The Lost Seekers

The last will and testament of Viet Barvilli

The personal affects of the summunor Viet shall be divined up as such

My Pearls of power shall given to Endolynn

My Spell books shall be given to my old master in why of reconpience for stealing his so many years before.

My Urgosh shall be returned to my Clan in the yYromancy Leaguel They can be found in the dwarven part of the city.

My two rods should be sold to pay for a shrine ti be built in the place that I should finally fall at.

Now as for regards of my body there will be a set of instructions that must be followed to the letter. You will take my body to the The Cauldron of Night with a bag of diamonds and leave it with the priest there.

Than you for honouring these wishes

Viet Bazvilli



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