Jarenhone Moonborn


Jarenhone is about 6 feet tall, like his previous incarnation as Jarvan he has silver hair and golden eyes, but unlike Jarvan these eyes are not as warm and inviting. His body is scar free and never seems to develop any blemishes or marks, something he attributes to How he acquired his new body. A pair of black feathered wings have grown out of his back, something which he finds disturbing but he is getting used to them.


Jarenhone is the resurrected form of Jarvan Pious who fell at Requitae trying to help defeat the Leader of the Yuan-ti. He doesn’t fully understand how and why he was brought back but he has taken this oppurtunity with both hands to bring doom to any evil-doers. He learned in the The Sylph Forge that he was created by Endolynn’s mother Aliastrëa to help find Baldrick’s Hammer so that they can destroy the evil she is holding at bay, but he was a failed experiment, which led to the creation of Seraphim as a replacement. He now feels like he has no place in this world because he is just the discarded remnants of someones experiment, he has no family, he doesn’t even technically belong in this world but he is still putting on the brave face so that none of his companions see his despair or his doubts about who he is and what he is. Becoming an elf has been a little difficult to adjust too, because he doesn’t really fit in with the elves and now with the added problem of the fact that he has grown wings out of his back, he feels even less like he belongs in this world.

As an odd point of reference Jarenhone uses the blade that killed him as his primary weapon of choice, it is called ‘Fate’ and is a Flaming Biformed Bastard Sword/Falchion, and despite its previously ‘evil’ use at the hands of the Yuan-ti Leader, Jarenhone believes thats like its name says he is fated to use this blade to help cleanse the world of evil with righteous fire.

Jarenhone Moonborn

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