Amelia Twinfer

A soft-spoken Cleric of Heironeous


Height: 5’8"
Weight: 139 lb.
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Golden
Hair: Brown

Amelia is the militant and zealous interrogator of the Church of Heironeous.


Amelia is Jarvan’s wife, and a devout cleric. She was separated from Jarvan as he was called – less than a month after the wedding – away from the temple to deliver a message to Neville Torcrider in Longspear.

Her relationship with Jarvan is now in jeopardy as she was present when he converted to the faith of Sehanine Moonbow.

When Jarvan tried to make amends, she was already leaving to fight The Hold of the Sea Princes on the Trevorton front. She accepted his apology, but suggested that they leave matters for when she returns from the war.

Amelia Twinfer

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