Fawke Smithson

Fawke is the oldest of the Smithson brothers, and a prominent weaponsmith. He is quickly coming to equal his father in skill, and is now running the Smith in light of Tabrens recent death.


Age: 33
Height: 6’5
Weight: 250 lbs (all muscle)
Eye colour: black
Hair colour: dark brown, often mixed with soot


A man very similar to his father, Fawke is always thinking about the things he’s going to make, or is currently making. As such, his interactions with others tend to be a little vague. However, once he’s in his element, he is commanding and confident, knowing exactly what must be done at exactly what time. Fawke is a man that meets the needs placed on him. When he must be in control, he is. When he must bow to the wishes of others he does. When he must respond with force he does. He draws much of his sense of self from the craft he has worked at for so many years.

Fawke Smithson

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