Xin Li

A young woman of some twenty years with long black hair and a sharp wit, her dark green eyes dart about her, always wary of her surroundings.


Age: Twenty Something

Home: The road

Description: Xin li is a young woman from the Eastern lands. She stands just under six foot tall, but often moves in a way that makes her look smaller. She has a delicate beauty to her features, a fineness not of the Suul or Flan, but her hair flares red in the light in a way common to those of Flannish Decent. Her skin however is White as snow, and her eyes are clear with green Irises.

Marked Features: Xin Li has few blemishes on her body, excepting one thing of note. Her back is covered in a detailed tattoo that starts just below the neck line of most clothing. This tattoo depicts in fine relief a hammer of ornate detail. Unusually, if you should touch it, you will find the tattoo itself is raised, as if it had been inked over a scar that already existed in the basic shape. In addition to this, Xin Li has black hair hanging to below her hips. Her hair is black, but will flare in the light with red highlights, much as is common to the Flan.


Xin Li comes from a monastic Order from the Eastern lands. She was given to them as a child and has no memories of her family before then. The order taught her how to sing and play instruments, and to reason her way out of problems. They also taught her martial arts of a secret and mysterious sort.

However, these monks seemed pacifistic in nature, and would not act to harm others. Though this was a strong part of their beliefs, Xin Li did not understand it fully as a child. When she was ten, the Order itself was hunted down by an oppositional force, and though they died in droves they would not defend themselves. Finally, these others found the monastery where Xin Li lived and slaughtered the final few monks that yet lived. Xin Li refused to follow the Orders core belief, and so was the only member of the Order to survive. After this, in her grief she rejected the teachings of her peers and sought to travel the world at large.

Current times: Xin Li uses her skills to entertain others, and take what she wants from the world. When she see’s others mistreated, she acts without regard for her own safety to protect them. However, this has the potential to get those innocents hurt, and so Xin Li chooses to use the shadows and darkness of the world to her advantage, to act without consequence for people that do not even know she is there. Over time, she has became very capable of acting without others notice, and has even begun to turn a small profit from the intrigue’s she engages in.

Xin Li

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