Ptrisah Xiloscient

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Ptrisah is an Elf that stands at 5’ 2" tall and weighs 110lbs. He has a angular face with high check bones marking him as a High Elf from Celene. His has Black hair that is cut short so it kept out of his face.His eyes are a bright violet colour that shows every hidden thought and emotion Ptrisah has.

Ptrisah is supremely graceful even by the standards of the Elves. Ptrisah has a light quick step no matter what he walking on be it the tangles bushes of a forest or the smooth paved roads of a town. Ptrisah came from a small community that lived in the forests of Celene before it was destroyed by Seraphim. It is here he gain his skills as a scout tracking down bandits that would try and attack the elves.

Ptrisah is comming seen wearing a richly made set of hunting clothes. this entails a Silk shirt and brown linen pants. He also has a brown and green cloak that is trimmed in lynx fur. The cloak has a high collar that goes all the way up Ptrisah neck. Ptrisah is normallyed armed with a well made bow and longsword but has recently picked up a rune covered axe and dark looking mace and the Beast Bow.


Ptrisah Xiloscient

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