Endolynn's lost mother


Aliastrea is a tall elf with blonde hair that changes colour depending on the season, much like that of her daughter, Endolynn. She seems to a stern woman, who cares deeply for her family and would do anything and everything in her power to keep them safe from trouble.


She left Endolynn and her father to escape something, and embarked on a journey with Lillavida’s husband Seaorin, through the Dreadwood and up North towards her homeland. She was accompanied by two other elves, one who is believed to her sister who was tall and blonde and similar in appearence to Aliastrea, and a shorter elf with black hair. Aliastrea is believed to be a mage more powerful than the Lost Seekers may even imagine.

She is now hiding or living in an area NW and is trying to escape mysterious monsters called the Shadows. Whenever Endolynn attempts to scry her mother she is fending off these monsters. The last couple of times Endolynn has tried to scry her however, there has been nothing but static.


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