Isben Courtly

Human ex-adventurer, runs an adventuring service.


Isben is a tall, middle-aged Oeridian male. His hair is naturally red, speckled now with white. He keeps his hair tied back in a ponytail with a leather thong. He wears golden half-moon glasses.

Isben typicaly wears a white shirt, a long blue vest, and tanned leather pants with shin-high boots.


Isben is a retired adventurer who previously travelled with Lillavida. He currently runs an ambiguous adventuring / errand service called “Courtly Affairs”.

He has sent you on two errands: one to find Ceclia Guesenholt’s cat, and another to find Carl Chartheim. You completed both of these errands spectacularly, so he gave you a mission (contracted by Deangelo Knight) to clean out a warehouse infested with spiders.

Isben Courtly

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