Mendon Tealeaf

Wandering halfling bard.


Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Height: 3’4"
Weight: 44 lb.
Skin: Moderately tanned
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Blonde

Mendon is an average-sized halfling whose skin is well-tanned from travelling in the bright, unforgiving sun on a daily basis. He likes wearing light armour, though when in company, the tends toward a leather vest, a loose cotton shirt, and breeches. He keeps his hair tied back in a ponytail with intermittent braids.


Mendon is a singer and lute-player who travels with Lucien Pickheart. He charges a hefty price for his songs, though he, like his travelling companion, has a penchant for gambling and drinking.

Mendon was killed with Lucien Pickheart for murdering Evansiel Terebast.

Baldrin Smithson splattered Mendon all over the inn.

Mendon Tealeaf

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