Patty Fernland

Patty is a fiery lass with a quick temper. When she isn't haranguing customers at the Tipsy Smith to pay their tab, she's fleecing them in a game of cards.


Age: 21
Weight: 95 lbs
Eye colour: Light Blue
Hair colour: Copper Red

Patty is your typical red head. She has blazing red hair, with a fair complexion and too many freckles. Everything about her says charming. She smiles well, has alarmingly pleasant dimples and a small button nose. She isnt too tall, nor is she too short. Her form can best be described as Lithe.

She works hard, so she generally keeps her hair tied into a pony tail. Otherwise, when she’s not on the job she lets it down. Patty is extremely comfortable with her body, and will often play up her good looks for no other reason than she can. She doesn’t often flirt with boys, preferring they treat her as just another guy. That’s part of the reason she plays up her looks, because she knows it annoys them. Her body language is generally very straightforward, and that’s reinforced by her no nonsense manner. When you have something she wants, she makes you aware of it as quickly as she can, and accepts no silly business in the time it takes to communicate that with you.

She is a generally well mannered person, with a flamboyant and happy personality.


Patty met Baldrin while he was exploring Longspear for clues about Baldric’s hammer. She was the first person he ever told of his quest, and the person that suggested he keep it to himself in case others heard him speak of it.

Patty always encouraged Baldrin to search for the things he wanted, though he never realised that she was really pushing him towards herself. Part of the appeal of Baldrin for Patty was his resistance to her straightforward manner. For every step forward she took, he generally took one left, and wasnt even sure what was happening at the time. She became so enamored with the boy that she followed him back to Little Tipping when he left, only to discover he actually lived at The Smith On The Hill.

Recently she has become engaged to Baldrin Smithson, though no date for the wedding has been set, and Baldrin still hyperventilates from time to time about the speed of the whole thing.

In the Dreadwood, Patty sang for the Lost Seekers. She sang “Buachaill On Eirne”
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She died in the Sylph Forge, after sacrificing herself in the ‘binding spell’ that would allow Lichheart to hold a soul, necessary for the full restoration of the Hammer.

She was found again in La Peine, a layer of the abyss controlled by Mistress Uès. This ‘Patty’ never died in the Sylph Forge; rather, it appears that she came from a universe where Baldrin died in the Sylph Forge, and imparted upon her the ability to make a hammer to trap Agamemnon’s soul. When her universe was Devoured by Agamemnon, she travelled to La Peine to stop Mistress Uès, and met the Seekers.

Patty Fernland

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