Thurka Snargg

Bard at The Arrow at Rest.


Race: Half-Orc
Gender: Female
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 211 lb.
Skin: Green
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Pale

Thurka is a green-skinned half-orc, both tall and heavily-weighted. She has a strong jaw and thick teeth, which protrude form her lower lip, almost like tusks. Turka is typically seen to carry both of her instruments on-hand at once, with her mandolin on her back and her harp at her hip. She wears a brown singlet and leather pants, with a thick belt and a black, heart-shaped pendant around her neck, a medallion to the Elf goddess Hanali Celanil.


Thurka is the bard at The Arrow at Rest. She has a broad repertoire of music, and plays a mix of tavern music on mandolin, the Elven harp, and tribal Orcish music on drums.

Thurka Snargg

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