Jaquen Smithson

Jaquen is the third oldest, and a professional soldier in the Yeomanry army. While he isn’t always home he returns there whenever he can. He is the only male son with a family, that also live at The Smith On The Hill.


Age: 26
Weight: 170 lbs
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: dark Brown

Jaquen is a thin, wiry man(inherited from his mother) that looks almost to be made of tough leather. He has served in 2 successful campaigns, and bears the scars to prove it. He tends to favour earth colour’s in the clothes he wears, and chooses practical clothes over fancy ones. Apart from his clothing, he generally has a sword on him at all times, gifted to him by Tabren for his first campaign.


Jaquen is an eminently practical soldier. He’s a good father, and will always put the welfare of his family(immediate and extended) above himself. Much like all of the Smithsons, Jaquen understands that it is better to surrender for a day, so he can fight on another. This lesson he applies to all things in life, most especially his children, where he believes compromise is the easiest way to keep them under control.

Jaquen Smithson

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