Seaorin Banes

The missing husband of Lillavida Banes


Seaorin is a brown-haired halfling.


Seaorin is the husband of Lillavida Banes. He has had two daughters by her: Ternia and Vola.
They settled down together and started The Arrow At Rest in 580 CY, about 15 years ago. However, Seaorin had been a capable adventurer before he settled down, and people would often ask him for help. He was often called away, and took up the mantle of adventurer again, returning to The Arrow whenever he could.
On day, in 585 CY, he left Lillavida with their two daughters and headed for Celene, taking a route through the Dreadwood forest. Lillavida wasn’t entirely sure why he had to leave – time has erased her memory and the details are now scarce – but she remembers that it had to do with quelling an evil threat and a tall elf by the name of AliastrĂ«a.

Neither Aliastrëa nor Seaorin ever returned.

Seaorin Banes

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