The Lost Seekers

Letter to Cassius #7

Dearest Father,

I feel like I’m going to make you have a stroke one day, because every time I send you a letter I’ve pretty much faced something that’s nearly killed me. Or in this case, nearly turned me into a ghoul, or ate my feet, or nearly burnt me into the ground, or sucked the blood of my friends…

I woke up very early yesterday morning feeling incredibly unwell. I was in a room on my own so I had to drag myself across the floor to where the others were sleeping, to tell them what was happening. I couldn’t move my muscles, they hurt so much. I was covered in a cold sweat and my skin felt so cold and papery. It was horrible, and Baldrin was in much the same condition. The others dragged us to a temple where they healed us, but we spent the day there resting. It turns out it was Ghoul Fever, which we had caught when we were attacked by the ghouls in the thieves’ hideout. We were okay though, and I’m pretty sure we’re still okay now. I hope. Apparently it would have turned us into ghouls if we had gotten any sicker.

After we had rested I went back to the inn to prepare my spells at long last, then I headed off to my temple in Longspear to see if the clerics knew anything about killing vampires. They seemed a little confused about why I wanted the information, but after a small donation, they told me so many things that would later come in very handy. It seemed to me that the only way to truly kill a vampire was to burn it while it was in it’s coffin, and if you hurt it it will go back to it’s coffin to heal. So that was the plan, hurt the vampire, follow it back to it’s coffin and burn it while it’s in there. I reported back to the others with this information. Thamior had been doing some research of his own, so we decided to make some makeshift stakes before we left for the night out of chair legs. We sharpened them pretty well and handed them out to everyone.

It was a very fitting night for a vampire hunt, the Night of the Dead, and we all wore paper mache skull masks while we headed for The Black Cat; a pub where we thought we could get some information on where the vampire might be hiding. That was… a very unsuccessful venture. Baldrin scared everyone in the bar by yelling at them, and the bartender ending up closing up and kicking everyone out. Thamior rescued a lady trapped under a table though, and when we continued walking through the district, we ran into her again and she proved very helpful. I asked her if she had information on where vampires might be living in Longspear, and she pointed us to the old mansion where a vampire apparently lived 200 years ago, but rumours stated that he was dead. My gut told me this was all wrong, he wasn’t dead, and he was the vampire who had lead the Laughers, the one who had tried to kill us, and he was living in that old abandoned house.

We ventured down the path to the house. We knocked on the door, after much trepidation, and a voice welcomed us inside. There he was, at the end of a long dining table, drinking from a bowl of what appeared to be blood. He disappeared upstairs, so we followed, and saw a hug painting above the stairs, with a human arm nailed to it. It was horrifying, and the air was filled with a sickly stench. We followed the smell into a room, and found a man hanging upside down with the blood draining from his body. The sight was horrible, we turned around and went across the hallway into another room. It was a beautiful bedroom, but when Baldrin looked inside with his torch, the room caught alight, and a stream of fire burst out of the doorway and burnt us. It was so very painful, and as we ran down the stairs to escape the now burning house, we came across a plague of rats. There were thousands, tens of thousands. They were everywhere and it felt like there was no escape. We each tried to fend them off with spells and fire and just plain out hitting them, but the only real option was to escape them. We found the door to the basement and quickly ran down the steps before the rats became too much for us to handle. Although, they already were…

We bolted down the steps (Jarvan kind of rolled and fell at the bottom) and came to another door. We ventured inside after healing ourselves; those rats hurt, a lot. It appeared to be an ordinary room, but there was light coming through some holes in one of the walls. Thamior and I pushed a bookshelf aside, much to our own amazement, and found a door hidden behind it. We came into a room with a woman in a chair at the end. It was a woman with red hair, and to our disbelief, it was Auraluna, the murderous woman we had handed over to the City Guard not that long ago. I couldn’t believe it. As we walked up to her she was unresponsive, and after trying to see if she was alive or not, she fell over in her chair. She had two bite marks in her neck; the vampire had gotten to her, and I think she was pretty close to death when Baldrin smashed her head into the stone floor… I like to think he was putting her out of her misery. That’s what I’m going to tell myself, I’m still not really sure why he killed her…

Suddenly Lysander saw this cloud of green gas at the door. The very same green gas the vampire had turned into before, when he had escaped back to Longspear from the theives’ hideout. He reappeared in his vampire form and grabbed Lysander. He was sucking his blood and I freaked out. I couldn’t let this happen, especially now that I could actually see again and may actually be of some use to my party. We knew that we couldn’t kill him directly right now, but the plan was to hurt him enough so that he would go back to his coffin. Thamior provided a few of his weird magical things to put some holes in the vampire, and I blasted a hole in his chest, and, voila, he turned back into a gas. We followed this cloud of gas down a long, long corridor until we heard a howl and were confronted with these odd, skinny, skeletal dog things. They were violent though, and scary. But we knocked them out and out of our way and met a room at the end of the path that seemed very familiar. It was the room where we had found Aurluna’s weird little stone body collection. We were standing there in disbelief. Auraluna’s daughter Ceseli had told us that she had cemented in this room! But no, here it was! I don’t know why she lied to us or why she kept or how Aurluna even got out of the mental asylum. So many questions that remain unanswered… But anyway, he went into the coffin in his creepy was in his creepy cloud of green gas, and I just blasted it with fire. Fire from my hands, and he came out of the coffin, said his famous last words (although I was distracted by him dying) and melted into a puddle on the floor. That was that, he was dead. Apparently. I didn’t believe it at the time of course. I asked Jarvan and Lysander over and over whether or not he was actually dead and he remained in a liquefied form on the stone floor, but apparently it was silly of me to think anything else; he was definitely dead.

We somehow had to get out though. On one end, we had Ceseli’s house. One the other end, we had a burning vampire mansion. I was a bit scared to go up and see Ceseli after discovering that she had had a vampire in her basement, but Baldrin went up through the elevator and went to the house to try and dig through the flaming rubble to get us out, after we ran to the entrance of the basement. Baldrin ran into the house and helped us all get through. Lysander cast a spell that put some of the fire out with water he had created from nothing (!!!) and we ran through to the door. Poor Jarvan though, he was lagging behind and a beam fell on him. Baldrin pulled him out though, and we all stood outside while the house collapsed and burnt to the ground.

So what a night that was. On the vampire Thamior found a strange ruby shaped like a heart that appeared to be burnt. We took it to his strange elven temple (been seeing too many of those lately) and they wanted to buy it from us. I thought this was strange, and suggested we take it to the temple of Wee Jas as it was a ruby. Turns out it wasn’t a coincidence, it was the lost symbol of Wee Jas that the vampire had stolen 200 years ago! I felt like I’d done such a special thing for my goddess. I hope she blesses me in some way in the future. The clerics certainly did; we walked away with a generous reward for finding it, after I embarrassed myself in front of the head priestess…

So now I’m going to collapse into bed and sleep for an eternity, although that never gets to happen, we’re far too busy. I hope you’re well Daddy, give my love to everyone.

Love always.

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