The Lost Seekers

Letter to Cassius #6

[Due to Endolynn’s blindness and fearing for her life, she insisted Lysander write a letter for her father for her while she dictated to him on the journey back to Longspear. After some hesitation, Lysander agreed.]

Dear Endolynn’s Father,

I am blind. I’m actually blind and I cannot see a thing. The last hour or so has been absolute Hell. We are all very sore, bleeding, riding our horses quietly back to Longspear for some much needed healing and sleep and just repairing our Wee Jas damn souls. Is there more out there in this world? Worse things than vampires and wolves and torture chambers? I sometimes wonder what I’ve gotten myself into, especially when spells can only go so far and then you lose your sight and BAM, you’re left with no way of defending yourself and hearing your party members in pain only makes things worse because you literally cannot do anything! I may sound like I’m being very dramatic, and I think my party members will agree that I may have a panicked a little bit too much…

[Baldrin chuckles]

But I couldn’t see anything! Nothing! It was all black! Okay, I get it Endolynn, you’re blind. Anyway, let me start from the beginning…

From where I left my last letter, which I know is still sitting in my bag to be sent to Abbeyvale along with this one now, we embarked on a journey further into the dungeon, after some much needed healing. We came across a series of metal doors which lead us to an apparent torture chamber. There was a hideous, mutilated man, who was in the process of torturing Bandabar, and along the wall were three iron maidens. Poor, poor Bandabar. He was not in good shape. His uh, mandhood had been removed, he was burnt, he looked terrible… We picked a fight with the torturer, and succeeded, even after he set fire to the floor of the room. My Lysander’s wolf was acting very strange, but I think we assumed it was the fire. While the others tried to patch up Bandabar, I inspected the iron maidens. They had… figures, inside them still, and when I looked in one and saw what appeared to be an elf, moving, alive, I immediately opened them thinking it was Thamior!

[whole party shakes their heads]

But no, there were these horrible beasts that came out and started attacking us, just like everything else that seemed to be around here. I tried to attack one but it swiped back at me. It seriously hurt. Baldrin stepped in but it wouldn’t back down. The others were fending off the two human-ish ones, but they were incredibly tough. Once they were down, I was still quite scared that they would come back. I mean, they had been dead before and risen to attack us, why wouldn’t they come back again? I really, really, really don’t like any of this undead stuff and don’t want to have anything to do with it, but no, it seems to be a recurring theme in my life at the moment.

We had a look at the cells in the room for Thamior, but they were locked. The torturer didn’t have a key on him or in his bedroom so we had to go looking elsewhere. We walked down a corridor with Baldrin checking for traps in the floor every step of the way. Luckily, because one part of the floor did fall through. Baldrin jumped over it while Jeremy found a lever in the wall that opened a secret door that allowed us to walk around the hole… But we still appreciate Baldrin’s help. Well, at least I did anyway.

[Baldrin: Thanks Lass.]

You know what’s weird? Having you guys hear all of this. No don’t write that! We came into this room with curtains lining the walls and found a few doors after I so gracefully ripped all the curtains down. One of the doors lead to a bedroom. It was beautiful, elegant, and my goddess did that bed look comfortable. We had a look at the bookshelf and found a secret entrance to another three rooms! Jeremy went ahead and opened one and… It poisoned him. Luckily I had a potion that fixed him up pretty much straight away, and I cautiously opened the next door with my sleeve over my hand. We found gold! Sweet glorious gold! But how the hell were we meant to carry it out of the dungeon?

I Lysander then so graciously informed us that there were bad guys in the next room, and he had seen them and shut the door on them. Well, they knew we were here now, so we prepared ourselves for the onslaught. I hid behind a door with Jarvan so we could both shoot, and when we busted that door open we both hit someone! Yay! And that was about the time I got hit with a spell that made me blind. I had no idea what was going on around me, everything had just gone black and I called out to everyone that I couldn’t see, so I huddled up and they protected me while I had a little freak out on the ground. I felt around, to see where I was, and grabbed Baldrin’s leg, which I’m not sure he appreciated. I wanted to help, I wanted to fight, but I was so confused. I think everyone else managed just fine though, and Lysander was enlisted as my helper, my seeing eye assistant. I feel sorry for him, really, poor thing had to babysit the blind wizard.

I felt my way through and we came to him, the horrible evil person/thing/undead person thing that did all of this. Well, maybe, we’re not quite sure just yet, but he was definitely behind a lot of it. A vampire. A bloody vampire, pardon my language Father. I couldn’t even see him, so I just reminded everyone of how I was blind, and couldn’t see, but apparently they got the key from him to get Thamior out of one of those cells in the torture chamber, yay? No one seemed very excited, I think we were all really scared, because this definitely wasn’t the end of it. We rescued Thamior and patched him up, and the others killed a few more of the undead beasts (ghouls apparently) that were in the other cells. I stayed out of the way of this, what with me being blind and useless and all. YES LYSANDER, I AM STILL VERY UPSET OVER THIS. NO, STOP WRITING.

We went back out to the first room near the entrance and came across the chef of the Laughers standing over a body. He was quite distraught but we really didn’t have time to stop and sort anything out, nor did anyone seem very interested in it anyway. So we went back up the stairs and we wanted to just get on our horses and go back to Longspear but no, there was the bad guy, the vampire, and he called werewolves. Bloody werewolves. I felt like I was in one of those terrifying stories you and Alistair used to tell me to tease me when I got scared. Now it was actually happening. Lysander managed to capture a lot of the foes in the weeds he brings up from the ground, which was very helpful, but I didn’t know where to aim my spells or anything. I tried to throw Alchemist’s Fire at them which was a little bit successful, but I had gotten lucky. I also tried to cast a spell, with the help of Lysander pulling my arms in the right direction, but it was very difficult. I could hear Baldrin in pain, Jarvan was in pain, everyone was trying their hardest to fight them off. We managed to fend them off for now and got on our horses and right now, we are currently on our way home. Apparently, although I didn’t see, the vampire had vanished as a cloud of gas. I need to do some research when we get back on how one gets rid of a vampire, because I think everyone is keen to hunt him down and kill him.

But first, I need to return to my temple to get my eyesight fixed. I thought the spell would wear off but apparently it is permanent. My friends neglected to tell me this because they thought I would freak out. Yeah, I freaked out, but they insist that it is fixable. If it’s not, I’m not sure what I will do… (Endolynn is crying, so excuse her for a moment, she cries a lot, but I’m sure you know that. – Lysander)

The mood is a little depressing at the moment, I think we all just want to get to bed and rest. Until next time, Father.

I love you always.

[Lysander: Endolynn, that is really weird to write]




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