A mythical hammer of which little is known

weapon (melee)

The Hammer of Baldric appears to be a large greathammer, carved entirely of stone. The handle is worn with use, and the double-head is ornate; runes and ancient markings cover the hammer.

Baldrin found this hammer in Patricia’s tomb, which was also filled with many traps and puzzles.

It appears to be weight well in excess of 1,000 pounds to any except Baldrin, and Jarenhome.


There are a great many tales surrounding the history of Baldric’s Hammer

The Heart of the Lich

Of all the tales that surround the Hammer and its owner, perhaps the most famous one is how the hammer was formed. “The Heart of the Lich” some call it, “The Soul of Bravery” say others. Not all agree on what happened, but many of the tales have similar threads. What follows is an amalgamation of all the different tales that tell how Baldric made his hammer.

The story usually begins on a midsummer’s day, though sometimes the speaker chooses to set it at midnight, or in midwinter. Some even omit the beginning altogether and start at the final conflict. Baldric Smithson was already a famous sellsword, with the money and influence to purchase any kingdom in all of the Flannaess that he desired. It is said that Baldric was on a quest to help Mordenkainen, the powerful wizard, who back then still had hair on his head.

Baldric’s quest was a simple one: to slay the evil lich-god Dranoel and restore peace to the Yeomanry League. He had found the Lich’s lair, deep beneath the ground in a long-forgotten necropolis. Some call the city Ulthar, others Tetlocan, but no-one knows the true name of that place.

Baldric travelled to this necropolis with his companion, the archmage Patricia Fernland at his side. Together they fought evil and eventually brought the lich to justice. But you see, liches have the remarkable ability to resurrect themselves through a phylactery, but Baldric found Dranoel’s phylactery hidden within the necropolis’ castle. Some say that it was underneath the throne in the Great Hall. Others claim ’twas in the dungeons, and yet others say that the phylactery was in the tallest tower of the citadel.

Baldric did not destroy the phylactery. He knew the power that the small diamond held, and instead of getting rid of it, he decided to remove the lich within and purify it. He brought the precious stone back to his love, and with the aid of her powerful magic, he shunned the lich from the stone and instead placed a small fragment of his own soul within. Reaching through the barrier of reality, he set the diamond into a layer of molten stone, and withdrew the weapon that we now know as the Hammer of Baldric.

The Battle of Sorrows

Baldric was known to use this hammer in the Battle of Sorrows, in a great underground lake fighting Drow. He swam underwater and used the hammer to smash holes in the Drow ships.


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