Marius Clurino

Elven Paladin on the Pilgramage for Sehanine Moonbow


Race: Grey Elf
Height: 5’2" (6’ with armour)
Weight: 100 lb.
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Silver
Deity: Sehanine Moonbow

Marius in a surprisingly slight and skinny elf who appears unnaturally more bulky and large within his armour… or does he? He typically reads elven books such as ‘How to deal with half-castes: a primer on the sensitive subject to not discuss with people who do not know the meaning of parents’, ‘Other races: topics of discussion that they irrationally find uncomfortable’, and ‘Foreign Religion: How not to insult a person’s beliefs’.


Marius is a trusted advisor to Evansiel Terebast. Or was, until his friend was murdered one Harvest night in The Arrow at Rest.

He re-appeared in a small inn in Longspear, without his party, and initiated jarvan as a paladin of Sehanine Moonbow.

Marius Clurino

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