m to die today ill have had a great night partying first. So, ill finish this entry up later… or ill leave it unfinished as I die a horrible death….. one or the other.

Letter to Alistair #1

Dearest Alistair,

The last couple of days have been a bit crazy. After we dealt with that Auraluna woman, we celebrated. Well, Baldrin and I celebrated. We pulled a woman from the wall of stone Auraluna had put together, Vivi, an actress, and so we spent the night at her abode. Let’s just say I don’t remember an awful lot. Many glasses of elven wine were involved, and Baldrin coming up with the “brilliant” idea of rebuilding and renovating Auraluna’s mansion. We woke up very hungover, very sick, at around noon, with no idea where our other party members were. Probably doing something much more productive. Nevertheless, we decided to pay Ceseli a visit, to make sure she was okay. I mean, her mother was crazy and we just recovered her husband’s body. She was bound to be feeling a little down. She rejected our offer of helping her with the house, so I ran out and bought her an obsidian looking necklace for 50 freegold and tied a pretty ribbon around it. I’m not sure she actually liked the necklace herself, but I think she appreciated the sentiment. I think she was just very confused about why we were thanking her, or attempting to make up for what happened to her. Either way, she quite adamantly said she was fine and was coping, so we eventually left.

We were walking through town and Baldrin decided he wanted yet another beer (still recovering from the night before mind you), and so we popped into a tavern in the noble part of town. After claiming the bartender was charging too much for a drink, we ended up in a fight in the street. Baldrin just kept going, so did the bartender. I just shook my head and turned his hair blue. I guess I just have a strange way of dealing with unnecessary conflict. Because that’s what it was, UNNECESSARY. Anyway… It was all very interesting. We were both feeling pretty sick, and wanted to enjoy the fresh air, so we walked over to the nearest park and lay on the grass until a wolf came running past with a wooden hand. Yes, it was Lysander’s pet. We had found the other half of our party, hurrah! The wooden hand? Well, we didn’t ask any questions and promptly left the hand and the park and headed off to see Isben.

At Isben’s, we met a member of The Golden Swans, Bandabar Thoak, at long last. He invited us to join his party for a literal party at their inn. Yes, they own their own inn. We then spoke to Deangelo Knight, who hired us to deal with a “spider infestation” in a warehouse The Undercraft League wanted to use for a job. We headed off to the warehouse to scope out the problem, and not only did we come across some smaller spiders, but a gigantic one as well. This spider was huge, and could fire web that was incredibly tough. I’ve never seen anything like it. Eventually we knocked it dead and found the previous “spider hunters” tangled in web cocoons. We set them free and found a big tunnel like hole in the middle of the floor. It was stone, like someone had created it and it lead somewhere, but we decided to leave it for the next day, and went off to meet the rest of The Golden Swans and enjoy the night.

We met The Golden Swans at their inn and started drinking nearly as soon we got there. Liam, the bartender from The Badger and Hare had been hired for the night, and it was nice to see a familiar face, and he’s a fantastic bartender, and such an entertaining man… Man, woman… Woman… I’m still not entirely sure. But, a well deserved glass or two, or three, or four, of delicious elven wine and I had acquainted myself quite well with the other members of their party; Ptias, Haylee and her brother Jeremy. The night went on, and from what I remember, Ptias is quite a kleptomaniac, Bandabar does not mind dancing on tables without any clothing, and Jarvan doesn’t mind a drink or two. We woke to a delicious fried breakfast and are off to deal with the tunnel in the warehouse, but first, here I am writing this letter to you.

Alistair, it has been so long we last saw each other. I left to continue my training at the Hold of the Sea Princes months ago, nearly a year, and since them I have moved back into Yeomanry and we have not been in physical contact with each other. I would like to meet you and talk. I think we need to talk about us and what the future holds, what my future holds. We will be returning to The Arrow at Rest in a few days. If you could make the journey, I would really appreciate seeing you. It has been far too long.

Missing you all back home, give my love to my father.

Endolynn signature

Baldrin's Journal Entry #4

[the writing on the following pages is cramped and squished together, with many blots and smears of ink. The entry itself is barely decipherable, as if whoever wrote the entry had been drunk at the time. What follows is your interpretation of what was written, and you aren’t even sure its correct]

Forgive me Ade for it has been a while since I wrote in my diary. I have been busy making merry with a lovely flower I met some nights ago… come to think of it, i’m not sure what day it is. Maybe I should seek out the others and make sure I haven’t missed my appointment at Lillavidas.
As I was saying, I met a girl. Her name is Vivi and I have decided that she is one of the loveliest people ive ever seen… I mean, she has a wonderful personality and a stylish sense of dress. She’s no Patty, but she’s still quite fine. [a large drop of ink obscures the next few words] and that’s the sort of amazing thing she can do Ade. Oh, sorry I got excited and spilt my ink. Her writing table is rather cramped and uncomfortable. Anyway, where were we in the adventures within Longspear.

Oh yes, the dinner party. Rich people Ade, rich people are mad insensitive scum. I tell ya, Auraluna’s daughter is lovely, and yet her insane mother was pushing this ugly git onto her because of his money. An he was such an arse, about everything. I very nearly broke him into pieces, and i’m pretty sure I cracked his leg when no one was lookin. Heh, that’ll serve ’im.

Anyway, that there party made it clear to me that Auraluna was nuts. I mean, her dogs barked at random stuff, and she ate bizarre veggie food, and it was all very strange and foreign. I much prefer the Drunken Smith, less gits.

At the end of the evening, the mad bitch insisted only one of us was to stand guard in her house. For someone as scared as her, she was awfully stupid about security. So poor Endolyn drew the short straw on that, and was forced to spend what I understand to be an incredibly unpleasant night with the [a splash of ink covers the page here, as if someone sneezed it all over the page] and she complained of such noises. Anyway, Lysander Woods, being the wild man he is, decided it would be a good plan to spend the night watching the house, in case Endolyn needed a hand. Poor boy, I think we made him quite uncomfortable the other night, so ive decided to let him be. Each man deals with their own impending fate differently, and I see no reason to force my life view on another.

Speaking of life view, Paladins need a head check. I mean no disrespect but if Jarvin is anything to go by they’re all mad as cut snakes. I spent half the night with him following the missing rich guy, ’s trail, only to end up at a brothel. Not a strange place, and the wench at the door was easy to talk to, though not much to look at compared to other joygirls. I tell ya Ade, last I was in Longspear I met this one whore that could talk a bent stick straight if ya get me drift. She was amazing. Not the greatest looks on her, but it didn’t matter, she was just a wonder of a person. Pity she had to make her way as a whore, but that’s life I s’pose. Anyhow, Jarvin is mad. He wouldn’t come into the brothel, and then he changed his mind. Then he changed his mind half a dozen more times through the course of our discussions in the brothel, it was bizarre. Eventually, we ran out of questions, and got nowhere for the evening, but I did learn that the crazy man is married and seems to be having some trouble with his lass. I have no idea if that’s a good thing or not, but I just cant imagine a child of a pair of righteous folk to be anything but trouble.

Well, the evening was relatively uneventful all round, but the next day had its fair share of interesting. Endolyn had found blood in a dumbwaiter in the manor of our patroness during the evening. This worried us, so we set a plan in motion to find out what was going on. It was rather complicated all round, involving lockpicks, doors, secret elevators and a half dozen distractions, so Ill just keep the tale simple by talkin about my part in it. While the rest of the party were playing with a secret elevator, I was sent up stairs to distract Ceseli. We talked about Baldric while I was up there, and I learnt a new tale about him where he was in a cavern in the Underdark. Apparently while he was there he fought an army of Drow on a lake. Quite an interesting tale if you ask me. Unfortunately after a while me and Ceseli ran out of things to say (and I may have been a bit untactful Ade) and I had to lock her in her room. I must go check on her soon, and make sure she hasn’t gone mad.

Uh but I skip ahead again Ade. I haven’t actually talked about the execution of our plan. So, while I was distracting the young girl my fellows broke into the manor’s secret elevator. Guess where it led Ade, it led to a secret basement. I might make a habit of avoiding secret basements in future, twas a rather nasty place and I’ve never heard a tale involving a secret basement and good thing before. I mean come on, would it hurt the bad guys to mix it up once in a while. Put all the evil stuff in the creepy mansion and fill the secret dungeon with Candy, unicorns and comfy chairs. really, just once it’d be nice if the looneys werent so ruddy secret about being loony.

Anyway, when they opened the door to this secret dungeon room, they were greeted by a great ugly two headed dog that looked as if it had dug itself out of its own grave. By the time I got down the shaft (I got distracted checking one of the locked rooms upstairs and checking on Aura crazy bird) it had already mauled jarvin half to death and was turning its attention to the poor lad Lysander. Endolyn was lucky enough to get back up the shaft before the dog got to her. I say lucky because it looked as if it would have torn her in twain. Anyway, a few tense moments later and the beast lay with its skull broken in. Yet, what lay beyond it was far worse. The crazy bird had been locking people she didn’t like in stone, and leaving them there to starve to death. There were so many faces, even Ceseli’s husband for crying out loud. Lysander was smart enough to fetch help, and we had Jarvin back to form in moments. We quickly retrieved the folk left alive in the stone (one of which was the rich twat we had been looking for) and had them fixed up by the cleric that Lysander had fetched. Boy was she a roight cow though. Cold, austere, and a coward to boot. She scarpered as soon as she’d fixed everyone, like there was a ghost chasing her, and she wouldn’t even help us with the crazy bird upstairs.

Speaking of which, she’d adopted and trained someone to kill people. That’s right, the cripple with too big a mouth, had raised a crazy child to kill people. An then she sent him forth. He was the serial killer that had been plaguing the city. We solved half a dozen jobs, all in one day. Obviously the fight was a bit bland, what with it involving a dog that liked Lysander, a mad serial killer and his crippled mistress. Still, I did discover that Endolyn has quite a mean streak. She set the mad bitch on fire, it was quite brutal all round. Wont be messin with her anytime soon…

_[the rest of the entry is covered in Ink, like someone had knocked a bottle of it onto the page and then slept in it] _

Baldrin's Journal #3

Oh bloody ‘ell. What is wrong with some people? No joke, on our way to Longspear from Lillavida’s inn, some bunch of right twats tried to rob us. I kid you not Ade, there I am with a 7 foot tall hammer, with a head as big as a very healthy toddler, and some right bunch o’ gits thinks they’re gonna be able to rob us. Bloody morons. Hell, they was so stupid their boss had me walk up to him. For real, he had me walk up to his face and then had the nerve to try an stab me, and THEN he looked all flabbergasted when I proceeded to render his arm into a messy pulpy piece of mincemeat. You’d think ‘e was roight bloind, you would. Well, other than that we made it to Longspear right as rain. An’ I found a fantastic new haunt here too, called the Badger an’ Hare. Just ‘round the corner from the Smiths’ and run by this raucous bloke called Liam. He’s a right laugh is Liam, bit balmy though.

Oh an’ Ade, never hang out with the nobility of Longspear. Seriously, they are as loony as a bunch of cut snakes with about as much reason as my sister after one of her ruddy experiments blows up in ‘er face. Just don’t do it. We of course have been looking for work here in Longspear; Looking for a bit o’ extra gold to pad out the old jingle sack on our belts as it were. So we went to the law, and we ask all nice how we can help, for the gold and the right to wear armour (because bugger that ‘ole “get stabbed because of local custom” lark) and the buggers send us on a babysitting run for one of the creepiest people you will ever meet. No joke, this ol’ bat by the name of Auraluna Dromdal looks as old as bedrock, and I swear she’s ‘ad her face steamed and then rolled flat by a baker’s rolling pin.

An’ to add insult to injury, some bunch of jumped up tits ‘as been stealing all the work in Longspear. Some wankers calling themselves The Golden Swans or some such trollop. Really, here we are asking Isben for some extra work, an the best ee’s got for us is lookin up a tree for some rich nutter’s cat. Bloomin’ ‘ell! So I tell ’im, I say “you’ve got to give us sometin’ better”. An now were workin at ‘alf the rate to find some other rich fobs husband, just to try an do it afore those golden twits. That’s the best ‘ee’s got, a lost kitteh and a freakin adulterer. Its just so friggin barmy here Ade. I mean, I loved Longspear last I was ‘ere, but I never met any of these rich loonies. They’re right nutters. Take this Auraluna chit. She’s like some kinda spooky psycho killer, and I swear she has people meat in ‘er basement (don’t ask how I had to find that out. Suffice to say I’ll be rinsing my mouth out for weeks, an i’ll be eating veggies for a little while). Point is, the creepy old bat is just bad news, an I can just sense something bad going down this evening. Eugh, rich people Ade, they’re all Bloody bonkers.

Anyway, i’ll leave it ere for the time being, got a bunch of rich tits to guard for the even’n eugh.

Jarvans Journal and Case Notes

The writing in this journal seems to be rather shaky as though written by a quivering hand

Okay, so my first lot of case notes and Journal entry for this journey, I just hope i can control my ‘shakes’ long enough to maintain legibility. It has been an interesting adventure so far, after we solved all the issues at Lilavida‘s Inn we all (we meaning my new travelling companions, The charming Miss Endolynn, The Mighty Baldrin and the contemplative Lysander) set off for Longspear, given our recent success at Lilavida’s we had decided to adventure together for a while and we even had a party name already, ‘The Lost Seekers’. As we followed the road we came across a ‘Toll booth’ run by some rather unsavoury types who were quite obviously just there to swindle money out of the honest hardworking farmer folk, they had no papers or authority to be doing what they were doing so ‘cleaned up the road’, much to my disdain one of them got away, but we managed to apprehend their leader and one of his associates, we recovered all the items they had stolen from various travellers and upon handing in the 2 vagabonds to some of the militia at one of the garrisons were told we could keep what we had recovered as the reward for apprehending the criminals. After that our journey to Longspear was uneventful, I hurt the poor Lady Endolynn’s feelings and i must remember to make it up to her. After getting into Longspear shortly after nightfall, we needed to find somewhere to stay the night, Endolynn led us to charming and thoroughly amusing little Inn called ‘The Badger and Hare’, run by a ‘woman’ called Liam. After a rather fun night relaxing and trying to get the young Lysander with a woman, The next day we each went off to do our seperate things, I had to go visit the Temple of Heironeous here in Longspear to finish my original quest. Upon arriving at the temple and being ushered in front of Patriarch Torcrider, I was told I was to finally be inducted as a Paladin of Heironeous, but as the initiation began a ‘man’ and I use the term man loosely stopped it and said that my destiny lay elsewhere, he would have dearly loved for me to be one of his but it wasn’t meant to be. He told me to go to this place called ‘The Bald Cat’ I cant rightly remember it seems almost like a dream and he gave me a key. Suddenly i’m back in front og Patriarch Torcrider and the ‘man’ is gone. As Patriarch Torcrider is about to finish knighting me i get up swiftly saying that i cant follow through with this and that Heironeous had told me my destiny lay elsewhere. I rush out of the temple and follow the directions ending up outside some rather rundown old buildings going in i proceed to the door as instructed and go in, sitting inside the room is Marius, the Elf Paladin from The Arrow At Rest. He doesnt seem surprised to see me and asks me again if i wanted to become a Paladin of Sehanine Moonbow, since my own god had told me to come here, i was about to accept when i heard a familiar female voice behind me and i cringed.

the words at this point became more shaky and nearly illegible and there are smudges on the parchment as though a liquid had fallen on the words

It was Amelia and she had ‘MY’ sword the one i had entrusted to her care, she just looked at me and at my hand as it hovered over the blade Marius had offered to me before holding out ‘MY’ sword, ’That’s not the sword you want Jarvan’ she said. As the choice lay before me i knew one way or another that something bad would happen no matter my decision, As i picked up Marius’ i looked at her sadly and my heart broke as i saw the look of betrayal on her face. Heironeous has pointed me on this path i began to say but she left taking ‘MY’ sword with her. As i turned back to Marius, he explained that as atonement for my rather brutal handling of the wizard Thalassoss i was not permitted to enter any temples of any other gods besides the elvish Pantheon unless i was going to purge the Blasphemers. Accepting this and everything else i have now become a Paladin of Sehanine Moonbow. I don’t know how I’m ever going to sort things out with Amelia but i decided that trying to find her right now and sort it out would probably just make the situation worse so I decided to find my new friends and see if they had found any work for us to do. I wont bore anyone else with the boring details of what transpired afterwards but in summary, upon returning to ‘The Badger and Hare’ Liam tried to hit on me, i politely rebuffed him and found my friends, Baldrin and Lysander had indeed been successful in finding us some work which was enough to warrant us getting the papers we needed that allowed us to travel armed and armoured while inside Longspear, before we headed off to that job we headed over to ‘Courtly Affairs’ to see Isben Courtly as instructed to by Lilavida. He said there was no other work at the moment ‘cause another adventuring group had recently taken on and cleaned up most of the jobs in the city, They were called ’The Golden Swans’. We got a couple of other jobs though thankfully, one was to find a young lady’s missing Cat, this is detailed more thoroughly in Case notes 1 and the other job being to find a missing husband, a man called Carl Chartheim this is detailed in case notes 2. so with these and in addition to our task from the City watch to which was to provide some security to an old Noble lady by the name of Auraluna Dromdal, this is detailed more in Case notes 3. I will leave it there for now for any soul interested in reading about what happened please find the associated case notes.

Jarvan, Paladin of Sehanine Moonbow.


This job was by far the most pointless, I mean I know as a Paladin I should be helping people but finding some Noble lady’s lost Kitten seems like a fairly big waste of time but it was still a job and Baldrin sent Endolynn off to find out what she could. By all reports the first meeting with Cecelia Guesenholt was just useful in finding out what the cat looked like and that it had a rather distinctive and valuable looking collar, which served to put into our minds that the cat had probably gotten out and some low-life had found it and killed it and taken the collar. But our investigations are still ongoing at this point we still have some hope for finishing this job successfully.


Me and Lysander were assigned to finding out any information we could about this job before we went over to the main job which Baldrin was scoping out for everyone in the meantime. At the Chartheim’s Manor we met the wife of the missing man and were given a description as well as a scarf, upon giving the scarf to Lysander’s dog to track and follow the scent. We had some luck with this it led us to a brothel in a far seedier part of town then we expected to find even a minor noble dalliancing in, after we made our investigations briefly we ascertained that at this point in time Cole was not there so we headed on to the Dromdal Manor for the main job.


Now this was an interesting place to put it lightly not only was the air of this Manor oppressive, there was a grave in their yard….. A GRAVE! But who am I to judge on this it could be a family tradition but needless to say it spooked me out and I could tell all of my friends were just as unnerved by this place as I was but it was Auraluna that was the most unnerving, an 80 something year old lady who seemed to be desperately trying to hold on to her youth and good looks, a massive shock of brilliant red hair on her head and a face that seems to have had something done to it to help remove wrinkles. She was wheelchair bound and seemed to be escorted by her Daughter a young lady by the name of Ceceli. Auraluna also had 2 dogs with her one was a harmless enough looking lap dog and the other was this bloody great big Mastiff that looked like if we tried anything or did anything we weren’t supposed to do it would rip our arms off and enjoy doing it. After introducing ourselves to her we were told we could go anywhere in the manor that wasn’t locked and as long as we were doing our job and didn’t wreck anything. After I followed Ceceli and tried to question her but she seemed to be scared of something and couldn’t offer up a lot of useful information but I did notice several bruises on her upper arm. Upon looking around on the upper floor with Endolynn I utilised one of my more useful paladin abilities to detect if their was any evil in the immediate area not surprisingly the room where we believed Auraluna to be at that moment came back as having a rather moderate aura of evil about it. Baldrin’s examination of the basement turned up some rather interesting meat, which bears further investigation suffice to say I will not be partaking of any meat dishes while here. There was to be a party that night and Auraluna had reluctantly agreed to let us partake so that we could perform our job of protecting her manor and herself and all of her guests, so we shall see what comes of that.

That ends all of my current case notes until such time as more information comes to light.

Chapter II: Secrets Locked in Longspear
There's a week 'till Lillavida's sources arrive; why not find some work in the big city?

Chapter ii
There is a whole week until Lillavida’s merchant caravans and information sources come in, but Lillavida knows someone who may well be useful in passing the time. The day after the goblins were defeated and the treacherous Lucien Pickheart and Mendon Tealeaf ‘unmasked’, the proprietor of The Arrow At Rest has made a proposition to you: to visit an old friend of hers Isben Courtly, an ageing Oeridian with a business called ‘Courtly Affairs’ over in Longspear.

This business specialises in oddball jobs; errands, guard duty, tomb raiding; you name it, Isben offers it. Lillavida believes that you may well find something useful to do there other than just pass the time over at The Arrow At Rest.

With Baldrin having ‘repaid’ his debts and all the other guests of the inn left, there isn’t much else left for you to do except see what work you can get nearby.

Baldrin's Journal #2

Well Ade, seems I may ‘ave bin a mite mistaken with my suspicions last I wrote. Ya see, we went into the goblin tunnels, but it was all unrelated. That’s right, the convenient timing was all a fluke, and the blasted culprits nearly got away with murder couse’a me foolish suspicions. So, in the tunnels we were, and the little goblin things were ambushing us every few metres, the nasty blighters are right sneaky. We had to wade through the bodies just to reach the final confrontation with Tetzak. Aye, you read that right, ‘is name was Tetzak. Goblins are right weird. Eventually after killing a horde of the dirty little blighters to get to ‘im, only to then have to then chase after ‘im as ee turned RUDDY INVISIBLE, we finally cornered him in a little cage made o’ bones. The git locked ‘imself in, and when I tried to talk to ‘im, HE BLOODY WELL STABBED ME.

I was so angry. Here we are in this ruddy dirty little cave, and these little blighters won’t stop trying to kill us. I mean for crying out loud, I had no real intention of killin’ them in the first place, I just wanted to scare ‘em off, but nooo, they have to go freaking out at every turn and starting a mess. An that ruddy git Yarwyck wasn’t helping, he kept startin shit all o’ his own. I tell ya, we should’na brought im with us, it was a mistake, an it prolly cost ‘im his life. Ya see, in all the slaughterin an nearly dying as we fought Tetzak, he disappeared. Looks like ee got knocked out an dragged through a cave in or some such. We found an enchanted axe while we looked for him. It seemed to glow at the presence of elves so I’m thinking there be some nasty little elf folk down there.

O HEY [at this point there’s a massive blot of ink on the page, as if someone jumped while near the table] That’s it ain’t it Ade. Ya see, we did eventually find out who killed the Evansiel Chit. I mean, I lost my temper with Tetzak an killed ‘im, but we did get outta the cave, an in time to catch everyone at the inn before they left too. An then I accused Mary, that cute human barmaid, an I did it nice’n public too. See, I didn’t know who’d dun it, so I figured if it was her, shed try to escape. An if it was someone else, then maybe they’d react or try to leave. I was kinda winging it though; my execution wasn’t perfect, but then, that’s why we have pals with us ain’t it Ade. So anyways, While I was sittin in the common room waitin’ for sometin to ‘appen, Endolyn got caught in some spell by the little hobbit bastards as they tried to escape.

In the aftermath she told me how Mary had spent an evening with Menden, or had thought she had; she was unconscious see, drugged even. So Endolyn went to talk to Menden, to convince ‘im to talk to me to convince me it wasn’t Mary. ‘Cept, it was Menden an that other little git, so when she found them, they freaked out an Menden started playin’ some stupid song that made Endolyn freeze up. Except that Jarvin; that fella with the righteousness out to wazzoo, he heard it an went runnin’ to find out. An that was all the cue I needed.

By the end of the mess, Menden was part of the inn wall, an that other turd Lucien was just as dead, and we found all these bits o evidence an such in their travellin’ chests. An see, this is where Yarwyck disappearing is important. The little turds prayed to some psycho elf god chit called Lolth or some such, an according to Endolyn, she’s the goddess of the drow folk, which are psycho dark elf people that live in caves. Which would suggest to me that these folks sent the goblins raging into town? Hell, they prolly didn’t even know the elves wanted them too; they’re too stupid to get that. An that’s why the goblins were so convenient in the timing of their attack. Plus, the hobbits prolly enjoyed killin’ the goblins, I mean its obvious from the axe that the drow elves an the goblin folk aren’t friends. So there ya go Ade, I wasn’t too far off the mark. An on a side note, I did make it up to Mary, I made it up to ‘er all night long ;D
Baldrin, member of the Lost Seekers

p.s oh yeah Ade, we gots a name for ourselves now. We are the Party of The Lost Seekers. Nice ring to it eh.

Letter to Cassius #1

To my loving Father,

Finally, I find the time to sit and write to you again. I thought I’d best update you on what has been happening since I last wrote, when I first arrived at The Arrow at Rest.

After Evansiel’s passing and a little bit of searching and suspecting, we set out to follow the goblins who had terrorised the town the night before. As it turned out, they had a very long tunnel dug from the basement of the inn to their hideout. Lillavida, the halfling bartender I mentioned last time, had hired us to not only deal with finding Evansiel’s murderer, but to save the inn from these goblins. Admittedly, I didn’t feel entirely confident going down into the dungeon. As much as I desire to go out adventuring and facing the world, I’m still not sure if I’m strong enough to fight what we may come across, but fortunately we made it out relatively unscathed.

We crawled through the tunnel for about an hour before we found a room with a hole dug out in front of the exit, leading to the next section. A hole? Really? What a trap. Although I suppose to those lacking as much intelligence as some as us, it seemed like a good idea. We made it around (or through) this “trap” and through to the next room, large with a river running through the middle, where we successfully managed to defeat a group of goblins who had barricaded themselves behind tables. Baldrin threw a lantern which started a fire, hurting some of the goblins but… It was a fire. Lysander, a druid, cast an unusual spell forming a mass of weeds and branches to come out of the ground and entangle anyone in that area. Thankfully none of us were caught in the brambles, but a goblin was. In the end, there were three of the monsters left, obviously feeling quite terrified of our group at this point. Jarvan made the decision to tie two of them up. Baldrin was apparently quite intimidating, and we got some information from them about their leader, and so we ventured further into the caverns.

We were soon ambushed as we entered another room by two goblins hiding on the other side. They must have heard us coming. But we defeated them as well. At this point, I realised how few spells I had prepared for the day and worry washed over me. I wasn’t sure what more we had to face and our party was slightly injured as well. But we pushed forward, ambitious and wanting to find the leader of this group of goblins. We came across many forks in the road, many alternate paths, but without too much searching we found the room with who we presumed, correctly, to be the leader and more of his minions. It was at this point we felt strained. While he seemed to only be able to cast two kinds of spells; one producing a spider and the other protecting him, he was strong. The spiders he had summoned from a plane I am not sure about, had a poison that we didn’t truly experience in full dosage, thankfully. We were hurt, wounded, but I do think that it could have been much worse than it was. After a tough battle, the leader seemingly vanished into thin air. I knew he had turned himself invisible, so I tried to block the door while I asked my friends to throw dirt around, hoping it would fall on him and we could see where he was. But without luck. He had snuck past us and left the room.

During this battle, we lost a member of our group, Yarwyck, the racist human I wasn’t too fond of. Father, I try to see the best in everyone and be friends with those who I at least don’t see evil in, but this man was one of the most obnoxious people I have yet to meet. His attitude towards elves was something I had tried to ignore. The elves, well, I’m amazed they put up with him being in the same living quarters as us. Even so, he was taken and we followed a trail of blood leading to a hole that had been caved in. We decided not to search any further down this hole. It would have taken too long to clear and we had more pressing issues to deal with. Gosh, that makes me sound like a terrible person but I hope you understand why we left without him.

We soon found a prison like room where, low and behold, our goblin leader was hiding. Attempts to reason with him, or shall I say, Baldrin’s intimidation, lead to us eventually killing the monster. As it turns out, the only reason he had wanted to destroy the town was because of money, women and other things goblins seek I suppose. We chose to believe him, and after this treacherous and tiring journey, we left to return to the surface and to the inn.

Jarvan was quite hurt, so I went ahead while my friends pulled him up through the tunnel. I sat upstairs, drinking elven wine (not too much, I promise), and watched the other people staying at the inn. I knew Baldrin suspected Mary, one of the barmaids working at the inn, and when we returned to the common room he laid out his accusations. Poor Mary, she looked quite distressed. I took her into our common bedroom and sat with her on the bed. After some consolidation and a cuddle, she was okay, and Marius, one of the elves, sat with us without saying much. He is a very quiet man. I assumed the others were gathering information on the murder, so I spoke with Mary until I realised I had not asked her what she had been doing the night of Evansiel’s murder. She told me she had spent the night with Mendon, one of the gambling halflings staying at the night. So, in order to confirm this story and stop Baldrin worrying about the murderer being Mary, I went for a walk to fight the halflings, who had entered the room and left earlier that night. I walked into the room the elves had been staying in, and saw the two halflings, with a bag of loot, and suddenly, I went blank. I do not remember what happened, but my friends were suddenly behind me and a fight had broken out. It was here we discovered the true murderers. The halflings not only carried the poison that could have been used to kill Evansiel, but they wore the symbol of Lolth, and we knew we had our killers.

The battle went smoothly albeit a few mishaps. Lysander’s dog bit Baldrin, who was left very confused, or, angry I should say. I received a few strange looks when I began throwing morning stars across the room at the halflings. Well how was I to know they weren’t used for throwing? I can barely use a weapon at all and I had no prepared spells available to me. A rest was much needed, and eventually, after defeating the halflings and reporting back to Lillavida, we got our chance.

Where we are to next, I am still not entirely sure. I think we may be headed to Longspear, and it is here, in this large city, I hope to find some information on my mother. I wish you had more for me to go on. After speaking to other elves it is showing to be very difficult to find specifics, but I am still hopeful. And now, after meeting these interesting new people and forming our group, The Lost Seekers, I am more confident, and much less lonely. I miss you and Alistair dearly, but I will keep writing. Promise.

Endolynn signature

Murder at the Arrow At Rest
Not as quiet a night as expected

Hmm, I have no idea how to write this. I mean, how does one leave a trail of breadcrumbs for a person they may never meet? Well that would be you then wouldn’t it? I suppose we shall start there, and that means we must give you a name. Alright, for the rest of these entries, I’ll refer to you as Ade. That’s A-D-E, said ah-dee. As in Adventurer, because that is what I think you must be. To collect The Hammer Of Baldric, you must be an adventurer, and you are reading the journal of one of Baldric’s descendants, Baldrin. Baldrin Smithson is my name, and I am writing this journal to you in the hopes that one day, after I’m gone, someone else will collect this hammer, which I hope to make mine. I also hope that by that time I will be a famous legend, so this journal serves to recount my tales in as unbiased a way as I can. Though that’s saying much about naught really.

So, this is my first entry, and I’m writing it here in The Arrow At Rest. I’ve established this to be as good a place to start, as Lillavida Banes is an old adventurer of some repute, and may have knowledge of the Hammer. Or at least that’s what I’d assumed, but it turns out all she knows is a scholar will come to visit in a week’s time and he may be able to help. Not the greatest of clues, but it is a good start. I’d half expected to have to traipse to the other side of the world or some such, so an inn around the corner and down the road from home isn’t that bad. I arrived this evening in good spirits, only to discover that the custom of the world is to have people take their armour off before they rest for an evening. I believe it is a custom I am going to ignore occasionally in future, as it became quite a problem this evening. During my light dinner, having paid the innkeep to sleep in the stables (come Ade, I’m only a poor adventurer at his point) I noticed a curious bunch of elves, that from my vague memories worshipped a good god. After ascertaining this, I fell back into my studies of the history of the hammer and paid them no mind (this will be important, I promise). After a number of hours passed and most of the Inn’s patrons had gone home, the Inn was attacked by wicked little goblinite things. Nasty little buggers they were too.
In all of the commotion and the yelling, one of the elves (their leader, I assume) died from poison. I’ve been lead to believe that occurred just before the small hamlet was attacked by the Goblins. I must say, because of that ‘no armour’ rule I looked quite foolish, as most of the folk left in the inn were almost bushwhacked by a small ambush that sprung from the basement. I had been upstairs attempting to put my armour on when I heard the commotion. So me, and one of the other patrons who had been attempting to assist me (I gather he found my hammer impressive enough he thought I might be of sturdy stock) came barrelling down the stairs to the sounds of a young lady’s screams. Later I discovered my assistor’s name to be Lysander, and he seems to have a strange obsession with wildlife. Anyway, the patrons of the inn, myself included, managed to fend off the goblinite attack, and that is where our story gets most interesting.
You see, while scouting around looking for more goblins with the lovely Lillavida, she brought it to my attention that a murderer is staying at the inn. She asked that I, along with a few other patrons of the inn, find said murderer and bring him to justice. She also asked us to fix the goblin problem, just in case it got worse. With that in mind we promptly set about questioning the people staying in the inn. Oh, but I am getting ahead of myself. First, I must give a name to these noble souls. So, in no particular order we have:
Lysander Woods: a small young man with a distinct fascination with the wilds.
Yarwyck: another short man, but grubby and ill looked after. His appearance brings to mind that of a slave or someone destitute in nature.
Jarvan Pious: a large strapping lad that I can only presume to be a fledgling Paladin, due to his righteous demeanour and over-eager pursuit of justice.
And finally, the lovely Lady Endolynn Lindenberg: the only member of this rag tag party to give me a full name, and also one of the most pleasant young ladies a body could meet.
Anyway, to continue the recounting of my stay at the inn, we proceeded to question the other inhabitants of the inn. To save my hand, I won’t give a blow by blow of the events, I’ll simply recount what we have learned.
There are six guests at the inn, excluding ourselves. They consist of the three elves: Austor Xystiel, Kybye Tenerion, and Marius Clurino; two hobbits of dubious capability: Lucien Pickheart and Mendon Tealeaf; and a wizard named Thalassoss. In addition, there is Lillavida, and her two daughters Ternia and Vola, as well as another serving maid named Mary, and a Bard that goes by the name of Thurka Snargg. We have discovered that both Kybye and Lucien went down to the kitchen before the Elf Cleric (Evansiel Terebast) was poisoned, and we have also established that Evansiel was indeed poisoned. Due to the strange behaviour of the wizard, we went to great lengths to search his room and questioned him most thoroughly. I believe due to our efforts that he is not the culprit. We have also questioned the young hobbits, and while their behaviour is peculiar, I find it doubtful it was them. For one thing, while they did step out before the goblins came to town, they also promptly attacked said goblins. As such, it seems very odd that they would hire them to create a diversion only to then kill them. Finally, as an additional piece of evidence, I recall Mary to be in the hallway outside of the elves room during the attack, and this to me suggests she may have been watching to see if her poison worked. However, due to her relationship with Mistress Lillavida, I hesitate to simply search her room and demand she owns up to it.
With that in mind, I have encouraged the others to journey with me into the heart of the goblin lair in the hopes of finding evidence of foul play. It is my hope that while there, we may find a letter or other piece of evidence that will point us toward the culprit. While we are away, I have convinced the local guard to watch the patrons of the inn as well as the serving staff, to insure no-one slips away while we are out looking for evidence.

The Arrow at Rest
It's a quiet night in a little town that doesn't even have a name.

Chapter i
It’s a quiet night in a town that doesn’t even have a name. There’s four houses, a guard garrison, and a merchant that comes only once a month – and that was two weeks ago.
It’s a quiet autumn night in a hamlet people only call ‘Hamlet’, with the cows and sheep taken indoors to keep them from the cold and wet, and the furlongs of carrots in the fields ripe and bushy. Rain patters down, a murmuring shush-shush.
It’s not a quiet night for the sixth building in this nondescript cluster, however. The Arrow At Rest, a magnificent two-storey inn, is alive on all nights, but especially on nights like this.

Music pours from the inn like liquid, drowning out the water from the sky. Within, a half-orc is responsible for most of the clamour; two halflings gamble with a trio of farmers, a large-hatted wizard mulls over a glass of milk, and a consort of elves sit quietly in a private room.

It will not be a quiet night in this town that doesn’t even have a name for very much longer.


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