Endolynn Lindenberg

Don't let the looks and excitability fool you.


Standing at 5’6" and 120lb, Endolynn appears fragile and thin. She is pale skinned, with cheeks that appear permanently blushed, and the typical blue-violet eyes that show her Suloise roots. Her hair is quite unusual, a blond colour that changes in the warmer and cooler months.

Endolynn has the striking and unique beauty of an Elf, with the pointed ears that represent her Elven heritage. While living with humans, she has worn her hair over her ears, in an attempt to fit in more without showing her true race, without much success. Her village knows she is a half-elf.

She wears beautiful blue and purple robes, in a shining silk fabric, from her Divination master, and carries a quarterstaff given to her by her partner Alistair, when she told him she was leaving on a journey for her mother. Since then, her father has given her a charcoal silk, long-sleeved dress that she has chosen to wear underneath her purple velvet cloak. The dress belonged to her mother.

Endolynn also has a loving familiar with quite a playful personality, her tortoiseshell coloured cat, Fae. She found Fae while sneaking around in the woods with Alistair as a teenager. Fae appeared from nowhere while they were kissing under a tree, and has ever since formed a bond with Endolynn. Endolynn still wonders how Fae came to be where she was that fateful day.


Endolynn, a half-elf, has spent her life growing up with her human father, Cassius, who is of Suloise descent. Now reaching adulthood, she wishes to fulfil her longing for a mother, to find out more about her Elven heritage, and learn the truth about where she came from, her origins, and those important details about her life that Cassius has neglected or, chosen not to tell her. Curiosity and intuition has gotten the better of her, and she has decided to leave on an adventure to seek her Elven mother.

Trained as a Diviner, Endolynn loves her magical art and follows Wee Jas. Not only has she been brought up as a worshipper of the beautiful goddess, but she seeks to find the beauty, power, and love, that Wee Jas represents to her, as she lives her life as a wizard.

Still young, Endolynn still has much to learn about being on her own in the world. Over-excitability and enthusiasm get the better of her occasionally, although she uses her love of learning about the world to fill the void she has been left with when she left her father, close friends, and her partner, Alistair, behind.

However, she never really truly fit in with other humans, always feeling a little bit different, like an outsider, still needing to find a place she belonged. But will she find this place among elves? Or will she forever be left in between?

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Endolynn Lindenberg

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