The Lost Seekers

Libris Pious 2

As the Book sits on its pedestal a shadow falls over it, suddenly the book flips open to a page showing a burning building and a skull mask in the background, before suddenly….

I woke up to Baldrin and Endolynn moaning and groaning and loooking distinctly worse for wear, me and Lysander both looked them over and i surmised it was more then likely ghoul fever or some sort of disease contracted from those animated corpses in the thieves base. Taking them to the Elfish temple, (without telling Endoylnn what our suspicions were, lest she burst into hysterics like she was prone to doing) Me and Lysander and Thamior got them both fixed up and according to the cleric it was ghoul fever, thank Sehanine Moonbow we got them there in time. Anyway we had a vampire to find and kill but with 2 members down, i couldnt do much and neither could Lysander and Thamior so we all decided to do some information gathering. That evening after we had all met back up again Endolynn and Thamior were saying they had found out information about vampires, including that they could breathe fire….. but we had a lead on how to kill the god forsaken thing, courtesy of Endoylnn, despite her annoying teenager habits and moods, she is very smart and she said that burning the vampire in his coffin would end him permanently., But we had no idea where this bastard was hiding. Eventually we ended up at a nobles inn following a lead from Liam that the owner got his bootleg liquor from the Laughers, but it turns out that was a wild goose chase and that liamk was just trying to cause some trouble for his brother………… After Baldrin had successfully scared everyone out of the establishment we all met back up outside, it was a little tricky to find everyone given everyone was wearing masks because of it being the night of the dead and we all had some skull masks on that Endolynn had bought from the temple of Wee Jas. After meeting up again it turns out Thamior had found us a lead from tlking to some random woman from the pub about how their had been a man living in Longspear some 200 odd years ago who had been accused of being a vampire and he had been ‘killed’ by a mob. We managed to get the address to do some investigating which led us past the Dromdal Manor down a little lane and to the front door of this rather dilapidated old mansion and as we approached…………

We all felt that ominous feeling of foreboding. so we knocked on the front door and then it turns out the door was unlocked so we walked in and found ourselves in a hallway and through one of the doors we found the blood sucker, sitting in a chair with a glass of what looked to be blood next to him. We exchanged words before he dispersed himself into mist and dissappeared upstairs. We followed him and it just got creepy and wierd from there, we found a picture with an actual human hand stuck to it at the top of the stairs. There was an odd smell up here and in one of the 2 end rooms we found the body of the cook from the thieves guild hideout and his hand was missing which explained the painting but in the last room is where it got incredibly interesting, the smell was strongest once we opened that door and i dont know what it was but as Baldrin looked down closely at the floor it caght alight suddenly and their was a massive fireball which i was basically in the direct path of as it burst out of the room, i manged to avoid most of the burst somehow barely but now the top floor was beginning to catch alight we started running back downstairs but as we came down at the foot of the stairs there was thousands of rats and they all started biting us and we could see more coming in from some of the side rooms, deciding that trying to fight through swarms of vicious rats wasnt a good idea or particularily appealing we headed down stairs underneath the main staircase which led to an underground basement. In my haste i tripped and ended up falling down most of the stairs, after everyone was down the bottom and we had made sure no rats were following us we proceeded through the only door into a room where some light seemed to be coming through the wall, Endolynn and Thamior managed to find the secret door behind the bookcase, as we walked in carefully we saw something seemingly move away very quickly from this chair with what appeared to be someone sitting in it, as we got closer the chair fell over and sitting in it was Auraluna Dromdal but she didnt look good, as i took one look at her i told Baldrinn to kill her quickly she was too far gone and would become a vampire spawn if we didnt act quickly, As Baldrinn splattered her head there was a shout behind us and the vampire had grabbed Lysander in some vicious grapple and was attempting to feed on him, after a struggle we managed to get him off Lysander as he dispersed into mist and began fleeing we chased him to find his coffin, but as we chased him 2 flaming hounds appeared in front of us, we managed to slay those hell hounds and continued chasing the mist, until it came into that freaking creepy as basement where Auraluna had been storing those people in her wall of stone. The same room that Cecily had said was filled in and closed up. We waited for the vampires mist to go into the coffin then Endolynn unleashed a burst of flame from her hands and he staggered out on fire saying "i had survived for 200 years before you came along’ before he collapesed into a puddle of liquid goo stuff.

As we celebrated we realized we had a problem, how to get out, we either had a still burning building behind us or a huge amount of debris and rubble or we could try and go out through Cecily’s house and alert her to the fact that we knew she had been lying to us and then making another enemy least of all that her mother had been down here and we had splattered her head to top it off. We decided Baldrin should climb out and sneak through the house and just see about helping us get out from the vampires mansion end. As he climbed out we headed back the way we had come and got back to the stairs that led out of the vampires basement, but the god damn house was still on fire Baldrinn had run back in and helped get eveyone out but as i ran through at the rear one of the roof beams fell down on top of me but Baldrin was still there and he helped me get out barely though.

As Jarvan gets out of the burning building the image slowly fades away and the shadow over the book starts leaving and walking away as the book closes again and flashes with light softly, before beginning to just faintly glow again………



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