Lillavida Banes

The bartender at The Arrow At Rest.


Lillavida is a red-haired halfling who typically wears a bright blue dress. She has brown eyes.


Lillavida is the halfling bartender at The Arrow At Rest. She has two daughters, Ternia Banes and Vola Banes both of which work with her as barmaids, and has also hired a local, Mary to help serve customers.

She is well known in the community and by adventurers for her warm reception. She has been known to offer healing services, and keeps a well-stocked cabinet of adventuring supplies available for those who have the coin to buy it.

She hired you to deal with two problems: first of all, to solve the murder of Evansiel Terebast. Second, to save her inn from an imminent Goblin threat. You succeeded on both accounts.

Lillavida Banes

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