The Lost Seekers

The last will and Testament of Jarenhone Moonborn

May the flame of freedom forever burn brightly and true

This folded piece of paper if tucked in the cover of Libris Pious it looks like its also a page that has been ripped out of the books last few pages……

To whom it may concern, if you are reading this then you have found the last will and Testament of Jarenhone Moonborn, Pain in the Ass to Baldrin Smithson and Endolynn Lindenberg. I have no titles or official declarations or anything of note that makes me stand out amongst my fellow party members I am just there in the background to make sure that everything works out, if you are reading this then i have failed and my body lies decaying and rotted somewhere, you are free to take anything you so desire from it for i have no one to whom i can leave my wordly belongings. I have no family and the only friends i have will most likely have died with me in our cause. But if i have died so that our goal has been achieved then they will probably have dragged my corpse with them when they leave or eveything will have fallen into an abyss anyway. Bu anyway all my belongings i deem shall go to someone who has the courage and heart to do what is necessary when the time comes, to do what they must not for glory or adulation or even the respect of their own teammates, to the person who does the right thing so that evil shall not have a chance to win. I took the Crown of Uwess and wore it even though i knew my friends and adventuring companions would hate me for it because it needed to be protected so that evil can not obtain it. I leave Destiny and my armour, which has served me faithfully since i found it in the Sylph Forge to whom so is truly worthy and willing to make the sacrifice that is needed of them when the time comes…………..

Jarnehone Moonborn
Shining Light of the Moon



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