The Lost Seekers


The Lost Seeker’s is a group of adventurers with the goal of saving the world from the dark powers of <insert>. They are the heroes of these tales and the saviors of of many towns and the scourges of innkeepers all over the land. Heroes of Longspear the Lost Seekers have over come many challenges, defeated many villains and have lost a few friends a long the way but still they fight on these mighty Seekers of the Lost.


The group has been made of many adventures over the last year with the current group being Baldrin Smithson , Endolynn Lindenberg with her cat Fae, Lysander Woods, and Jarenhone Moonborn.Thamior Aeluath.
The honored dead of the Lost Seekers have been : Jarvan Pious, Patty Fernland, Ptrisah Xiloscient
Members of the Lost seekers that are Missing in Action are : Yarwyck.

The Lost Seekers have currently divided into two separate groups. One group being lead by Endolynn Lindenberg with Lysander Woods. This half of the Lost Seekers is heading north to talk to Lillavida Banes.They are hunting down a group of Drow with Xin Li and Sebastian Shadowmoor. The other group is made up of Baldrin Smithson, Thamior Aeluath and Jarenhone Moonborn. These two are tring to save to Longspear and the rest of the of The Yeomanry League from the Lichlings and The Undercraft League. They have picked up a new friend in the form of Jasmine Tealeaf and now have the reborn Seraphim , Ceseli Turner-Dromdal and Ciril Smithson tagging along with them.

The Lost Seekers

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