The Lost Seekers

Letter to Cassius #5

Dear Father,

[the pages are tear stained and the handwriting is a little shaky, written with a trembling hand]

I write this sitting on the floor in the corner of a now bloody room underneath some kind of windmill on a farm in the middle of Wee Jas know’s where… I’m writing this letter not even knowing if I will get it to you, because at the moment, to be completely honest, I am scared that we might never get out of here. The place is filled with thieves and bandits and I’m not sure how we get out or if we’re going to be attacked again. But our friends are in trouble and we need to save them. Thamior and Bandabar were taken last night by a group called The Laughers. I’m not sure if you remember but last time I wrote we had some trouble with the group, The Smilers. They’re rivals but I think that Serafim has hired both of these groups to cause problems for us, and now they’ve taken our friends and it has been Hell just trying to find out where they were.

We woke this morning and set off almost straight away to the inn that The Golden Swans own to collect Thamior, who was going to go and find their group to bring back so we could all head off on Lillavida’s trip together. We went upstairs and asked people whether they knew where Thamior was. Unfortunately I regretted knocking on people’s door when I came quite literally eye to eye with the uh, genitalia of a giant half-orc and I quickly turned on my heel and went to continue this investigation. Eventually we found their room and the window had been smashed, which we had noticed from the outside of the building. When looking outside the broken window I found a card, a calling card as such, with a smiling, winking face on it. We needed to head to the garrison to deal with the interrogation of one of the members of The Laughers from the evening before, so we decided to head there first. Jeremy, a member of the Swans joined us as well.

The first conflict between our party for the day… Argh. I went in to help with the interrogation and this promptly ended with Baldrin picking me up by the shoulders and kicking me out of the room. I was very unhappy with this. I was simply trying to help because I feel like I am a lot better as speaking to people sometimes but no, they did not appreciate or want my help but I suppose I did overreact a little bit. I just want to feel like I’m more a part of the big moments we face as a party. I wish I was a little more included. But regardless, this put me in a bit of a bad mood for the rest of the afternoon. We were waiting outside after Baldrin apparently “violently interrogated” our prisoner and suddenly there was a scream from inside the building. We hurried in and found a message on the wall, blood, organs, all of the shreds of a body but the skeleton… It was a terrifying site. It was Seraphim though. It’s a scary thought, that we are dealing with someone so powerful. It is half the reason I am so terrified at the moment. What if all of this is to do with Seraphim and we’re going to be stuck down here, helpless?

As my party discussed what we were going to do next I took things into my own hands and went off alone to find information on the hideouts of The Laughers. I was trying to be helpful and perhaps a little bit spiteful. I swear I was just trying to use my initiative. I found some information on Felix LeCarte, who The Laughers dealt with, but decided it was unsafe to go by myself, so I went back to the garrison and, surprise, my party had gone off without me. At least they were heading to the same place, so I hired a boat and headed over to Felix’s grand house on an island in the middle of the river.

The house was extravagant, and LeCarte had many servants and guards. When I walked in my fellow party members and Jeremy were already there. They explained to me that LeCarte had offered a few compromises. He would give us the information we needed if we either got Lillavida to deliver an artefact on her journey (potentially dangerous), got Ceseli’s hand in marriage for him or paid him an exorbitant amount of money. After getting nothing from the others I took his first offer, but he said he needed collateral from us, and that’s where things got complicated and… uncomfortable. I didn’t want to hand over my spellbook or Fae, but Lysander seemed okay about giving both Wolf and himself up, but we weren’t happy with him going, but then we said he could hand over Wolf if he really wanted to, and it got very confusing… Baldrin was mad and in turn, smashed the leg off the piano in the room. This just made LeCarte mad and we were all kicked out and Baldrin and Jarvan stayed to fend off the guards. They ended up jumping out of the window and we were all together again. We headed off to an inn to talk through our differences, and decided we would talk to Ceseli and see what she thought about marrying LeCarte. After all, he does have an awful lot of money.

We headed over and after talking to Ceseli, thankfully openly and honestly thanks to Baldrin (my method wasn’t working very well; “Have you thought about dating?”). She actually complied and she handed over a wedding ring as her offer to LeCarte. We were quite shocked and I feel partly guilty that she is marrying a man she doesn’t love, so he can get what he wants from her. I think she felt obliged, because she said it was to thank us for saving her life… But she shouldn’t feel obliged. Even when you get the solution you want sometimes, you still feel bad about it, but I suppose you will never be able to make everyone you care about happy. It’s proving to be more and more difficult as life goes on…

We went back and gave LeCarte the ring and he gave me a card with the address for this farm and a key that opened this hollow beneath the windmill. And here we are. We have just fought off a group of thieves, my magic is running out for the day, people are hurt, our friends are still missing and I don’t know what we’re going to do next. I didn’t want to continue any further without writing this letter, because I am scared, but I am so thankful to have a strong party who always sticks together, no matter what differences come up. I’m hurting, my arm is sore and I am tired. Where will we go from here? What else awaits us? I can only hope we will make it out okay.

With all my love,

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