The Lost Seekers

Secrets and Lies and Truths 87

It seems as though things are getting interesting again......

The note is very well written and seems to hold some level of grace and nobility about it, as though penned by someone who values writing or at least values what could be withheld in writing

To whom it may concern you are reading the notes and Journal of Sebastian Shadowmoor, but alas for you dear reader this is not the full works because as a man who valued secrets and information, he didnt put all of these together in one place so as to preserve some level of secrecy about his life and the works he achieved but here begins our first tale…….

God damn it! Sigil is a pain not only are we now stuck here until we can find a way home which is apparently more difficult then tricking a King out of all his Crown Jewels, but this is a meeting point for nearly every sort of creature imaginable and that worries me, but at the same time i am so excited, this place is full of knowledge and secrets and i mean to learn them all! But none the less I am here becasue of Lillavida and the Lost Seekers, they are an interesting group of adventurers and i honestly have nothing bad to say about any of them but my one concern is Endolynn, their leader, i am not sure what is going on but bad things seems to happen around her specifically in relation to her casting, maybe the stress of being a leader of an adventuring with a world saving quest is too much for her at such a young age and its having some form of magical backlash, i don’t know but i will keep my eye on her and gather what information i can to aid her, she has a great deal of potential and like everyone else in their group, they are all destined for great things. But anyway back to Sigil we had a Sigil Pub Crawl on our first night there which was interesting. After meeting a man known as Rule-of-Three and fighting out about the Drow and why the note we had recovered told us to come here everyone decided that we needed to relax and have a drink and by-the-by drinks in Sigil are expensive so bring your big purses. Anyway while we were drinking a strange man by the name of Gyr Falcon told Endolynn and Xin Li to come and talk with him and they said they would as long as the rest of their group was allowed to as well which he was quite happy too so as we sat down into Gyr Falcon’s booth he starts asking questions about us, and us not wanting to reveal anything to our enemies (a thoroughly prudent action if i do say so myself) we start evading his questions and lying to him but alas my new freinds arent as adept at lying as i would have hoped and he suspects something so he challenges us to a game of Three Dragon Ante, with the condition that if he wins we have to answer his questions if we win we didnt have too. He sadly for himself didnt play Three Dragon Ante as well as he would have liked and he lost horribly with Endolynn being the eventual victor. But we divulged a little information to him because over the course of our game he had proved to be an interesting person and from what we could gather he had no ill-will towards us. But then with Endolynn and Xin-li both a little inebriated they decided that we should find an ‘Angel’ Pub so we found one and then Endolynn nearly got kidnapped by some Satyr looking like creatures and afterwards Xin-Li and Endolynn both went ‘upstairs’ with some of their new Angelic Elf friends, i dont really want to know what happened but i can guess and i got a laugh out of it, aaaaaah to be that young again.



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