The Lost Seekers

The last Will and Testament of Baldrin Smithson the Iron Door and Living Will of The Yeomanry League

Patty... why does that say I'm the living will of the League...??

In the event of his death, Baldrin Smithson leaves the following items.

To his Family in the event of his death, Baldrin leaves all he owned, including his journal.

To Ciril Specifically he leaves the magic items on his person, excluding the Hammer. The rest is to be divvied up as the family see fit.

To Xin Li, an honoured companion, Baldrin leaves the Sincerest Heart, The Hammer upon which the World Died. May she do with it as she sees fit, though he thinks she will find it difficult to destroy.

To Patricia Fernland, whether she lives or dies, he leaves his soul.

Finally, he leaves a message for the people of the Yeomanry.

Be proud, keep yer head up, an bow to no single ruler. Yer a democracy for a reason, and let no fool think for a second that ye’d give that up. Be smart. Smart will always get yea further than strong… Though strong ’elps.

Penned and witnessed by the Bard Patricia Fernland, and corroborated by the Leader of the Dreadwood Druids Lysander Woods.



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