Auraluna Dromdal

The uncontsted mistress of the Dromdal House.


Height: 3’5" when seated
Weight: 96 lb.
Eyes: Lilac
Skin: Parchment
Hair: Flame red, immaculately curled

Nearly eighty years old, Lady Dromdal still clings to her past beauty and youth. She has shocking red long hair and skin magically stretched and smoothed.
She has lots the use of her legs, and moves throughout the house with the use of a wheelchair.


Lady Auraluna Dromdal is the uncontested head of the Dromdal House. She is particular to the point of obsession about every aspect of her home. She is harsh and the only creatures that she treates with anything resembling love ar eher pampered, ever-present and highly protective dogs: Sachi, the small show dog, and Baron the massive and surly mastiff.

Lady Dromdal is a peculiar woman, with many locked doors in her house. She seems to have a thing for ‘human meat’, although this is still not verified. She orders her daughter, Ceseli around as though she were a puppet.

Auraluna Dromdal

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