The Lost Seekers

Letter to Cassius #13

Dearest Father,

It feels like an age since I wrote to you. Our party is struggling with a crisis of where to head to next, and it’s times like this where all I want is to be home and not worry about any of this other business, but I really can’t bring myself to do that when I don’t only have my own motivations to worry about, but the feelings of my friends, and all the things going on in the world need us, or at least, we keep getting told they do. There seems to be all this undue pressure on us to solve the problems going on around us, but Baldrin speaks so much truth when he says that there are so many other powerful mages, fighters and adventurers out there who could also assist. But it’s up to us, and now, we’re splitting up. Let me start from when we got out of the Sylph Forge.

We rested for a night at a camp we made in a clearing, before stumbling upon Mother’s sister; Cinetessa! Mum told us that she was living in a house in the middle of the Dreadwood. She’s living with Janda, who protects her, and after being in this damned forest, I can see why she has protection. She told us about her story, her life, and where the closest town was, which was Oakroot. We got there in the evening and found an inn, the only inn, to stay in for the evening. It was here that we ran into Ptias and the elves from Celene, who meet months ago now. While we were there, Baldrin went for a walk to get some fresh air, and found the body of a man who had appeared to have killed himself with his sword. This didn’t really sit right with any of us, but the guard put it down as a suicide. We decided to begin our own investigation, because that’s just what the Lost Seekers do.

We headed out the next day to start asking around about the man who died; Tommy Black.Jarenhone and I went to talk to his wife, who told us that there was an apparent curse around that made people killed themselves, and they were struck with it when they went by this old house that belonged to Old Man Winters. A few others had died in similar ways, including the Hunter, who killed himself with his bow, and Felicity, the town gossip, who hung herself. It was awful to even think about. We met up with the others and spoke to the Mayor, who told us more about the Winters family and how they had tried to start a revolution against the Druids. Apparently Tommy’s weapons had been stolen from his workshop recently as well, which was very suspicious. We made the decision to go and speak to the young Winters, the son of the Father who apparently lived in the cursed house. It… Did not end well, when I kind of accidentally accused him of being involved in the suicides, which I may have implied were likely to be murders, and that both him and his ghost Father were the culprits… My interrogation skills need serious work.

We went to the old house that evening, and I was quivering in my boots about this curse. I mean, of course it was a ridiculous notion, but who knew what kind of things were lurking in that house? Unfortunately, we made the mistake of going in without looking around first, and Lysander found himself the victim of a horrible spell, a literal curse! It made him weak and unable to go further into the house, so he waited outside on the decrepit patio while we checked things out. Baldrin and I went into a dining room, but it was not long until we fell through a hole in the floor and found ourselves up against this hideous, undead, bug-like monster. I made the decision to use my Dimension Door spell to get out of the small space and fight the monster from above. Baldrin is able to take a lot more of a beating than I am. It didn’t take long before it was dead on the ground and secreting a disgusting smell; much like swishing a bug!

Ptrisah, Baldrin, Jarenhone and I went down into the hole we’d just fallen through and went through a door in the lower floor. We found a closet in which we found the body of Felicity, but she was in terrible shape, and some ungodly things had been done to her. It made me so sad to her like that. Stuffed into a small room, and not being treated respectfully at all after her death. Ptrisah checked some footprints in the dust, which looked like tiny little claws or something like that, with six toes! Suddenly, this little creature ran across the room and up some stairs. It looked like a little lizard or dragon or a mix of the two. Jarenhone and I tried to chase after it but we lost it, and found a library instead. I searched for books on curses and found a scroll that would heal Lysander. I ran around to the front of the house to heal Lysander while Ptrisah went to search for the creature.

We all met up again after no luck and headed back to the inn for the evening. It was while we were in the inn that the creatures had apparently decided to ambush the town! We fought them off, they were called kobolds. Strange little dragon minion things that were quite hard to fend off, but with the help of some of the other villagers we dealt with them and I don’t think they’ll be causing any more trouble. As it turns out, they were the ones behind the so called “curse”. They were murdering some of the townspeople, just to steal and wreak havoc. Evil little things.

It was also during our stay in Oakroot, that we had the discussion on what would happen next. Ptias told us that Lillavida wanted to meet up in the North, which is where I have been wanting to go anyway. I feel like Queen Yolanda might be able to help me with the quest to find help for Mother, and that there may be something up in the land of the elves that could help me more. Baldrin however wanted to head South, to Yeomanry, to look for this mysterious cult and find the soul he needs for his hammer. Jarenhone wanted to go with him, and Ptrisah and Lysander wanted to go with Ptias and I. After a long weilded and emotional discussion, we decided to split up into two different groups. Along with our group, Xin Li has joined us; an adventurous woman from the Far East, who I think will prove to be a valuable person in our party. I know we will all meet up again, because our goals are so interconnected. But it is still a sad occasion, as we have been together for what seems like forever now, and have dealt with so much adventure, danger, grief, but also fun, together as our little group.
The paper is smeared from tears._

I am sure that this is the right choice for us to make. But until we move on in our journey, I really can’t say. Do we really know what lies ahead? No, I know I never really have. But it’s time to get on with it and keep going towards those end goals and keep getting more powerful each and every day.

I miss you terribly. I wish so dearly that I could come home.

With love,


Baldrin's Journal Entry Seventeen
Couse i haven't lost enough yet, apparently...

Dearest Fole.

It is my sincerest of regrets that i must write that Patty Fernland, my beloved, is dead. Or i think she is. Currently, as best i can tell, her soul resides within my hammer, powering some enchantment that will allow it to contain the souls of liches. I have been in the Forge for a little over a month now, and tomorrow me and the other Lost Seekers venture forth to attempt to contact Lillavida Banes. The following page is an experiment to see if i can leave a piece of myself here where its easy for others to understand. I’m not sure if it’ll work though, as previously it was something that Patty did, and I’m not even sure what I’m doing will replicate the effects.

As you turn the page you notice the following one is made of a bright, thin piece of metal. It isnt cold to the touch, but just faintly warm and not unpleasant in texture. it seems to be as thin as paper, and you cant actually tell how it is bound into the spine of the book. As you touch it your mind begins to wander, and you discover you know things you simply didn’t before. Even as you contemplate them, it seems as if they play out on the reflective metal before you. In all honesty you aren’t even sure which came first, the memories or the reflections

You stand in a massive circular room. The walls are ornate and covered in bizarre and differing patterns of which specifics are hard to make out. The centre of the room is occupied by a massive silver Anvil. You know that beyond this room is a number of bedrooms and a privy, as well as living areas. You also know you have been there, and that you are about to step into the centre of the room, over a large magical circle. Even as you do it, you know that two people will materialise. As you think it, you remember it and see it. The whole thing is rather jarring really. before you you see a small Halfling Man, and an extremely tall Elfish woman. You know them to be Aliastreia and Seaorin Banes. As you think, remember and hear them introduce themselves, you think to yourself how odd everyone’s names seem to be. Its like all their parents wanted them to be special snowflakes, even though they will eventually die and rot to dust even as Patty did. Then it occurs to you that Patty isn’t dead, she stands next to you as the strange pair introduce themselves. They explain about the strangeness of Seraphim’s existence, and the extra strangeness of Jaronhome. Could have told them that before. Still, Seaorin is a nice enough sort. He explains that you will be working with him to create the Hammer. You explain to him that you dont need no help, and he laughs at you. Nothings ever simple nowadays, not even smithing. Slowly it becomes clear that you’re going to have to use some kind of old magic to make the hammer.

“you cant just beat the Hammer into existence Baldrin, you need to smith it out of stone and metal, with words you dont even know yet. You need me”, Seaorin makes a good point.

Its always been a bit of an odd hammer if you were being honest, made out of stone and yet never breaking. As you think about it time within your memory slowly bends, and you see yourself hard at work at the forge. The Words of Creation, as Seaorin calls them do not come easily. Where Endolynn might have picked them up in moments, you find yourself struggling with even the most basic ones. As time speeds up and slows down you note that most of it is spent at the Anvil, as if you were working 16 hours of a day, only resting to eat and sleep. Even as you think it you start to feel the exhaustion in your arms, down to the very core of your being. You smell the acrid stank of precious metals at boiling point, and feel the burns and scratches on your hands. You start to hear the words you are murmuring to yourself, and yet you cannot understand them. In the blurred state of memory you find yourself in, you start to focus on the work itself. You sink into the hammering of the stone. You watch as the stone slowly gives way to new metals, and feel it as you mold the various alloys into the bones of the hammer. You come to understand that this isn’t some chunk of clumsy metal, but a living thing, built to house souls of some of the most powerful beings in the known world. It is a terrifying work you participate in, and yet it is no less gratifying. On the final day as you stare at the results of your labour you feel nothing but pride. Then Patty speaks.

“It isn’t done Yet Baldrin” she whispers, though you would swear she was too far away for you to hear her. Then What she said actually hits you, and its as if cold water is dumped over your head.

“What ye mean it aint done yet. It’s fine, itll do the ticket no problem. I dont like the look in your eye there Patty, and ive never heard you sound so certain of this kind of thing afore”, even as you say it something nags at the back of your head. Patty hasn’t been the same as she was a year ago, and she hasnt since she died. Certainly the truth is she has said things like this before. Things that just don’t mesh with the strong wild lass you know her to be. An yet other times she’s been just as she always has been. Still, the Hammer will be fine.

“It ain’t done yet Baldrin, and you know it”, as she says it she steps forward and reaches for the Hammer, “there’s something that still needs doing”. For whatever reason the look in her eye puts Baldrin on edge. It’s like some weird mix of sadness and longing.

“No, i think its fine”, you can hear the desperation in your voice, but you dont care. Whatever she’s about to do, you ain’t going to let her. You pull the Hammer away. “It’s fine. You dont need to do this. We can get something else, or do something else. There always be options”, your memories hazy, and it feels like you missed part of the conversation. Still she looks at you sadly.

“Ok Baldrin, we’ll do it your way. We’ll do something else”, as she says it she smiles at you. Its her old smile, and for a moment you forget what you were about to say. She’s let it go. So you smile as well and reach out to hug her. As you lose focus she puts her hands out and touches the Hammer. A few words and but a moment of time pass but in that second you know something is wrong.

“What’d you do lass? stop!” Even as you say it you see the light fading from her eyes.

“You’ll be right love,” and with that Patty falls. As she falls, the world falls out from under you. You dont notice the change in the hammer, or anything else around you. The very room disappears. All you see is that final smile she gave you, and then the world begins to shatter. As her body begins to drift apart like a mound of sand, you hear sounds around you. Dimly you recognise in the farthest part of your mind that these people are friends, family even. You dont care. Again, this world takes the most important things. All you want to do is scream and tear it apart. As if from a great distance you hear people saying your name, and you hear your response to them. Something about leaving the room. It sounds calm. Thats so very different to the screaming howls in your head.

Even as the others leave the room all you can hear is your own voice. Things like “its my fault” and “why did i bring her” rattle around in your head. Your aware, vaguely, that you are breaking things. Small things grab your attention, such as the ache from your knuckles splitting against the wall, or your hoarse breathing. Even then though, you continue to berate yourself. “should have left her with the caravan” and “should have sent her back at the first sign of trouble” rattle’s through your skull like the ringing sound of a hammer on an Anvil.

It was your fault she was here.
She shouldn’t have come, you shouldn’t have brought her.
You could have asked your family to look after her.

Your hammer smashes into the molten Adamantine. Your not sure how long you’ve worked this metal, but you’d say its been a week or two. Time has passed, but you still feel empty. Lost, you can only think you’ve moved through the past few days in a lifeless shamble.


more time has passed, and now the Adamantine resembles a suit of armour. Next to it rests the Liches Heart. Even as you look at it you cant help but think thats a stupid name. She shouldn’t be remembered by something that sounds so evil. An look at the Hammer itself. Its pretty, but it doesnt have any of her fire to it. It needed something more. As you started to think on it, your steps took on more life. You started to move about more purposefully. The next few days were spent working the final touches of the Armour, and making one small change to the Hammer. At the very base of the handle, you make a small Inscription.

Sincerest Heart

No where else on the hammer is a name placed. No plaque or memento, so maybe this will help it change its name and possibly its fate too. Still, you feel it needs something more. So out of the Anvil you take a long red piece of silk fabric. Its a deep dark red, just like the colour of Patty’s hair. You tie it at the base of the Hammer head, and let the majority of it hang down the Hilt. As you pick up the Hammer you wrap the Silk around your hand and pull it tight. Then you shut off the Anvil, take your armour out back and begin preparing to travel.

As you start to make preparations within the memory, you become more aware of the space around yourself. You draw yourself away from the journal for a time, and sit. It takes the world a while to stop spinning. As you pick the book back up, you turn to the next page, where there is a final written piece of this particular entry.

So, that’s the tale of the end of my lass an how i dealt with it. At best, i can say it was a death, but ill try to make sure it was worth something. I figure every innocent i save with this hammer is a person Patty would have liked, and that’s about as good as it’ll get. So, ill be off now then Fole, you ’av a good one.

Libris Pious 4

As the light in the room brightens and fades, the shadow of a humanoid with pointed ears stands over the book and a hand stretches out and picks up Libris Pious, it flashes with light as the hand opens up the cover and begins reading before the owner of the hand suddenly speaks ‘So i guess this is how you plan to keep Tabs on me and keep an eye on everything i have been doing hey Sehannine?’ So that you can always remember what i have done or didnt do i guess……..’ the voice trails off as the owner gets to the last pages of the book that currently have writing in them and as he reads, some drops of liquid fall on to the pages……

So after many trials and challenges we have finally got to the Sylph Forge, but not without alot of changes amongst all of us, i learned that i was apparently ‘related’ to Endolynn as well as Baldrinn. Lysander got a humanoid body back, but i dont really want to think about how he did it and what he has done, it makes me shudder a little. After we arrived at the Sylph Forge we found a big magic circle left by Endolynn’s mother Alliastraia and Seaorin Banes, as we activated the circle after exploring the forge, Alliastraia and Seaorin showed up and told us that we had to wait here while Seaorin instructed Baldrinn on how to forge the hammer to make it more potent. We talked to Alliastraia and found out the answers to most of our major questions, like that I am a failure experiment in her mothers crazy plan to get the hammer and that I am made from the femur of Baldric, Baldrinns ancestor and so is Seraphim, but he was the successful one, since he could pick up and carry the hammer. We also learned about this great evil that was the reason i and Seraphim were created, because they needed the hammer. Anyway Baldrinn reforged the hammer but it was apparently missing something to finish its reforging which as it turned out was a soul of some kind and apparently Patty could do it, well you know how well that went down, Baldrinn would have none of it and neither would any of us, we all argued but she was as stubborn as usual and then……………

More tears fall onto the page before the person can finsih reading the rest of the paragraph but he closes the book and look up at the roof of the room he is in and whispers softly ‘Sehannine, why? Why does this have to happen to Baldrinn, he has lost so much already, i know he isnt a worshipper of you so you have no control over what happens that is the Red Foxes domain, but kindly deliver a message to the Red Fox for me, ask him why? Baldrinn has lost his Dad, his Mum, a great deal of friends and family, he lost Patty once then she came back and now this…….. He has lost her again and i fear it may be forever this time. So why him? We have lost a valued member of our group and quite personally i think we are all a little lost at this point, seems appropriate i guess given our name, but right now Sehannine i am vowing this to you, as long as i live and can still draw breathe, as long as this body which you gifted me can still move and function, I will protect all of them to the best of my ability. Baldrinn, Endolynn, Lysander and now Ptraisar the members of the Lost Seekers and i guess my only family. Patty’s sacrifice will not be in vain, and this evil shall be stopped.’

Wiping away the tears on his face the man takes the book and leaves the room, not once looking back………..

Letter to Cassius #12

Dearest Father,

After emerging from what we thought was the end of the room of pure darkness, with the terrifying shadow monsters, we came out onto a level with a portcullis that we had to go though, but we had to get to a handle to pull down a gate before we could leave, so as not to let the Shadows through with us. I can only imagine that would have had terrible consequences. The battle was tough and everyone was seriously hurt, especially from this giant, monstrous Shadow that I barely escaped. Ptrisah pulled the handle and got the gate down just in time, and we stepped through the portcullis into the strangest and most frustrating level of the Forge so far.

When we got through the portcullis there were three doors in front of us, each with a strange symbol above it, and to the right there was a grid of numbers. Each side added up to 15, and after much deliberation, arguing over my intelligence and Jarenholme apparently always being right, and then proceeding to walk off alone down some dark stairs from door 15, we eventually went through door 15, and didn’t die.

We emerged from the door into a maze, with a sunny sky above us, but we very quickly realised that the bottom halves of our bodies were wrapped in an awful, cold, freezing feeling. It was actually hurting us. With each step we took, each corner we turned, our bodies ached. We did okay to get through the maze for a bit, but then we came to a square room, and had to light some cauldrons which served to heat up the room. And for a bit, the room seemed safe. It was warm, it was peaceful, and we had some time to recover. Until this beastly spider like creature seemed to appear from nowhere. It was like a ghost of the Aranara, but deformed, and we could only assume it was the evil versions of them that they had told us about, which seemed like months ago now. It was a hard fight. Jarenholme was weak and didn’t seem capable of doing anything, after being hit with some kind of spell, or something similar. But we fought it off, sooner than we even expected too, after knocking it out with some lightning, fire and the boys’ big weapons.

After that, we could rest, momentarily. I used Clairvoyance to see above the room, to try and give us an idea of what direction the maze was heading it and where we should go. I drew a strange map from what I could see, with paths overtaking each other and going in unnatural and impossible directions. We figured out what direction to take, but I couldn’t see much else. Lysander was sure that he could tell me where we should go, and we trusted him, because we really didn’t have anything else to go on.

As we headed on, it felt like we were seeing the same things over and over again. A face, a dead end, the sqaure safe room, and as we went, our bodies grew colder, everything was more uncomfortable… It ached to move, to walk, and I was so sick and tired of this Wee Jas forsaken maze that I was ready to risk it and fly over, until I remembered the Harpies up above, which most definitely seemed to be there. Eventually we figured out something though. The motifs, the things we kept seeing over and over, were in a sequence, and when we saw the same motif again, we knew we were going in the wrong direction. Eventually, we got there, and as we walked up to the two statues, and saw the great, golden doors which we knew lead to the end, these dog monsters ran at us. It turns out they were messengers for the Harpies, but once again, we got through, and walked up to the doors.

I will tell you more once Baldrin has finished forging his hammer, and we finally get out of here.


Baldrin's Journal Entry Sixteen
A new book, same tale, its a round about world eh?

So, new Diary. The last one resides with a librarian within the Sylph forge. As far as folks go he seems nice enough, as long as he stays in the forge and doesn’t go out an about causing havoc. Still, a new book means id best introduce myself.

My name is Baldrin. I am the Descendant of Baldric the Iron Door, and soon to be the Re-forger of the Liches Heart. I speak Ascririan, and i am the plaything of gods that don’t even introduce themselves. This is my diary, that i leave to those that may one day follow in my foot steps. To you, i give the name Fole, for you be my follower. See, get the joke. Heh, alright then. On with the tale.

Forgive me but i am going to assume you somehow retrieved my other diary, for there is way to much to try summarizing here. Suffice to say, things happened, and now i’m in the bottom of a living forge with a artifact of immense power. To get here i slew a Minotaur with my compatriots Ptrisah, Jaronhome, Endolynn andLysander. We have met bats, old things and the ghosts of men and beast unknown. We have been bashed, hurt, hindered and mauled by things i care not to name, and bamboozled by puzzles better left unthought of. Let us leave it at this. If you follow the hammer, you must overcome many many unfortunate trials. Better to just take it as is, and hope it accepts you.

So, we have discussed the Forge itself, so let me recap a bit of the world i currently live in. My home is the Yeomanry League. My family are the Smithsons, the greatest smiths in the known world. My father is Tabren Smithson, and is apparently alive and well in the north. My home is at war with pirates to the south, and is infested with foolish villains too many to count. To the north is a Mages city, and likely the place i travel to next. It is apparently beset by shadows of an unknown sort, and currently plays host to an adventuring party i know little about besides they being related to me and my fellows in many bizarre ways. Hmm, i think that sums that up for you Fole.

On to my fellows. I currently travel with a witch named Endolynn. She shoots fire forth at the merest mention of a threat and has a tendency to cry. I also travel with a druid named Lysander. He spent a stint as a snake, and now resides in the form of a elf. Its a complicated story. Another of my fellows is a Paladin named jaronhome. Also an elf, and another complicated story. Suffice to say its probably too complicated. Finally there is a elf named Ptrisah and my own betroved Patty Fernland. Honestly i know little about the Elf except that hes capable, and it is fast becoming clear to me that i knew my betroved even less than i thought. So, that is the current makeup of the Lost Seekers.

Hopefully, once Ive finished this godforsaken hammer, ill have more to tell ya. Till then then.

Judgement part 2

After leaving The Aranea we returned to The Sylph Forge and placed a few orbs the Lost seekers had found into a group of trees which cause Baldrin Smithson hammer to be destroyed. After falling for what felt like an age we all awoke in a room that had a very tall like way to tall elf standing in it. It turns out this elf was a projection of Endolynn Lindenberg mother Aliastrëa. She then told us how she and her friends had tried to make Seraphimv as a way for the hammer Baldrin Smithson carries to be returned to the world. The elf seemed so sorry that things had turned out this way and was now helping guide as through the levels of the Forge. From here we continued into the were we had several skirmishes with the Minotaur. We at this point found several of the items the lost seekers found had placed in the orbs including the Hammer. We also encountered the arenea that stayed in the forge. He was some what helpful after the stopped trying to kill us.

_Ptrisah paused to breath at this moment. Looking at the faces of the tribunal he could read nothing weather they were on his side or had all ready commended him to his fate. Before he could continue Mymah raised his hand. “Ptrisah are you saying this elf made the monster ”/characters/seraphim" class=“wiki-content-link”>Seraphim?"
“Yes adviser she made him with good intentions” was Ptrisah response.
“Well the road to damnation is paved with the good intentions of man” interjected Prince Thauath
“They are my Prince but at that time I did not believe that ”/characters/aliastrea" class=“wiki-content-link”>Aliastrëa was evil" Ptrisah stated
“Where did you say she was from?: asked Mymah
“She was from the area called the Valley of the Elves” said Ptrisah
“Hmm maybe a investigation into our cousins activities is need” proposed Prince Thauath _

Baldrin's Journal Entry fifteen
I have a dark feeling about this Ade.

This is a long adventure Ade. I have been in this forsaken forest for so long; I’m starting to forget what ale tastes like. Yes it’s only been a month, but it feels longer. Like many months, or years. It’s dark, cold and wet all the time. Things creep around in the dark. They watch us at all times, and try to prey on us when we aren’t looking. Soon we will go into the Sylph forge. Soon I will make my hammer into a weapon that may destroy the world we now know. I may die, or have my soul stolen, or be dragged into an unknowable abyss. It’s a terrifying thought. I will get to it in a moment, but first I will give you a quick recap of the last few weeks. Much has happened.

After losing Jarvan in Requitae, and finding Ptolemy in the forest, we came across the Aranea. They were a nice if vaguely odd people. People that turned into spiders. They have a city in this forest, and a penchant for eating anything that moves. At this I should have started to see the rot at their core. They are an angry people, but helpful. They ate our horses in the night, but offered to replace them during our travels with their own people. It was here in their city that I started to notice Thamior acting differently. I thought little of it at the time but it seems that it was a dire warning to us. Even though he was happily married, he started to engage in various carnal acts with the locals. It seemed odd, but I filed it away to discuss with his wife when I saw her next. Still, it turns out it was an indicator of something far worse. The Aranea helped us to the Sylph forge. While there we solved many puzzles, but discovered that the final key to the forge was missing. In the search for it, we came across a plot from the leaders of the Aranea to destroy the Druid people of the Dreadwood. In finding out about it, I made a foolish decision to engage the leader amongst his troops, and dragged my party into the mess. It was not the most tactically sound decision, and it got Thamior killed. I felt bad about it, until we attempted to raise him only to discover his soul was the play thing of an Abyssal lord. He had sold it at some point in this terrible forest, and now he paid for that choice. A chilling thought. Tomorrow we use the key to enter the Forge.

So, before I move into the dark of that place with my fellows, I wish to leave my suspicions about the hammer written for someone else to find. Over the last few days we have seen flashes of Endolynn’s mother fighting off shadows and monsters. It makes only too much sense that the reason they came to the forge was to attempt to reclaim my ancestors hammer to fight such things. It is even possibly that they knew my father before his accident. They seem to be fending off the advances of some maligned evil locked away to the north. I do not know how much of an influence this thing has on the world, but if the old tales are any indicator it may even be the root of all the war and death in our current times. It would be fitting, no?

Now, onto the hammer. The Aranea speak Ascririan. The language used to inscribe various sigils onto the hammer at its creation. They also pray to Arashne. An evil goddess that attempted to throw the world into darkness many ages ago. Once again a hint to their evil nature, I was a fool to ignore it for so long. I do not know what my ancestors were doing playing with her language, but I can only think it would have something to do with the Phylactery of the Lich locked within the hammer. Now, I am no expert on what Phylacteries do, but it is not comforting to me to know that they are the resting place of a Liches soul. My thinking is that the same evil stirring in the north is the remnants of this things power. I may very well be off, and I have little to no evidence to back it up, but it makes sense to me personally. All stories have a basic progression to them, and the story of this hammer is old. So, my fear is that the reforging of the Hammer may require my soul, or even force me to shed a piece of it into the thing to give it power. In fact, it is not a stretch to think it will give greater power for more of my soul, and that as I gain power I will be corrupted more and more. As such, I believe I need a goal. Something to keep my mind focused even as it fractures. Patty will help I am sure, but even so, I believe I must focus on something greater. I will find the architect of the troubles of this world, and I will end him. I will do it before my time is up, and I will do it if it is the last thing I do. Sure, I may die first, but I feel strong enough about this that I’ll bet my life on it. What is life without a bit of risk eh?

Possibly the final words of the iron door. Goodluck to you Ade.

Letter to Cassius #11

Dearest Father,

The Sylph Forge… I don’t know how long we’ve been in here and I don’t know how much longer it will all take. Lillavida is waiting for us, or not. She might think we’re dead, she might think we’ve gone missing, she just might not want to wait for us. This place is awful. There’s a door that transports us to multiple dimensions with the turn of a handle, a minotaur that walks through walls and can throw our biggest friend to the floor, and mysterious evidence of vampire torturing.

We walked down this corridor to find a room with bodies hanging upside down from the ceiling. They were naked and of varying races. After going upstairs in this room, we entered a door where these hideous animals made of limbs were residing. I couldn’t help but think this was all related. So much necromancy in this place, it’s terrifying. We fought so hard against those monsters, but when we hurt them they touched each other and seemed to get more and more powerful. Baldrin fought one to the ground, down the stairs, after I had caught it on fire! We fought off another two upstairs, but it was worth it when we found a chamber in the wall that contained some candles that we believe are the candle we need to see in the next level of this temple, which apparently only these candles will allow us to see in. So we picked those up, along with these glass balls that seem to emit sunlight, and headed off down the hallway that Patty and Lysander found.

The hallway just lead around to the original room that we were in, with the huge stone door with the unusual handle. When we switched the orientation of the handle, we ended up in another place. After all, this is the multi dimensional level of the Sylph Forge… To make sure I knew which ones we had already tried, I tied my sash to the one pointing down, and we moved the handle one position, and headed through… Now we are in a strange library, and I cannot help but feel like we are being watched.

Where will be end up next? Will the minotaur tear us apart? Will I even be able to send this letter? Or am I going to be stuck in a strange, scary place, between dimensions, in darkness… I do not know. But I’m starting to feel like I’m just not cut out for this job!

All my love, and I miss you terribly.



Ptrisah walked into the large hall being flanked by two guards. The whole court was in session today each and every one of them watching his arrival. At the end of the hall there was a table. Seated behind the table was the Queens Consort the head Paladin of Coroellon Larethian Thadeth, The Prince Thauath and the Queens wizard adviser Mymah. Each of these people were important figures to have at court but all failed to compare to the person sitting above them all hidden behind her screen. The Queen Yolanda was in session today for she would be the ultimate judge of Ptrisah fate. Ptrisah was now standing in front of table looking at the judges looking to see which ones supported him and which ones would condemn him but he was unable to read any of their faces. Thadeth rose to address the whole court “Today we have gathered to be witness to the tale that Ptrisah has to tell us and to see if he has failed this Kingdom” Thadeth voice booming across the hall. Now turning to Ptrisah he simply said “Please begin your tale”
Ptrisah looked around the hall one last time before he began the tale that would either see him set free or to his death.

My tale begins many moons ago when the Queen charged me with finding the lost prince Thamior. My mission would most likely take me away from the Kingdom of Celene for a long time so I went to say good bye to my family before I left in one of the villages along our northern border. Upon arriving in the village we were attacked by the villain Seraphim. His forced killed half of the village and took the rest of us prisoner. I was forced into working for one of his underlings just to try and keep those he took alive. One of my jobs for this villain brought me into the Dreadwood. It was here that I was taken prisoner once again this time by the The Aranea. I had no illusions that once they took our gear and placed us in giant web cocoon that they were going to eat us. I had no idea how long I spent inside that web but just when I thought I was going to be eaten I was cut free. Once The Aranea had bound my hands I was dragged out in front of a group of strangers made up of a Human who carried a large hammer and had a snake on his shoulder, an Elf carrying more swords then he needed and a pretty half elf. I later found of these people were The Lost Seekers.After they had argued with The Aranea they agreed to take me with them which was good as It seemed we all had the same aim now and that was to stop Seraphim. After much a while we were shown what had happen to Thamior and it broke my heart to see the soul of our Prince being used as currency and a play thing for the evil denizens of the Abyss . Now this is were the tale gets very interesting.

Letter to Cassius #10 : Part I

Dearest Father,

I’m sorry about the long time between letters… We’ve been stuck in the Dreadwood for Wee Jas knows how many days now. It feels like forever. I’m sick of trees, sick of crazy monsters and sick of Seraphim! But these last couple of days have been very eventful.

We arrived at the Sylph Forge this morning and as soon as we got there Seraphim, well, who we now know is Seraphim was there with his group of rogues. Probably one of many groups of rogues he has under his control. I was half expecting this… He wants Baldrin’s hammer but I was still in shock to finally see the face of the man who has been torturing us for so long. After scrying to Mother yesterday and having her tell me to stay away from him, I was also terrified. Yes Dad, I can contact Mother now and have successfully twice. She seems to be in a lot of trouble and I feel like there is still so much that you haven’t even told me… I feel as though I should be at peace, at ease, but I cannot rest easy knowing she is in so much danger…

Seraphim ended up escaping, we simply weren’t going to be able to defeat him, and apparently he had more important things to do. We pushed open the huge stone doors of the Sylph Forge after an awful lot of effort, and looked inside to see a room with skeletons and weapons all over the place. There were also scorch marks all over the floor; an indication of magic being used here, probably some fire spells. I walked back out and wanted to go rest. Baldrin stayed in there and came out telling us that he’d seen a tall, thin, blonde woman who wanted to lead him in. She had mentioned Cinetessa, and I was instantly intrigued. I thought, no, this couldn’t possibly be Mum. Why would she be here? I was on a mission. I walked in and into the room she had guided Baldrin into. There she was, my Mother. She didn’t look quite right though. She was blurry around the edges of her image and… She just wasn’t there. I stormed out. I was offended that my own Mother wasn’t even really there, and part of my mind also thought that it may have been someone playing a trick on me. When Thamior and Jarvan (or whatever his name is now) didn’t return I walked back in and started asking my own questions. She gave me the spiel about needing to protect me, but she also told me where she is, and I’m planning on talking to Lillavida about us going there, because Seaorin is with Mum. I do not know why yet, and I have so many more questions to ask… But if she has the power to project herself like that I hope that I see her again some time soon…

She gave us some instructions on how to gain access to the Sylph Forge or whatever it is we’re doing exactly. We had to collect some orbs, solving puzzles, killing some monsters, and apparently we had to hand over something with personal attachment to get possession of the orbs… We slept for the afternoon though, so I could rest and then get my spells ready for whatever we were about to face. We had a map made of a strange material that could only be seen in the dark, by those with the power to see in the dark without any light or anything. Thamior could read it though, and he wrote it out again. We used to embark on our first orb finding mission. We went to a tower that read something I just cannot remember right now, and we met a very old elven, angelic being, who wanted us to solve a puzzle. After many tries, and help from everyone, we solved the puzzle, went upstairs to the orb, and as Baldrin picked up the jelly like ball, and his gauntlet disappeared into it as the orb became solid. He picked it up, and we went on to the next tower, which was for “the Brave”, and made entirely of shiny, slippery obsidian. Lysander and Baldrin climbed up and went inside, and I’m not entirely sure what happened but they came out with the orb and Baldrin seemed pretty proud of Lysander.

The next tower was terrifying. We entered a room with a huge opening in the middle and a staircase going up in a spiral around the outside. We climbed up and there was a sarcophagus in the centre. Thamior went over to it and these mummies got out and started attacking us. It was terrifying. Poor Fae was scared, so was Patty. I blasted one of them with fire, and the others knocked the second one out. I went over to the orb in the sarcophagus, and I tried putting my ruby of Wee Jas in it, because I thought I had enough of a personal attachment to my religion. I tried to think about what else I could use; Mum’s dress? My spellbook? But before I could try anything else Fae climbed into the sarcophagus and disappeared into the orb. I couldn’t believe it. She was gone, just like that. I sat down and cried. I cried so much that I don’t feel like I can even cry any more. I didn’t even want to hold on to the orb, Baldrin is taking care of it. But Fae was gone, and I didn’t even know what to do with myself. I could cry a river.

To be continued…


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