The Lost Seekers

To the end of the Seekers

... should i really be writing this..

Found in the final pages of a journal dragged across space and time, a final message lies written.

I am not Baldrin Smithson. I am not one of the Smithson family. I am not even of Oerth. I simply have the memories of these people, and an understanding of their fate. They stood at the end of their world. They stood before an entity so monstrous it was able to consume billions of souls in an instant. They stood, with no true hope, against an entity that is consuming the very existence within which we all live. Their courage was enough to prompt that existence’s response. That is what we are. We are not the Seekers, for they died in the last moments of Oerth. I think they would accept us as one of their own though, as we have their memories and it is their actions that allow us to exist. Without the actions of the Seekers and Patricia Fernland, existence as we know it would be snuffed out. Never to exist. A blip. An existential end to everything. They however did act. They worked tirelessly to save their lives and the lives of those they cared about. As such, maybe they will succeed.

Should we overcome the darkness, our entire lifes goal will be accomplished. Brought into this world with the memories of those long dead, we were made to save existence. Should we succeed, no one will remember us. This world will change, as will all others, and we will cease. That is our purpose. To succeed at that which the Seekers could not. That which countless billions could not. We will save existence, and in so doing, cease.

So to you, Ade. I say farewell. Baldric Smithson is my name, i take it as mine in these final moments so i may better see the light of hope. Goodluck to you in all your endeavours, however brief they may be in this blib in time.



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