Thalassoss the Great

A wandering wizard


Race: Sueloise Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 101 lb.
Skin: Pale, wrinkled
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Grey


Thalassoss is an ancient wizard who travels alone. He seems to be hiding something, however.

It turns out that he was hiding his cat familiar, a black furry creature who goes by the name of Mr. Pickles.

Thalassoss was almost killed by Jarvan Pious at The Arrow At Rest when the Paladin thought he was responsible for killing Evansiel Terebast.

Over a month later, Thalassoss the Great was found at the heart of a brutal murder in Little Tipping; it seems that he found a suit of enchanted clothing which donned itself, and then took control of his body to perform evil experiments, such as crossing a bear and an owl, or a rabbit and a duck, and letting these creatures loose on the town. Thalassoss was powerless to stop the clothing as it stole his cat and suspended it in a cage above a pit of acid, thereby blackmailing him to do it’s bidding. Eventually, however, The Lost Seekers managed to put an end to this mess, but blamed Thalassoss all the same, sending him off to Longspear with The Golden Swans. Thalassoss gave them his only remaining piece of clothing – his magical sandals – as a reward for saving him, despite their hostile approach.

Thalassoss the Great

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