Myrren Smithson

Myrren was the matriarch of the Smithson family, and will be honoured by all for many years to come.


Age: 49 going on 50
Weight: 105 lbs
Eye colour: Light Blue
Hair colour: Flaming Red

Myrren isn’t afraid to get dirty or avoid the difficult tasks of life, but she takes pains to keep her appearance as neat and tidy as she can. She enjoys being clean, and works hard to stay that way.


Baldrin’s mother, Myrren Smithson, is a woman from the trader class of Longspear, and is also quite a proficient fletcher. Myrren is a taller than average woman, with shocking red hair and a pale complexion, with green eyes and a quick temper. With four sons running throughout her home, Myrren has had to develop an iron will to maintain order in her household, and by extension the workshop. Through this strong will she has developed a reputation for a quick temper and this has helped her keep the peace and maintain order in even the most hectic of situations.
The marriage of Myrren and Tabren was a scandal in Longspear that has long died out. As the daughter of a prominent trader family, Myrren was expected to marry higher than her status. Instead she fell in love with a soldier working his year for citizenship. When Tabren finished his soldiering, he proposed to Myrren, thinking of himself as a man of worth now that he was a citizen. Unfortunately, that didn’t matter to Myrren’s father, who forbid the match and attempted to force Myrren into the arms of a prosperous Suel Merchant. Rather than be traded off like cattle, Myrren chose to elope to Tabren’s smith and marry him.

Myrren ran away from home when she was fifteen for an older man. Being set adrift from the life she knew, she had to adapt to her new life as wife to a Smithson. She chose to do this by taking up fletching as a craft. As she grew older, she came to wield the arrows she made as a ranger for the Little Tipping regiment. These experiences helped mold her into the strong woman she is today, and the lessons she learned during those times have served her well.

Myrren Smithson

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